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Study shows: How to find a partner in 2021

Are you tired of affairs and want to finally find a steady partner in 2021? Then you should take a closer look at the study by two scientists.

Where do you find love for life? Scientists Dr. Philipp Hergovich, data mining specialist at the University of Vienna, and Josue Ortega, economist at Queen's University in Belfast. In order to find answers, the two researchers questioned a total of 3,245 women and men whose relationship has existed for more than ten years. The result: every third marriage occurs online.

These are the advantages of finding a partner online

Although 24.5 percent of stable relationships are now established online, most couples (33 percent) continue to get to know each other via the classic route - i.e. friends. 17 percent found their love for life at work or at school.

However, the study also showed clear advantages in online dating: Couples who got to know each other via a dating app, a dating portal or another dating service on the Internet were accordingly more willing to go with their new partner move together. In addition, women who met their husbands online had a stronger desire to have children than those who got together with their partner in other ways.

Education is no longer an exclusion criterion

According to the study, there are advantages especially for more educated women and less educated men: They were more likely to find a partner through the online offers than through the traditional way of getting to know each other. Among other things, this is due to the fact that singles have to fill out a questionnaire with their interests when registering. This then sets a corresponding focus when choosing a partner.

However, the modern way of looking for a partner also has a disadvantage: Since the distance when getting to know each other and making contact are no longer a problem, long-distance relationships are more common, according to the study.

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