What is subjective feeling

What is "subjective & objective feeling"? - Education & example

Subjectivity is known to each of us. Man is an emotional being. This is exactly why we feel, and mostly subjectively. There is the demarcation between

  • objective feeling and
  • subjective feeling.

Although objectively it is more a perception than a feeling. Because that means neutral perception without emotional "previous burden" or influencing.

In contrast is subjective perception always individual and only comprehensible for the feeling person. Subjectivity is strongly linked to a person's emotions, knowledge, and attitudes - all factors that make a person what they are.

Examples of subjective feelings

If you feel something subjectively, you share this feeling with a few others or only with yourself. Examples of this are that a day is quite warm, but subjectively you still feel it as cold and freeze.
You can't like a really good film and you can't pinpoint why.

A very common example is also beauty. There is objective beauty, which means that all of a person's measurements and proportions are right and that they are scientifically beautiful. You can see it, but still don't find it beautiful. That is the subjective feeling. Sympathy is also based on subjectivity. Someone can be very nice to you and still you don't like them.

Subjectivity usually has no clear explanation. You feel and experience something differently than everyone else and you have no exact reason for it. It affects the emotions or is influenced by the emotions. One cannot control subjective feelings.