Why should I never eat salads

You shouldn't eat these foods in the evening

Table of Contents

  1. Why protein promotes fat burning and carbohydrates inhibit it
  2. Avoid these foods in the evening
    1. loaf
    2. pasta
    3. rice
    4. Sweets
    5. Ready-made dressings
    6. Soft drinks and juices
    7. Ready-made salads
    8. Ready-made fruit quark or yoghurt
  3. All tips in a short video

"Dinner" - the name says it all. For centuries, the loaf of bread was simply part of the German dining table. A pot of butter, some cold cuts and cheese, possibly a few gherkins and tomatoes, and that was typically German dinner - at least in families whose members had already eaten warm for lunch.

A lot has happened in the past few years when it comes to supper, and good old bread has fallen into disrepute. On the one hand, because in the majority of cases it is industrially manufactured and contains more hydrogenated fats and E-substances than healthy ingredients. On the other hand, because bread is mostly made up Carbohydrates consists. And since the advent of the low-carb trend, they have been suspected of making you fat.

First of all: If you are cleaning your cheese bowl or your plate of pasta in the evening and you feel good in your skin - great, then you have found a form of dinner that is just right for you and your body. However, if you are not comfortable with your weight then you could try this To remove evening bread and a few other foods from the menu in the evening

Of course, the overall calorie balance has to be right: If you consume more calories than you consume through your basal metabolic rate and physical activity, then you gain weight - regardless of whether you avoid certain foods in the evening or not.

Why protein promotes fat burning and carbohydrates inhibit it

Have you got up for a jog or a swim and are now thinking of a large plate of pasta? D rather not!

Because in the evening should Protein the main role play on the menu. There are two reasons:

  1. Proteins are used for the regeneration needed. The amino acids that make up protein give our cells their shape and structure and are also involved in most of the organism's biochemical processes. Since most of the body's own regeneration processes happen during sleep, it is important to supply the body with the amino acids it needs in the evening.
  2. Also with regard to that Lose weight Protein plays an important role: proteins fill you up and get the metabolism going, since a third of the calories contained in the protein are burned on the spot. Our metabolism works more intensely through the intake of protein, and fat burning is increased. A classic dinner or noodles (high-carbohydrate food) meanwhile inhibit the burning of fat and thus all processes, because our organism prefers to fall back on these energy sources, which are easier for it to process.

    Protein also has another advantage: According to studies, consuming a lot of protein in the evening ensures warm feet in bed - a welcome side effect in winter!

Avoid these foods in the evening

1. Bread

In Bread and other baked goods are stuck in carbohydrates, and these should be avoided in the evening if you want to lose weight. If you don't want to do without your beloved bread, then choose the whole grain version. This does not mean the dark colored bread from the discounter, which is sprinkled with all kinds of grains, but a bread that really deserves its name.

In Germany bread may only be called "wholemeal bread" if it consists of at least ninety percent flour in which whole grains have been processed. You can get this type of bread from a baker you trust and rarely in the supermarket.

Important: Not the bread should be the main meal, but protein and fiber rich Food such as vegetables and protein, for example lean poultry cuts or homemade spreads made from lean quark and herbs.

2. Pasta

For pasta The same applies as for bread: it contains mostly carbohydrates and should therefore rarely be on the menu in the evening for those who want to lose weight. If you like, you can try whether you like it: This glass noodle-like pasta hardly contains any carbohydrates, as it is made from the flour of the konjac root.

However, the appearance of konjac noodles is only partially suitable for classic Italian pasta dishes. Another alternative are vegetable pastathat you can make using a special spiral cutter or simply a vegetable peeler. Read here which vegetables you can make "pasta" from.

3. Rice

rice is a type of grain and accordingly contains a lot of carbohydrates. Grab it if you want rice Brown rice: Its unpeeled grains are dark because they still contain the silver membranes and the germ. This makes this rice particularly nutritious, because the skin contains most of the considerable number of nutrients and minerals.

A bit of tricks can be used, for example, with wok dishes with a "rice" that actually consists of cauliflower; The taste is of course a little different than, for example, Basmati rice, but a good alternative if there is one in the evening "Rice pan" without carbohydrates should be.

4. Candy

Those who nibble on chocolate, rubber animals and the like in the evening serve their bodies with sugar on a silver platter. And since our body is also trimmed to obtain its energy as effortlessly as possible, it will of course first fall back on these energy sources, which are easier for it to process. The result: our fat burning is inhibited. If you want to snack, it is best to do it right after lunch.

5. Ready-made dressings

A nice salad in the evening - there's nothing wrong with that, as long as that too dressing is ok. Most of them divorce here Ready-made dressings out. The reason: You contain far too much sugar and destroy your resolution to eat a low-carb diet in the evening. Celebrity chef and EAT SMARTER blogger Cornelia Poletto will tell you how you can quickly conjure up a beautiful salad dressing yourself.

Additional tip for those who want to save fat: replace half of the oil in the dressing with broth.

6. Soft drinks and juices

Clearly: Cola, soda, spritzers and juices have no place at dinner or later when relaxing on the couch. In a glass of cola there are 9 sugar cubes alone! Logically, that the carbohydrate balance is then gone. Even juices or fruit spritzers, which are always sold to us as healthy, are not much better: So stick 21 grams of sugar in a glass of orange juicewhich corresponds to 7 sugar cubes.

Freshly squeezed juice is also not ideal in the evening because of the fructose. It is equivalent to the sugar content of six oranges - but without the fiber that you would eat if you were to eat the fruit (and which would probably make it difficult for you to eat six oranges whole). So: if you are on a low-carbohydrate diet, stick to water or unsweetened tea in the evening.

7. Ready-made salads

Ready-made salads from the refrigerated shelf usually have one thing in common: They swim in fat, additives and - sugar. Did you know that, for example, meat salad contains 1 lump of sugar per 100 grams, and that a good two teaspoons of sugar per 100 grams are used for industrially produced coleslaw? Generally applies to Finished products: Open eyes. Often these products contain much more sugar than is good for us.

8. Ready-made fruit quark or yoghurt

How practical: In addition to protein, fruit yoghurt and quark also contain a lot of vitamins. It would be nice if it were! Because in 100 grams of fruit yoghurt you can easily hide 6 pieces of sugar, Fruits are in short supply. Despite all the colorful health promises on the packaging, you should ignore finished yoghurt and prefer natural yoghurt. It is up to you how much sugar you add.

All tips in the short video: