What is an Employment Background Review

Checking the employment background (error due to the old version of the résumé)

What will happen is very company specific.

Every time I had a background check done there was a separate form that I had to fill out for the third party. When you need to fill out a form, just list the new employment (1-2 months) and start your day. If you don't have the option to fill out a background check form and you want to be preventative, let your new employer know that they have received a slightly outdated resume and that you have a different position starting with xxx to current.

Overall, I wouldn't consider it a problem as you are not claiming a degree or anything in your past that did not take place. Only information is a little out of date from what is happening. However, since this is entirely company specific, it is difficult to come up with a better answer.

Not me

I think the only problem here is the OP jumps jobs after a month. Whether or not this appears on the background check is far less of an issue for the company than determining Why the OP will check again so soon.


@NotMe I would agree. However, if this is the first time OP got a bad job and is fine. Since he said he had an oral offer, I did not address this issue.