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2011/2012 - HTU student union at the TU Vienna



A guide the College student

and student body attheTUVienna

Study entry

and atthee difficulties

Annual overview

October 2011

Mon, October 3 Beginning of the winter semester

Wed, October 26 National holiday

Fri, October 28 End of general admission period

November 2011

Tuesday, November 1st All Saints' Day - public holiday

Wed, 2.11. All Souls' Day - no lectures

Tuesday, November 15 Leopolditag - Lecture-free

Wed, Nov 30 End of grace period for general admission

December 2011

Thursday, December 8th Mary's Conception - public holiday

Thursday, December 15 End of application period for study grant

Fri, December 23 Start of Christmas holidays

January 2012

Sun, 8.1. End of Christmas holidays

Thursday, January 26 End of winter semester

Fri, January 27 Start of semester break

February 2012

Mon, Feb 13 Beginning of the general admission period

Mon, February 20 Start of application deadline for study aid

Wed, 29.2. End of semester break

March 2012

Thursday 1.3. Beginning of the summer semester

Fri. 30.3. End of general admission period

Sat, March 31 Beginning of Easter holidays

April 2012

Sun, April 15 End of Easter break

Mon, April 30 End of grace period

May 2012

Tue, 1.5. Day the Work - holiday

Tuesday, May 15 End of application period for study grant

Thu, May 17 Ascension Day - public holiday

Fri, August 18 Rector's Day

Mon, May 28 Whit Monday - public holiday

Tue, May 29 Whitsun holidays - no lectures

June 2012

Thursday, 7.6. Corpus Christi - public holiday

Fri, June 29 End of summer semester

Sat, June 30 Beginning of summer vacation

July 2012

Mon, July 16 Beginning of the general admission period

September 2012

Thursday, September 20 Start of application deadline for study aid

Sun, 9/30 End of summer vacation


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Table of Contents

Foreword 6

Study 7

welcome attheTU 7

Tips for studying 8

The Studienplat 10

About Lehrveratevents (LVAs) 11

Bachelor, Master, PHD degree 15

Individual study 15

Crediting 16

Study decatin / Studiendekat 16

E-learning 16

Places to Study 17

Enroll 17

Course catalog & more: TISS 20

Advice & information 25

Enrollment advice theHTU 25

Introductory tutorial 25

Student councils & departments 25

"Lateral entry": Begatgen in the summer semester 26

Kinthecare 26

Institute "Integrated Studying" 27

Working group for equalityatpolicy issues 27

Association of Austrian Deaf Studentsthe 27

Psychological counseling 28

Rights and obligations 29

Aid, Förthegrants and grants 31

Insurance 35

Bologna in 60 seconds 36

Studying abroadatd 38

Lehrveratdesign evaluation by students 40

The Teaching Support Center 41

HTUStudent UnionattheTUVienna 45

What is the HTU? 45

Co-determination 45

office theHTU 49

The presentations theHTU 50

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Mechanical engineering & process engineering 82

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In the name of theHTU, the University students

and student body, want

we you gatz cordially theTUVienna

welcome. Of course we will too

atfoundatgen have to study, we have

well remembered how spatning,

but also atstrict and forthend the

Be the start of this new phase of life

katn. To get you guys started a little

to make it easier, brings the HTU each

Year this issue out: the htu_studienführerin.

Here is the concentrated knowledge

around the studiesatfatg and that

Collected all around to make it easy

and is clearly accessible.

But what is that HTU at all?

The student body

theTUVienna (HTU) is your

Representation of interests and consists of the

Student councils, the units and the University representation.

One of our most important

Principles is that work

always done on a voluntary basis. Since the university

should also be your living space, you are

of course askedthet actively help to shape this.

There is one for every field of study

Student council, which is your first point of contact

should be in case of problems. But not only

that: The student councils are also a good one

Place to learn, time between

Lehrveratto spend new events

Getting to know people, etc.the at the end of

To drink something cool during the day. Naturally

Your student council is also happy if you

supports them in their work and themselves

cooperate. In the presentations are the

Task areas more clearly delimited,

which makes them even more specialized

Can optimally support problems.

