What was the fastest tank in World War II

M18 Hellcat


/ / - sec. Automatic reload in
Rounds / min. Rate of fire
Sec. Gun reload time
SP / min. Damage per minute
Seconds volley preparation time
% Max. Automatic Reload Boost


/ / t total / maximum weight
km / h top speed
° / s turret rotation speed
Sec. Change the motor mode
Sec. Change to fire mode
Sec. Change to travel mode
Sec. Change to fast mode
Sec. Change to cruise control mode



Time for successive automatic reloading of each grenade into the magazine.

The improved system makes it possible to reduce the time it takes to automatically reload the next grenade after the loaded grenade has been fired when the appropriate marker is displayed

The information applies to the siege mode.

The specifications are shown for the charged turbine mode.

The information applies to the fast mode.

Reload times of the first and second guns on twin-gun vehicles.

The information applies to vehicles with 100% trained crews.