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Gemstone lore: The myths of the modern stone age


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Jonathon Pudney is confident of winning the upcoming confrontation against the synthetic stones and the drop in prices. Objective, scientific criteria are not decisive. The artificial stones may be qualitatively superior to the natural ones - in the end marketing decides. "People want the real thing," he says, and that is always natural stone. All experts in the industry agree: Appreciation is in the mind of the customer. The bride doesn't want synthetics for her wedding, but rather the expensive, unique piece from nature's lap, which was created billions of years ago by many coincidences deep inside the earth and then came to the surface through geological coincidences.

Ever more complex scientific evidence machinery is used for assessment in order to maintain the myth of natural stone. The cult of this modern stone age also includes aesthetic criteria such as the splendor of the stone. He's supposed to decorate. However, the colored natural stone may also contain small inclusions, which always lead to devaluation with white stones. From a purely decorative point of view, a flawless cultured diamond with the same color would be superior - but such rational criteria do not apply. If a bridal couple were to say soberly: Together we choose the most beautiful jewelry that we can get for our money, they would almost inevitably buy breeding stones.

Such reason would require a rethink. That, in turn, could only be achieved with marketing worth billions. Since the small companies like Gemesis lack such funds, in the end everything will remain with the cult of the "real".

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