How deadly is a 556 round

“” from April 30, 2021

Basel university hospital with loss of millions

The University Hospital Basel presented its annual report on April 29th. The result was a loss of 16.9 million Swiss francs, which was exclusively due to the effects of the corona pandemic.


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“SRF” from April 24th and 26th, 2021

The work of Prof. Läubli and his team was presented in two SRF broadcasts

Prof. Zippelius and Prof. Läubli explain the innovative immune cancer therapy to a broad audience at SRF. At the end of 2020, the researchers started the BaseTIL study, in which immune cells are taken directly from the tumor, multiplied in the laboratory and returned to the cancer patient.


Science magazine


“Blick” from March 29, 2021

"You can't always forbid more"

More discipline and consistent testing are needed again in order not to lose control over the pandemic, says Manuel Battegay, chief physician at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene at Basel University Hospital. That is the price for gradual easing.


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"Telebasel" from March 27, 2021

That is why the Astrazeneca vaccine has been re-approved in many places

Fatal cases of sinus vein thrombosis have occurred following the administration of the Astrazeneca vaccine. Dr. Christoph BErger, head of the vaccination clinic at the USB, gave Telebasel information.


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“Basler Zeitung Online” from March 5, 2021

The best hospitals in the world - Basel is up there

The magazine “Newsweek” has evaluated information on over 2000 hospitals and published a ranking with what it considers to be the best. The Swiss don't need to hide.


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Spiegel Online from January 24, 2021

Pictures from the intensive care unit

The impressive pictures that Fabian Fiechter, intensive care nurse at Basel University Hospital, took during the pandemic continue to impress the media at home and abroad. The latest example is the German news magazine "Der Spiegel".


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Telebasel from January 20, 2021

Scientific breakthrough at the university hospital

For the first time ever, a Basel research team has discovered T memory cells in lung tissue. A potentially important step in the fight against viruses.



“Health Today” on SRF television from January 16, 2021

How do you recognize a stroke

In the event of a stroke, acting immediately is crucial. The faster the patient is in the Stroke Center of the University Hospital Basel, the higher the chances of a full recovery. Dr. Jeanne Fürst uses a patient story to show what is important.


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"ECO" by SRF television

Nurses - more wanted than ever

Hospitals urgently need nursing staff, the vacancies are at a record level. For various reasons, this has hardly any influence on wages. - A contribution, among others with Dr. Werner Kübler, hospital director of the USB.


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"20Minutes" from January 1st, 2021

Basel doctor helped mothers and babies in Lebanon's capital

The Swiss Humanitarian Aid Corps was there just 48 hours after the explosion in Beirut in August. Irene Hösli, head of the maternity department at Basel University Hospital, also provided important help in the capital of Lebanon.


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"Bz Basel" from December 22, 2020

Far from coincidental: How the coronavirus spread in Basel

A new study by the Basel University Hospital shows that the virus is spreading more slowly in wealthier neighborhoods than in the densely populated core city. The findings of the study should now help to develop a vaccination strategy.


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«Pulse» television SRF from December 14, 2020

Celebrating Christmas in times of pandemic

How can families celebrate Christmas without the festive season becoming a hotspot? "Pulse" with a whole package of advice and an expert chat. Guest in the studio, the head of hospital hygiene at Basel University Hospital, Sarah Tschudin Sutter.


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«Telebasel» from December 14, 2020

The university hospital warns of the approaching load limit

The five Swiss university hospitals this week sent a warning to Federal Councilor Alain Berset regarding the situation with coronavirus patients. The situation is also tense at Basel University Hospital.


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On «Radio Basilisk»

“Regional Journal Radio SRF” from December 7, 2020

The Basel government is in favor of the university hospital's 1.4 billion project

The University Hospital Basel is one step further with its large-scale Campus Health project. Now that the Basel government has approved the project, the realization of the new university hospital for a total of 1.4 billion Swiss francs can begin.


"Regional Journal SRF"



"Bz Basel"

"Prime news"

«Telebasel» from November 18, 2020

If the vaccine is there, it will probably first be vaccinated in the hospitals

The Basel University Hospital is ready if the Covid-19 vaccination comes next year. The vaccination expert Christoph Berger provides information about the situation.