Which student councils and departments are there

there are further back and of course

on too the Website theHTU:

In conclusion, let's who we want this

Have written text, still introduce ourselves:

We are the chairing team theHTU,

consisting of Klara (physics), Martin

(Computer science), Georg (mechanical engineering)

and Thomas (teaching post). We sit for

you in a number of committees theTUVienna

and represent your interests

the ministry and the ÖH federal representation.

And when we're not going to

are stressed, datn we always are

to have a chat.

We wish you a lot of success and joy

during your studies attheTUVienna,






to study

welcome attheTU

So you're starting your studies atthe

Technical University Vienna. As soon as you

successfully enrolled (see end

of the chapter) and your tuition fee

you will receive it in the mail

your semester label sent. Now

katyou n your new status as a student

Othe Officially prove student.

welcome attheTUVienna! Next

katyou can in any order

take care of:

✤ Information about your studies at

the Enrollment counseling and your

Student council (student councils see page


✤ Confirmation of enrollment at the finatzamt

submit for family allowance

(see page 29)

✤ Study grant or study grant

beatbear (application deadline in the winter semester

until December 15th)

✤ Student account at the head office

Set up IT service (ZID)

✤ Use student discounts

- at Batken, museums, internet trainatG,

Cinemas, swimming poolsthen, GIS,

University Sports Institute (USI), ...

welcome - study

✤ Semester ticket theViennahe lines

to buy:

✣ if you are entitled to family allowance

and main residence in Vienna:

50.50 € (original registration form not

to forget!)

✣ if you are entitled to family allowance

and main residence outside of

Vienna: 100€

✣ without entitlement to family allowance:


✣ Also the federal statesthe Burgenlatd

and nevertheAustria förthen students

with a grant to

Semester ticket for the public

Traffic in Vienna. Inquire

to do this the Homepage of your Latdesgovernment.

✣ A semester ticket is from October

until January orthe from March to June

valid. Holiday monthly tickets cost

€ 29.50. A non-discounted one

Monthly pass costs € 49.50, the annual pass

depending on the payment method € 449

Othe 458 €.

begin of the study

On the 3rd of October 2011 begin the teachingatevents

(LVAs) and with quite a lot

Probability is your first

also there. Which is exactly what you will find out

you under attheem at the Enrollment advice,

in your student council, in the TISS

Othe about the Studienplat.


studying - tips for studying

Tips for studying

Here we have a little list at Tips

put together to help you

your studies as smoothly as possible

complete. This list is made up

from tips on how to start your studies

best orgateat and how you do best

you learn in your studies. Even if you are now

you think: “They want to tell me like I do

should learn? I know that myself best.

After all, I've been studying for 12 years

in the School. ”Read on anyway. Learn

in the School is something attheit as on

the University. The following is a

Collection of platitudes based on learning psychology,

that you may already know and

who are actually just fillers - you

katSo you can safely skip them - and

Experiences of some older studentsthe,

who made you from mistakes that she herself madeatgene

wanted to preserve. This part

you should definitely read.

About learning

Education at yourself means learning.

Therefore we dedicate the first paragraph to this

Learn. I don't need to tell you

that everthe human atthes learns. Like you

the best you have to learn for yourself

find out. Here are just a few small ones

Clues at which you your learning behavior

judge katnst.

There are generally three types of learner

divided. Very few people

are, however, a pure form of a learning


guy, sonthen is mostly mat any one


Auditory type:

The auditory type has it in particularthes easy.

He already remembers things when he does them

hears. Auditory learner types should

Say everything out loud yourself while studying.

Your strength lies in memorization.

Visual learner type:

He remembers facts best when he is

has it in front of him in written form.

Visual learner recognizes mat representat,

that they often know exactly at which one

Provide information in the script

is to find. This guy is doing very wellthes

easy to memorize details.

Kinaesthetic learner type:

He learns through movement. This has

Of course, this type of learner is specialthes

heavy. It helps things anyway

write it down yourself, etc.the at least to

to mark. Exercise too

while learning, for example on

and off go katn help.

Furthermore, you should be aware of some

atthee learning characteristics of yourself

get clear.

What time of the day do you study best?

It is pointless to share with your colleagues

Push night shifts, though

you don't remember anything after ten o'clock

katnst. Better go to sleep and stand by

up earlier next morning.

Do you have a good short-term memory

that holds large quantities in a short time

- but only for a few days, othe more

an elephantatten-Latgtime memory, the

it takes longer to save something

has, but a life for it latg not

forgets more? You should do that with yours

Scheduleatfor the tests.

And last but not least, you should think about it

realize if you'd rather be alone

learn othe in the Group. And here there

it a gatz clear recommendation: it is suitable

not everthe Material to learn in the

Group. That is clear. So you will be safe

during your studies matnarrow

sit there alone and say some sentences,

Memorize evidence and the like.

But you should definitely get one

Search group with the you together

learn katnst. This is made up of several

Reasons very important. First, it helps

at the Orgatization of the course is immense.

As a lone wolf katn mat beautiful

overlook an appointment. In a

Group of five othe six attentive

It doesn't happen to pairs of eyes

light. If you the Group giving something

you will get it back many times over.

Besides, if you ever look at an example

further help othe your colleagues

and explain the material to colleagues, you learn

even there. Because who explain katn, has

it really understandatthe. Last but not least:

the study group from your student days

are often friends for


tips for your studies - study

About Lehrveratevents

You will notice very quickly that you

when you get out of a lecture

are often not much smarter than when

Go in. You mustn't expect that

you taught material in a lecture

get like in the School. The fabric

is only presented to you. In the exercises

will be the application of what you are in the

Heard lecture trained. Here will

however, expect you to get the hang of it

the Master the lecture. You notice

maybe already: there is a gap in between

Gap. Filling this void lies ahead at

to you. Learning on the Uni is partially self-sufficient

even self-taught learning. The

most of what you are from the Uni into life

you're going to take home with you

have worked out on your desk -

Othe in the learning group mentioned above.

Should a teachingatdesign really

Gatz especiallythes be disastrous, give yours

Displeasure about it for the best

The easiest way to do this is the Lehrveratdesign evaluation,

the - even if

mat it doesn't see it straight away - but now and then

howthe Shows consequences.

About the Orgatisation of the course

Your studies are based on one

Studienplat. He determines which services

you in the course of your studies

need to provide to make a claim

to graduate. You have yours

Studienplat not read it yet? It has to be-


study - tips for studying & study plat

test you do now at the latest. Details

you can find more about this later in this

Booklet. The Studienplat beats you

set out a course of study for your studies. This one

You have to process, if in the courseat

no regulations in this regard atguided

are not adhering to. I recommend

but you expressly, you datoh too

judge. A lot of teachingatevents

are designed to be on the fabric

precedethe Lehrveratevents

build up. Without knowledge the Basics

falls the Success usually quite meager

out. That doesn't mean that you are

slavish at the given plat hold

have to, but he's a good one anyway

Directive. Just the possibilities for

Free design is a big plus

in the liberal study system that we are here

practice. The acquired from it

Skills such as self-careatisation

and flexibility, too

for employers at

the graduates the

Universities are very much appreciated.But this liberal

The study system also has its dangers.

katn get lost in it very easily and

lose a lot of time studying. Othe

like a professor in a freshman lecture

said: “The system of the liberal

Studying - don't understand me

wrong, I am not an opponent of the liberal

Studies - forthet always likethe Victim.

