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Ebert, Sabine:
Sword and crown - time of betrayal. - (The Barbarossa Epic; 3)

Continuation of: Sword and Crown - The Young Falcon
Argon Publishing House, 2018.
March 1152 in Aachen: Friedrich, the previous Duke of Swabia and future Barbarossa, has just been crowned king and wants to renew the war-torn country. He wins allies by promising them land and title, against enemies he proceeds with an iron hand. But from day one he has a strong opposition to the princes, who displeases the fact that the Guelph party is suddenly favored by the king. In addition, the new king gathers new, young allies like the unscrupulous Rainald von Dassel. The old margraves Albrecht der Bär and Konrad von Meißen fear for their power. You risk everything and lose a lot. And in the middle of this merciless struggle for power are young women like Hedwig, the future Margravine of Meissen, and the beautiful Beatrix of Burgundy, who immediately fell for Barbarossa with skin and hair ...
1 CD DAISY (8:13 am), 19.95 €, BNV 9947

Evers, Horst:
It could all have been so beautiful.

Argon Publishing House, 2018.
Perhaps the best of all possibilities in relative terms? The life of 17-year-old Marco changes suddenly when he accidentally observes a huge, leather-clad man flying out of the window of the country brothel at night. Shortly afterwards, a young woman storms out of the house. Before the boy could have discussed the situation in peace with his hormones, he promised the woman his help. They decide to make the dead man, the blood-streaked stone he hit, and his car disappear. Each in a different location to make it as difficult as possible for the police. A rapid journey begins, which holds in store for both of them the most surprising discoveries. And that doesn't even include what Marco discovers under the passenger seat.
1 CD DAISY (7:07 am), 19.95 €, BNV 9949

Moyes, Jojo:
Nights when a storm is brewing.

Argon Publishing House, 2019.
From the English.
Liza McCullen knows that she cannot escape her past. But she has found a home for herself and her daughter Hannah in the tranquil village of Silver Bay on the Australian coast. The pristine beaches, the solidarity in the small community and the majestic whales that inhabit Silver Bay mean everything to her. Every day she goes out to sea with her boat and offers whale watching tours. But the quiet life is in danger when the Englishman Mike Dormer billets himself in Liza's aunt's guesthouse. The stranger in the fancy clothes doesn't fit in at Silver Bay at all, and nobody suspects that he is making plans that could change the small town forever. = Title »so close to heaven«
1 CD DAISY (9:08 am), 19.95 €, BNV 9982

Safier, David:
The ballad by Max and Amelie.

Argon Publishing House, 2018.
The great adventure of love: The one-eyed bitch Scar cannot imagine that someone like her could ever be loved. But then the gentle dog Max gets lost to the garbage dump on which Scar lives. He tells her about his wonderful home with the people and in the hope of a better life, Scar accompanies the stranger on the dangerous journey home. On the way, Max is plagued by nightmares in which the two are lovers but are killed by a human. But are they really nightmares, or rather memories? At first, Scar defends herself against the fact that it should be her fate to love Max. But as soon as she begins to tentatively believe in the good, the person emerges from the dreams.
1 CD DAISY (8:05 am), 19.95 €, BNV 9948

Stahl, Stefanie:
Nest warmth that gives wings: give support and give freedom - how we raise without closing

Argon Publishing House, 2019.
Children need parents who raise their upbringing clearly, authentically, relaxed and lovingly. But that's easier said than done, because many parents' everyday lives are crammed with duties and deadlines. This audio book aims to take the strain off you by encouraging you to reflect on your relationship with your child and yourself. Because it is important as a father or mother to be at peace with yourself and to become aware of your own influences and beliefs. In this way we can not only see our child through the lens of their own demands and needs, but also recognize what they actually need.
1 CD DAISY (5:00 h), 19.95 €, BNV 9964



General, reference works

Glass, Henry:
World source of lived madness: the bizarre from the world of science.

No and buts, 2008.
For two decades, Henry Glass enlivened the cultural and scientific section of the »Spiegel« with an Irish sense for the bizarre and absurd. The present collection presents some of his best texts on amazing discoveries and insights from science, for example about the alcohol withdrawal procedure in addicted donkeys or the use of tools in the animal kingdom.
Speaker: Charles Clerc (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (4:47 h) H045379
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Biographies, autobiographies

Amiel, Henri Frédéric:
Day after day: intimate records.

Pendo Publishing House, 2003.
From the French.
The diary of the Geneva philosophy professor (1821 to 1881) only appeared in excerpts after his death. It is the testimony of an eventful era and its zeitgeist.
Speaker: Matthias Flückiger (Landschlacht).
1 CD DAISY (12:52 pm) H044586
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Baldwin, Louis:
Big loves: famous couples in world history.