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«Basler Zeitung» from November 3rd, 2020

Basel hope for the blind

The Basel professors Botond Roska and Hendrik Scholl are working successfully to make the blind able to see again - and they want to prevent an impending eye disease pandemic.


"Basler newspaper"

Chamber of Commerce journal

"Telebasel Talk" from October 28, 2020

How do you care for Covid patients, Ms. Soeltzer?

Dagmar Soeltzer is head of nursing at the dermatology department at Basel University Hospital. There are the Covid-19 patients. She experiences the suffering of those affected every day.


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«Pulse» television SRF from October 26, 2020

Photos from the intensive care unit

Intensive care nurse and professional photographer Fabian Fiechter documented the first wave of the pandemic at Basel University Hospital. With impressive pictures and a little story that gives hope.


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«Medinside» from 16. October 2020

University and cantonal hospital plan close cooperation

The University Hospital Basel and the Cantonal Hospital Baselland want to work closely together in the field of oncology. A letter of intent also formally confirms this intention.



"Bz basel"

«Basler Zeitung» from October 13, 2020

«We also have to learn from Sweden»

The corona cases are rising again at a worrying rate in Switzerland. How we can still get through the winter without a new lockdown, says Prof. Manuel Battegay, chief physician for infectious diseases and hospital hygiene at USB and a member of the national Covid task force.


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Our board of directors, Prof. Marcel Tanner, also gave an interview on “Rendezvous” on SRF:

"SRF" of October 7, 2020

Researchers find Basel Covid-19 mutation

The coronavirus can change with every transmission. It mutates. In a study that is unique in the world, Basel researchers have broken down the genetic information of the viruses.


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"Bz Basel"

Interview with Prof. Adrian Egli in the "bz Basel"

“Schweiz Aktuell” SRF from October 6, 2020

When will the corona vaccine come - and what will it bring?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the experts at the University Hospital Basel have been answering questions about Corona in the media on a daily basis. You have now appeared in well over 400 articles and contributions in the international, national and regional media. Here again a current example from Swiss television SRF.


«Switzerland News»

"Bz Basel" from September 24, 2020

Unispital pays some of the nursing staff more wages

At the University Hospital Basel (USB), some of the nursing staff, who are particularly challenged by the corona pandemic, will benefit from a wage increase in the coming year. In the 2021 budget of the USB 1.2 million will be set for this.


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«20 minutes online»

The fastest way is in Basel

Fever, cough, body aches - and standing in line. The way to the corona test is often arduous and leads to a long wait in front of the test center. Where you need the most patience and where the queue is limited, "20 Minuten" made the comparison of cities. It's fastest in Basel, especially if you don't come at rush hour in the morning.


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«Cash» from September 15, 2020

Roche and the University Hospital Basel are working together in cancer treatment

Project for cost-benefit analysis - The University Hospital Basel and Roche start a survey of lung cancer patients. New types of remuneration approaches and patient-based models meet with broad approval. VBHC - Value Based Healthcare, is the name of the approach that focuses on direct patient benefit.


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“Regionaljournal” from Radio SRF

Werner Kübler: "We are getting fit for the future"

In the weekly guest discussion, hospital director Werner Kübler speaks about the new strategy, expansion plans and the effects of Corona on the largest hospital in the Basel region.


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"Regional Journal Basel" from August 31, 2020

Basel University Hospital opens new test center

The University Hospital Basel (USB) put the new coronavirus test center into operation on Monday. In this, up to 750 people can be examined for Sars-CoV-2 every day. That is more than twice as much as before.


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“Regionaljournal” SRF from August 14, 2020

Basel doctor discovers coronavirus in the skin

Pathologists and dermatologists at the University Hospital Basel have made an interesting discovery: They detected the coronavirus in a skin sample from a patient whose tests were previously negative.


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"Basler Zeitung Online"


"ABC Australia"

"Badish newspaper"


“Club” SRF from August 11, 2020

Corona Plan B - Contaminate or Contain?

Corona is still there. The federal strategy: containment. But the number of cases is increasing. Calls for a plan B are getting louder. What are the alternatives? The dispute in the "Club" with infectiologist Pietro Vernazza and Manuel Battegay (chief physician infectiology and hospital hygiene at USB) from the federal corona task force.


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«Tagesschau» SRF from August 11, 2020

Pregnant women have more questions about Covid-19

Pregnant women have been part of the corona risk group since last week. As far as possible, pregnant women should not be exposed to any risk at work. This leads to more inquiries at the USB pregnancy counseling service.


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When can we expect a Covid drug?

Investing in a potential drug is risky. Why are they made anyway? In his role as a member of the federal task force, the head physician for hospital hygiene and infectious diseases at the USB, Prof. Manuel Battegay, was grilled by moderator Bigna Silberschmidt.


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"Badische Zeitung" from August 7, 2020

The demand for corona tests in Basel is high

From the weekend, the coronavirus test center of the University Hospital Basel (USB) was open again seven days a week. The background to this is the increasing need for testing. The step is intended to relieve the emergency center.


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«Telebasel» from July 28, 2020

Grossrat had to wait five days for a negative test result

A Basel SP Grand Council had itself tested for Covid-19 and only received its negative result after five days due to an administrative error. In the event of positive results, immediate notification is guaranteed and the University Hospital will do everything possible to speed up the process and prevent such errors from occurring.


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"Basler newspaper"

“SRF Regionaljournal” from July 27, 2020

12 million for the Basel project Miracle 2

"Laser-cut bones heal better"; Basel researchers are receiving a further CHF 12 million to develop mini robots for operations. The project is a collaboration between the University Hospital and the University of Basel.




"Bz Basel"

«Aargauer Zeitung»



“NZZ” from July 22, 2020

Covid-19 and a marriage in the intensive care unit

Fabian Fiechter is an intensive care nurse at the University Hospital Basel and took photos in the midst of colleagues in protective suits and seriously ill patients. His pictures from the University Hospital Basel also show hope: One of the infected married his long-term partner - after 84 days in the intensive care unit.


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Interview at Telebasel

«Telebasel» from July 22, 2020

Unispital sets up a new test center for suspected cases

The number of people infected with corona is slowly increasing again. The University Hospital Basel would be ready for the rush. Among other things, a new test center will be set up.


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"Higgs" of July 10, 2020

Why hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir don't work

In the fight against Covid-19, US President Donald Trump placed high hopes in the drug hydroxychloroquine, which is otherwise used for malaria and rheumatism. The HIV drug lopinavir was also considered a beacon of hope. A Basel research group has now found that the concentration of the two active ingredients in the lungs of Covid 19 patients is insufficient to fight the virus.


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"Handelsblatt" of July 8, 2020

How laser robots are supposed to replace the bone saw in surgery

A Swiss start-up wants to revolutionize surgery with a laser robot. It has shown for the first time in a study that “Carlo” technology works on patients - this has been shown, among other things, at the University Hospital Basel. Experts see great potential, but there is a long way to go into everyday life.


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«Telebasel» from July 5, 2020

Doctors rely on mobile simulation laboratories

Doctors have an enormous responsibility. So that no human lives are put at risk, they practice on simulators. Surgeons at the University Hospital Basel train with state-of-the-art software and thus protect patients.


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“SRF Regionaljournal” from July 1, 2020

"You should find a fair solution"

The University Hospital Basel expects a loss of 37 million francs due to the corona crisis. The losses were primarily due to the fact that certain operations were not allowed to be carried out during the lockdown. Thanks to the equity, however, you are well positioned, says hospital director Werner Kübler. However, he requires the federal government to find a financial solution anyway.


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“SRF Echo der Zeit” from July 1, 2020

University hospitals require federal funding

Corona demanded a lot from the Swiss health system and tore a hole in the coffers of the hospitals. The five university hospitals think they have borne the brunt of the crisis. The federal government must make its contribution. The federal government, however, does not think so.


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"Basler newspaper"

«Salt & Pepper» from June 23, 2020

"The facts speak for themselves"

Under the direction of Manfred Roth, the University Hospital Basel completely changed its catering and hotel services. To do this, the well-traveled top chef had to look 20 years into the future.


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“Coopzeitung” from June 22nd, 2020

When the sweat runs

Hot temperatures, jogging or the job interview: a lot makes us sweat. Why is this happening and what we can do about it.


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“Regionaljournal” SRF from June 12, 2020

University Hospital gives up the Predigerkirche test center

Up to 500 people had themselves tested for Corona in one day at the height of the corona crisis in the region. Since they did not want to bring the contagious virus into the hospital as much as possible, they resorted to the nearby Predigerkirche. From June 15th, the church will be operated again as a church and no longer as a hospital outstation.


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"Bz basel"


«Pulse» Swiss television from June 8th

Superspreader as an opportunity

Few corona infected people seem to be responsible for a large number of infections. With a strategy geared towards these clusters, the epidemic could remain easily controllable. Infectiologist Sarah Tschudin Sutter from USB explains.


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“Switzerland at the weekend” from June 6th, 2020

Corona pandemic documents

Not only in Bergamo or New York - also in Basel: Intensive care specialist and photographer Fabian Fiechter documented the corona pandemic photographically at the university hospital.
These pictures from the Basel University Hospital get under your skin.


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«Telebasel» from June 5, 2020

First new radiation therapy against prostate cancer at the university hospital

Good news from the University Hospital Basel.A new radiation therapy has been used successfully against prostate cancer. One patient was treated with Lutetium-177-PSMA for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.




"Southeast Switzerland"


"Bz basel" from June 3rd

Itching? The right color can help - no joke!

Who does not know it: You look at a picture of a crawling animal and it starts to itch. This phenomenon, called “visually transferable itching” (“Contagious Itch”), gave dermatologists at the University Hospital Basel an idea.


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In the science magazine of «Radio SRF 2»

«Aargauer Zeitung» from May 29, 2020

In the Basel Covid test center: "In some conversations tears flowed"

In addition to medical help, patients also looked for an open ear at the Basel test center - for example from the medical student Caroline Wirz.


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«Switzerland at the weekend» from May 22nd, 2020

Between Basel and Tanzania: This woman is fighting the corona virus

Maja Weisser is a senior doctor at the University Hospital Basel and has the title of professor. Right now, in the era of the coronavirus, she is at the forefront. As part of the Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene Department, the virus is omnipresent in her professional life. But actually Maja Weisser would be in Africa right now.


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«Radio SRF» Friday talk on May 15, 2020

"We know little about what the virus does in the body"

The chief pathologist at Basel University Hospital, Alexandar Tzankov, was one of the first to autopsy people who have died of the coronavirus. Interest in him and his work is not waning at the moment, as he has written the world's largest study to date, which examines the exact cause of death of corona patients.


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"Bz basel" from May 5, 2020

The Basel University Hospital is now researching against Corona with NATO

Scientists from Basel are to develop Covid-19 rapid tests in a NATO program. The hospital owes the contract to its good reputation in biomedicine.


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"Bz Basel" from May 5, 2020

The Spitalkapelle - a discontinued model?

In Dornach, the church in the hospital was recently closed. A room of silence is planned in the former chapel. At the University Hospital Basel - as in other hospitals in the region - they hold fast to prayer rooms.


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«Bz Basel from April 30, 2020

"I work in the safest place in Basel"

In the “Everyday life in the pandemic” column, people have their say who are particularly affected by the corona crisis for personal or professional reasons. Today: Christian Heiser, deputy head of the first department for corona cases in Basel.


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«Telebasel» from April 29, 2020

Corona research: what can we hope for?

Vaccines and medicines are being researched intensively around the world. Prof. Manuel Battegay, Head Physician Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene at the University Hospital Basel and Prof. Marcel Tanner, Board of Directors of the USB informed about which projects have a chance against the virus.


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“Observer” from April 28, 2020

"Gloves in the supermarket are nonsensical"

Hardware stores, garden centers and other shops have been open again since Monday. Many customers wear gloves to protect against infection with Covid-19. "What's the point?" the consumer magazine asked the head of hospital hygiene at Basel University Hospital, Prof. Andreas Widmer.


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“Süddeutsche Zeitung” from April 22, 2020

What the autopsies of the virus victims reveal

Alexandar Tzankov, head of the autopsy department at Basel University Hospital, is one of the few pathologists who autopsies from Covid-19 deaths. The findings from the approximately twenty autopsies to date are attracting worldwide attention.