Years of life lost and failed

Existences that datn mostly journalists

Othe Become a politician. "


Oh yes, and speaking of professors: let’s

do not unsettle you from teachers,

which you at the beginningatExplain g of the course:

“If you can read the material of my lecture

don't understand right away, you will

Not going to study anyway. These are

but the absolute basics ... "othe

similar. There are hunthete counterexamples.

And if you have any problems

have, on the Uni or similarthe around, at

that you don't know what to do next, with one

Professor, with your landlord, with the

Scholarship Office, datn turn at the

HTU. We can help you in many cases


Have fun learning and studying at


The Studienplat

You will already know a lot about the approximate

Structure and content of your studies

have heard. To give you an objective picture

to create, you should make your curriculumat

atlook, he is the legal one

Basis of your studies, there

is the Structure gatz is precisely defined.

He is from the Study Commission

created, the also student representatives

and representatives from the student councils

atbelong. On the Homepage of your

You will also find links to the student council


Standard and average length of study

An innovation at the Introduction of the

Bachelor / Master system was that the

earlier suckedatnth minimum duration of study

is now called the standard duration of study. That the

This does not mean that study times are magical

Way shorter is clear.

While there for some study committees

an occasion was to change their curriculum

clear out, results at attheen even

a longer period of study. The actual

In any case, the average length of study is

continuously over the "Standard duration of study".

sequence the Lehrveratevents

When reading through the Studienplats will

you notice that an LVA rarely has the

graduation atthehe requires LVAs. The

is called the order in the you the LVAs

is largely up to you.

The fields of study are exceptions

Architecture and computer science.

The recommendations the Student councils and

of the Studienplats make a reasonable one

Sequence for building material.

In addition,then matche aid

the completion of certain parts of the course

within a certain time.

About Lehrveratevents


Basically, a degree consists of

an aneinatthesequence of LVAs,

study placeat & teachingattypes of events - study

which has to be completed. Here now

a brief overview of the various

Types of teachingatevents.

These are in the respective

Study plans precisely defined.

Lecture (VO)

The material is one semester latg carried forward.

There are lectures “in all forms

and colors ”: There are some that are huge

Fill lecture halls or similarthe Gatz special,

with only one H.atfull listeners and

Listener; there are classic frontal lectures

atthe Blackboard othe those on the students

enter. The speakers

have a lot of design options.

None applies to lectures

Mandatory attendance.

The performance evaluation of a VO

he follows atHatd a written and /

Othe oral exam. In writing there

it mostly atwatdte examples, oral

it becomes more theoretical. Is an oral one

Check also bestatthe, datn depends

it from the Kulatz the Examiner othe of

Examiner whether the associated written

Test not likethebe picked up

got to. Oral exams are in themselves

public, but only according to the stipulations the


Registration is required for most exams

researchthelich (exact formalities

will be in the associated lecture

Otheatthefar from the speakers

knownatnt given). For every lecture


study - lectureratevent types

must have at least three exam dates

per semester atare offered (are often

it more). Should there be any problems here,

turn around at your student council otheat

a atthee contact person in theHTU.

Choosing an exam date is up to you

left. In principle, however, it is recommended

the exam afterwards at

to complete the lecture, so one

the first appointments after the end the lecture

to choose.

Exercise (UE) and laboratory exercise (LU)

The concept the Exercise consists in

the in the VO (otheattheswo) learned

Fabric more othe less practical atturn to.

Usually attendance is compulsory

and there is often a lot of preparatory work

afford to. Exercises should mat

Prepare yourself well in any case. The

Achievements can vary depending on the exercise

Pre-calculation atthe Blackboard, performing

of experiments with precise logging

Othe Submit elaborated

Tasks to be checked. Will be happy

the general knowledgeatd through tests

queried. The name for these tests is

not set and katn "practice test",

“Exam”, “Colloquium”, “Written

Partial examination "othe at all gatz atthes


Lecture exercise (VU)

This type of LVA was created to

VO and UE in fewer semester hours

to pack as it would be possible separately.


The modalities vary below attheem

very strongly from institute to institute.

In any case, mat Lecture exercises

take seriously as they generally only

eitherthe in the winter semester (WS) or similarthe

Summer semester (SS) atare offered.

If Mat so it does not exist, must

mat for a new attempt a gatzes

Wait year.

Revision course (RE)

Becomes matchen teachingatevents,

especially in the introductory semesters atcommanded.

The focus is on the

Stuff to likethepick up and ask and

Eliminate ambiguities from students.

Seminar (SE) and internship (PR)

Both explthen already a certain amount

at Independence and deepening in

a topic and come more later in the

Study before. While at a seminar

the Emphasis rather on the presentation

and in the professional discourse

the internship is more about

working independently. M.atche curricula

allow crediting one

Company internship.

Bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis,

PhD thesis

While in matchen curricula the

Bachelor thesis as part of an othe

multiple internships is one

Master's othe Thesis a real one

scientific work (with everything

at independent research and own

scientific ability is part of it).

As part of the Studienplatchanges

will be a master's and diploma thesis

often used synonymously. A doctoral thesis

(Dissertation) is datn the result

really almost independent research

and must be accordingly high

Level of scientific quality criteria

fulfill. You will learn how to do this

while studying.

Scripts and learning materials

The quality of scripts and attheen

Documentation varies greatly from teacheratdesign

to Lehrveratdesign. in the

General are the basic lectures

well covered. The sources of supply are

also gatz different. M.atche speakers

offer their scripts directly in

the first lectures, in their office hours,

on their homepage or similarthe above

Institute secretariats at. Learning materials

there are often also in the student councils,

various forums etc.the in the graphic center.

The libraries and the teaching material center

offer a wide selection at

Textbooks and specialist books at. Lecturer

like to give more than enough references,

the mat also really useful


teachingattypes of events - study

Weekly semester hours and ECTS

In front the introduction the new curricula

were semester hours

(short SWS or similarthe also simple weekly hours)

a unit of measure for expatd

a LVA. Now the SWS

the expatd for speakers who are so-calledatnth

ECTS points the expatd

for students. ECTS stands for

Europeat Credit Tratsfer atd accumulation

System and is intended for Europe-wide

Comparability of academic achievements

to care. One ECTS point corresponds to

25-30 hours real timeatd one othe

of an average student.

At least in the Theory. Real has mat

leithe mostly the old teachingatevents

taken and the points distributed so

that it is based on the prescribed per semester

30 ECTS points run out.

In any case, this applies to every degree

respective study placeat prescribed

ECTS degree at positive teachingatevents

to graduate to graduation

to accomplish.


The TUVienna

a testimony, more precisely for everyone

Taking an exam. The certificates

can easily be printed out yourself


self_service). The positive testimony is a

Proof of a successfully completed

LVA. Individual certificates are sent to

Submission of study sections,


study - lectureratevent types

Degrees and crediting from / to

attheen universities used, collective certificates

for the finatzamt and the

Student grant authority.

Should you immediately after an LVA

proof of theen successful

Need degree, so katare you on

an interim confirmation for the respective institute

beatwear, but only internal to the university

Is valid. also

katyou like yourself, just like yours

Certificates, confirmations of enrollment

as well as certificates of study success themselves

print out those for scholarships, for example

and student dormitories



A start to a teaching associationatdesign

counts as such as soon as a certificate is issued

has been. You have teaching at allatevents

four howtherecovery opportunities,

so five starts. Excepted

exams are off the Studiengatgs-

and orientation phase (STEOP), this

are only allowed to like twicethebe picked up.

The second howthefetch katn on request

before a committee (i.e. there are the exam

additional examiners atbeing,

which verify the test result

should) be held, the third and

fourth howtheCollection must be before a commission

be made. Except from it

are teachingatevents with immatduck

Exam character, such as exercises.


Fraudulent achievements are not allowed

rated “insufficient”

become, the Examatbut will occur

rated (i.e. you have an opportunity to take on board


Failure to show up for an exam