Luebbe, 1995.
From the American.
Contents: Cleopatra (69 BC-30 BC) and Marcus Antonius (86 BC-30 BC), Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519) and Alfonso d'Aragona (1476- 1534), Elizabeth I (1533-1603) and Robert Dudley (1532-1588), Deborah Read (1708-1778) and Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Abigail Smith (1744-1818) and John Adams (1735-1826) , Madame de Bovary and Louis XV. (1710-1774), Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) and Louis XVI (1754-1793) ...
Speaker: Evelyn Blumenau (Vienna).
1 CD DAISY (11:44 h) H045442
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Baum, Wilhelm:
Margarete Maultasch: heiress between the powers.

Styria Publishing House, 1994.
Margarete Maultasch (1318 to 1369), who was popular as an energetic regent in Tyrol, but who was also said to lead a dissolute life, resigned from the Habsburgs or Rudolf IV on September 29, 1363 after the heirless death of her son Meinhard Tyrol to Vienna, where she lived in a house near the Minorite monastery until her death.
Speaker: Silvia Steindl (Vienna).
1 CD DAISY (12:08 pm) H045444
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Benzoni, Juliette:
The women were their destiny: famous husbands in history.

Herbig, 1982.
From the French.
Their intentions, overt or hidden, and their little tricks all boil down to a common denominator - how could it be otherwise? - to keep the women short.
Speaker: Barbara M. Henke (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (14:47 h) H045168
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Beuys, Barbara:
Hildegard von Bingen: combative and merciful.

Insel-Verlag, 2017.
Hildegard von Bingen (1098 to 1179) is present and popular far beyond Europe - as a Christian prophet and writer, as a connoisseur of healing powers and as a composer. The self-confident nun has radically violated church taboos and traditions and cleverly asserted herself as an all-rounder in the male church.
Speaker: Emilia Blumenberg (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (1:33 h) H045599
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Beyer, Rolf:
King Solomon: from fratricide to prince of peace.

Luebbe, 1993.
A realistic biography of the fairytale biblical king of Jerusalem in the golden age (approx. 961-926 BC).
Speaker: Gerold Rudle (Vienna).
1 CD DAISY (11:41 h) H045449
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Böhm, Almaz:
No way too far: my life between Africa and Europe.

Collection Rolf Heyne, 2009.
Autobiography of an exceptionally courageous and strong woman. Almaz Böhm is used to commuting between different worlds, from the beginning she experienced the contrasts between town and country, rich and poor, Christians and Muslims. As a teenager, she and her family had to flee from their Ethiopian hometown of Jijiga to Addis Abbeba before the Ogad War. Her father fell out of favor after the fall of Haile Selassie, so she had to fight hard to get to university. As the wife of Karlheinz Böhm, she is particularly committed to the "People for People" aid project aimed at literacy and education for children in Africa.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (7:53 a.m.) H045522
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Boehme, Katja:
Madeleine Delbrel: the other saint.

Herder, 2004.
The young Madeleine was a staunch atheist, then for many a Christian who points the way into the 21st century. The author traces the path of this remarkable woman (1904 to 1964), who lives her faith in the middle of the focal points of a working-class district near Paris that is remote from the church.
Speaker: Marianne Weber (Landschlacht).
1 CD DAISY (4:06 h) H044606
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Brack-Zahner, Bernhard:
Nothing human is alien to me: the life of Nelly Meffert-Guggenbühl; Biography.

Appenzeller Verlag, 2003.
They could hardly be more different: Nelly Guggenbühl (1904 to 1999), the daughter from a middle-class St. Gallen house and the German artist Carl Meffert, alias Clément Moreau, who emigrated to Zurich. The two found each other in Zurich in the 1930s and entered into a lifelong, symbiotic relationship. The life together was anything but straightforward, but what once caused grief and pain are, in retrospect, episodes of an exciting life story. The author has carefully traced these.
Speaker: Dagmar Gabriel (Landschlacht).
1 CD DAISY (6:20 a.m.) H044605
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Decker, Kerstin:
Franziska zu Reventlow: a biography.

Berlin-Verlag, 2018.
As a painter and writer, Franziska zu Reventlow (1871 to 1918) was one of the most dazzling figures of Munich bohemianism around 1900 and became an icon of women's emancipation in the 1980s. Kerstin Decker, an accomplished author of novel-like biographies, emphasizes the uncompromising will for freedom of the eccentric countess and the high price she had to pay for her social independence and her easy love life. Another focus is on the numerous love relationships and affairs of the "Scandal Countess", including such prominent names as Ludwig Klages, R.M. Rilke or Frank Wedekind.
Speaker: Klaus Haderer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (14:41 h) H045275
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Deckers, Daniel:
The cardinal: Karl Lehmann; a biography.