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"Northern German Radio"

«ARD Tagesschau»


"The mirror"

"Daily Gazette"



"Bz Basel" from April 22, 2020

Basel University Hospital achieves a profit of around CHF 20 million

The University Hospital Basel (USB) treated more patients in 2019 and made a profit of 19.9 million Swiss francs. Net sales rose by 4.3 percent to around 1.17 billion Swiss francs. The consolidated annual profit increased by CHF 13.2 million to CHF 19.9 million.


"Bz Basel"





“Fritz and Fränzi” from April 21, 2020

From the playgroup to the Covid-19 intensive care unit

When Jessica Thompson had to close her playgroup due to the Corona crisis, it was clear to the mother and trained intensive care specialist: "I want to help"! She reports back to work at the University Hospital Basel. What does the job in the intensive care unit do with your own family life?


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"20 minutes" from April 18, 2020

Covid-19: Pathology plays an important role

Dealing with the bodies of those who have died of Covid-19 is delicate. Nevertheless, the pathologists in Basel performed a large number of autopsies. Under what conditions does this work have to be carried out?


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"Daily Record" of April 19, 2020

The more tattooed the player, the more expensive it is

A study by the dermatology department of the University Hospital Basel shows that whether a football player is tattooed has an impact on his price. And not only that, it also reveals something about his behavior in the field.


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"The Sun"

“Bz Basel” from April 9, 2020

Katja Reichenstein: From culture back to the nursing profession

She is a journalist, presenter, cultural worker and qualified nurse: Katja Reichenstein has been working again in her original job at Basel University Hospital for two weeks.


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“Regionaljournal SRF” from April 1st, 2020

Hope thanks to a new treatment attempt in the Basel University Hospital

The University Hospital Basel is the first Swiss clinic to use blood transfusions in the fight against corona. In SARS, this therapy has improved the healing process by up to 40 percent. Researchers hope that this method will have a similar effect on corona.


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At the "bz Basel"

On "Wall Street Online"

With "online reports"

At «Medinside»

With "TSI"

“SRF Input” of March 29, 2020

Intensive care nurse Katharina Moruzzo builds bridges to relatives

They do extraordinary things in extraordinary times: those who look after us, clear empty shelves, help us at the cash registers or deliver the mail. In a special series we listen to those who save us everyday life in times of Corona.


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«SRF» weekly discussion on March 27, 2020

"It feels like the calm before the storm"

Nicole Roth is an expert in intensive care at the University Hospital Basel and has taken care of the first Covid-19 patient. she says: "I'm not afraid, but I have great respect for the virus."


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“NZZ” from March 27, 2020

"We must now try to save lives"

In Switzerland, seriously ill Covid-19 patients are also treated with experimental substances. Prof. Manuel Battegay from the University Hospital Basel explains what needs to be considered.


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“SRF this morning” of March 24, 2020

University Hospital Basel develops its own test for COVID-19

The experts at Basel University Hospital are ready to share their knowledge with other hospitals, says Prof. Hans Hirsch, Head of Clinical Virology.


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"Coop-Zeitung" of March 23, 2020

Tips for a fit immune system

"It can be assumed that a strong immune system helps to survive an infection better," says Prof. Dr. med. Sarah Tschudin Sutter (44), Senior Physician and Research Group Leader at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene at the University Hospital Basel. "However, strong defenses cannot avoid infection."


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"SRF Club" from March 24, 2020 on COVID-19

"It cannot be that we reject patients"

Doctors and nursing staff are the silent heroes of the corona crisis. Ursi Barandun Schäfer, a specialist nurse and member of the personnel committee of the University Hospital Basel, is a guest in the “Club” and reports on the work in the intensive care unit.


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“SRF Puls” and “Telebasel” from March 23, 2020 on COVID-19

Head physicians at the University Hospital Basel thank the staff and the population

Manuel Battegay, Head Physician Infectious Diseases & Hospital Hygiene, Hans Pargger, Head Physician Intensive Care Unit, and Roland Bingisser, Head Physician Emergency Center, answer questions about COVID-19 and thank the employees for their great commitment and the population for their support.



Telebasel special

“SRF Arena special” from March 20, 2020

Hospital director Werner Kübler: "The hospitals in Switzerland are in the process of preparing at full speed"

The first week in a Switzerland that practically stands still - and yet it does not stand still behind the scenes. USB director Werner Kübler reports in the arena what is going on on the USB.


