Is nudity allowed on Instagram

Instagram rulesThese Nude photos are now on Insta allowed

In fact, Instagram doesn't have much fun when it comes to nudity. But the picture network has adjusted its rules and allows certain nude photos.

Of course, there are already millions of more or less erotic photos with a lot of bare skin on Instagram. Beautiful people show their beautiful bodies, sexy photos go down well on Insta. On the other hand, however, the Facebook subsidiary makes sure that not too much bare skin is shown.

Uncovered female nipples, for example, would not work at all. Even photos of breastfeeding babies or depictions of naked people on paintings have fallen victim to Insta censorship.

Instagram: nudity is okay with health topics

But that is exactly what is changing now. Nude shots are allowed if it's health related. "Insta will also turn a blind eye to censorship when it comes to the subject of art," says Deutschlandfunk-Nova reporter Martina Schulte.

"Everything that has to do with the subject of health is allowed. Insta will also turn a blind eye to censorship when it comes to the subject of art."
Martina Schulte, Deutschlandfunk Nova

Instagram is thus following the recommendations of its new supervisory body: It had made 17 recommendations, the parent company Facebook has already approved eleven recommendations.

According to updated Instagram guidelines, female nipples are ok when "women are shown breastfeeding, after childbirth and in the moments after".

In the future, photos will also be allowed after a mastectomy, i.e. when it comes to making users aware of the topic of breast cancer. "It is also allowed if someone has had sex reassignment surgery," says Martina. "Then he, she or xier can also show it on Insta."

More freedom in art

In art, too, Instagram is becoming more generous in depicting nudity and deviating from its previous ideas. "Not only did many artists suffer in the past from the fact that the female breasts in paintings or sculptures at Insta or generally other primary or secondary gender characteristics fell victim to the upload filters," says Martina Schulte.

"This puritanical American concept of a 'negative sexuality' is now disappearing a bit from Insta, but not completely."
Martina Schulte, Deutschlandfunk Nova

Paintings with penises or vagines? Difficult. But that is changing now: nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures will be permitted in the future.

What is still not allowed: showing nude photos without any health or pregnancy context, for example on the beach. "Insta still wants to remain family-compatible and clearly differentiate itself from sex and porn sites," says our reporter. The reason: "The advertisers want it that way."