Pattloch, 2002.
The biography approved by Cardinal Lehmann is rich in history and stories, backgrounds and previously unknown facts. Whether as a church politician or as a discussion partner for politics, business, science and the media: Cardinal Lehmann has become synonymous with a modern, cosmopolitan, life-affirming Christianity. He lived from 1936 to 2018.
Speaker: Walter Bachmann (Landschlacht).
1 CD DAISY (2:50 p.m.) H044599
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The choice, Freddy:
The one with the bike and the one with the Alfa: Benedict XVI. and Hans Küng - a double portrait.

Pattloch, 2006.
One comes from a middle-class family, the other comes from the country. The Second Vatican Council brought them together. They became friends. Hans Küng brought Joseph Ratzinger to the theological faculty of the University of Tübingen. Küng drove to the lectures in a fancy Alfa Romeo, Ratzinger on his bicycle. After the student riots in 1968, they parted ways. Hans Küng became a theological author of world renown, Joseph Ratzinger as Benedict XVI. the 245th Pope of the Catholic Church. The book describes the exciting life paths of the two great minds of the Catholic Church who were once friends and bitter opponents. For 20 years, the ejected church critic and spokesman for critical Catholics had asked for an audience with John Paul II - without success. His actual theological antipode, Joseph Ratzinger, grants him it. And isn't the church moving?
Speaker: Walter Bachmann (Landschlacht).
1 CD DAISY (18:34 h) H044615
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Deutschkron, Inge:
Otto Weidt workshop for the blind: a place of humanity in the Third Reich.

Butzon and Bercker, 2008.
Inge Deutschkron tells of her encounter with the blind Otto Weidt (1883 to 1947), to whom she and others owe their survival as Jews in the Third Reich. Weidt opened a broom and brush making shop in Berlin in the early 1940s, in which he mainly employed blind and deaf Jews. In this way, "Papa Weidt" succeeded time and again in protecting his employees from persecution and deportation. The book also contains a chronological table on the Nazi regime's Jewish policy.
Speaker: Emilia Blumenberg (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (1:59 h) H045388
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Egghardt, Hanne:
Maria Theresa's children: 16 fates between splendor and misery.

Kremayr and Scheriau, 2017.
The fates of the 16 children of the Austrian monarch are depicted historically, vividly and vividly.
Speaker: Karin Brucker (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (7:15 a.m.) H045650
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Feldmann, Christian:
Henri Nouwen: Faith means longing.

Herder, 2006.
This biography traces the life path: the rise of the Dutch priest (1932 to 1996) to the star of the American elite universities Harvard and Yale, his search for an authentic Christianity in the community of Trappist monks and in the slums of Latin America, his experience of the encounter with God near death, his retirement from his academic career in order to live together with disabled people in Canada - and to learn more from them than from all books and seminars.
Speaker: Walter Bachmann (Landschlacht).
1 CD DAISY (4:49 h) H044621
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Hildebrandt, Irma:
There were five of them: the Brothers Grimm and their family.

Diederichs, 1986.
When the Brothers Grimm are mentioned, Jacob and Wilhelm are meant as a matter of course. Few people know that the family has five brothers, plus sister Lotte. The author describes the life context of the Grimms in their early years at the end of the 18th century.
Speaker: Frank Winterstein (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (3:36 h) H045709
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Hildebrandt, Irma:
The women are coming: 15 Zurich portraits.

Diederichs, 1994.
The volume contains portraits of: Anna Waser, Regula Engel, Mathilde Wesendonck, Maria Heim-Voegtlin, Susanna Orelli-Rinderknecht, Emilie Kempin-Spyri, Mileva Einstein-Maric, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Hulda Zumsteg, Therese Giehse, Erika Mann, Ruth Liepman, Elsie Attenhofer, Vreni Spoerry, Katharina von Salis.
Speaker: Monika de la Rey (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (8:49 h) H045749
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Hildebrandt, Irma:
Never learned my role: 15 portraits of women from Vienna.

Diederichs, 1995.
The volume contains portraits of: Empress Maria Theresia, Archduchess Marie Christine, Maria Theresia Paradis, Ida Pfeiffer, Bertha von Suttner, Adelheid Popp, Rosa Mayreder, Emilie Flöge, Alma Mahler-Werfel, Lina Loos, Anna Freud, Hilde Spiel, Friederike Mayröcker , Freda Meissner-Blau, Erika Pluhar.
Speaker: Steffi Seiler-Warning (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (10:19 am) H045748
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Hildebrandt, Irma:
Let's take the next step: 18 portraits of women from Frankfurt.

Hugendubel, 2000.
18 portraits of women from Frankfurt from four centuries, inserted into the respective trends of the time. From the artist and natural scientist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647 to 1717) to the poet Bettine von Arnim (1785 to 1859) to the General Director of the German Library Elisabeth Niggemann (born 1954), women are introduced who take control of their lives and shape their own lives . They let the city on the Main appear in the most varied of facets.
Speaker: Christine Klimas (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (8:29 am) H045746
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Hildebrandt, Irma:
Between the soup kitchen and the salon: eighteen women from Berlin.

Diederichs, 1995.