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“SRF” daily talk on March 17, 2020

Werner Kübler: How well equipped are Swiss hospitals?

The “extraordinary situation” has been in effect in Switzerland since midnight. The Swiss hospitals are facing major challenges. In the “Talk of the Day” Werner Kübler, Director of the University Hospital Basel, reports on the current preparations.


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"20 minutes" from March 17, 2020

Hospitals quarter their cross-border commuters in hotels

The hospitals in both Basels enable their employees from France to move into hotels. They have to prepare beds as part of the Emergency Ordinance.


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"Bz basel" from March 17, 2020

Predigerkirche: "I want to know if I have the virus"

The test center in the Predigerkirche in Basel has become a hotspot for the sick. The rush is great, the line long. In order to be able to employ all workers, the university hospital offers hotel rooms to the cross-border commuters among its employees.


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«SRF» Friday guest on March 13, 2020

"No hospital is equipped for such a pandemic"

The number of people suffering from the corona virus is increasing sharply - and will continue to do so. How is the University Hospital Basel equipped? How much longer will the pandemic last? Would he still ride the train, go to the cinema or a restaurant? The questions go to Prof. Andreas Widmer, longstanding infectious disease specialist and head of hospital hygiene at USB.


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«SRF» Tagesschau from March 14, 2020

The corona tester

Prof. Katharina Rentsch heads the laboratory medicine at the University Hospital Basel and is responsible for the tests for SARS-CoV-2. Swiss television shows the process in the laboratory.


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«Bz basel» from March 10, 2020

Diary of a corona patient on the way to recovery

A COVID-19 patient at the University Hospital Basel writes a diary in his corona isolation. The text about his fears, little joys and a lot of boredom illustrates how many patients all over the world are currently doing.


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«Basler Zeitung» from March 10, 2020

"In a crisis you make friends"

In his column, Prof. Manuel Battegay writes about the good sides of challenging times. Challenges such as the SARS-CoV-2 crisis can only be overcome in a functioning team.


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"Bz basel" from March 10, 2020

Potential corona virus infected people are tested here

Since Monday morning, March 9th, the Predigerkirche has been in operation as an outstation of the University Hospital Basel. Over 170 people have already been tested. An inspection.


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“Switzerland on Sunday” from March 8, 2020

Mortality Rate: How Deadly is the Corona Virus Really?

Worldwide there were around 100,000 reported infected people on March 8th. 3381 people died from the corona virus. That gives a mortality rate of 3.5 percent. In fact, it should be much deeper. The number of unreported cases of infected people is decisive.


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«Basler Zeitung» from March 5, 2020

Predigerkirche becomes the branch of the emergency station

The suspected cases of SARS-CoV-2 are increasing daily. That is why the Predigerkirche is now helping at the Dance of Death, right next to the university hospital. It is currently being converted into a corona test station.


"Basler newspaper"

«Switzerland News»



"SRF Regional Journal"



"20 minutes" from February 25, 2020

"Fast coronavirus tests are now needed"

The SARS-nCoV-2 topic continues to dominate the headlines. The experts at the University Hospital Basel are popular interview partners. In an interview, Prof. Andreas Widmer, head of hospital hygiene at USB, points out the importance of quick tests.


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"Telebasel" from February 25, 2020

The “Mona Lisa” robot saves lives

If prostate cancer is suspected, a method that is unique in Switzerland is now available to patients at the University Hospital Basel. "Mona Lisa" is the name of the device that performs a robot-controlled biopsy that is more precise and safer than any previous examination option.


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«Basler Zeitung» from March 18th

«Medinside» from February 22, 2020

University Hospital Nursing Manager has a new job

Jacqueline Martin will be the new CEO of the Careum University of Health on August 1, 2020. Martin has been working at the University Hospital Basel (USB) since 1987. She worked in various management positions, for the last eight years as Director of Nursing / MTT with a seat in the hospital management.


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"Bz basel" from February 18, 2020

New prostate biopsy at Basel University Hospital

If prostate cancer is suspected, a method that is unique in Switzerland is now available to patients at the University Hospital Basel (USB). This robot-controlled biopsy is more precise and safer than any previous examination option.


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“NZZ” from February 5, 2020

Health insurance wants to pay for artificial insemination