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Round trip Cornwall and Devon - My most beautiful highlights & tips

Today we have another great travel reporter for you. Dear Janine has an exciting time with her boyfriend Julian Round trip through Cornwall and Devon made and reported today about her personal highlights of this tour. England may not necessarily be on your radar when it comes to road trips. But the extreme southwest of England has a lot to offer and awaits you with unspoiled nature, a mild climate, picturesque villages, golden-yellow sandy beaches, gently rolling hills and beautiful hiking trails. Have fun browsing and copying!

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Why Cornwall?

"Why are you going to cold, wet England?" Yes - we were really allowed to listen to that often. And the answer is very simple: We didn't want to go to a typical travel destination and travel by car. So we grabbed a map and looked at what can be done in 3 weeks. We actually had Ireland in mind, but the journey by car is just too far at this time. While searching, I came across some picture of Cornwall and fell in love straight away. And we don't regret a second!

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Arrival by ferry

The journey was something completely different for us - stop without flies. So we are by ferry from Calais to Dover hazards. Alternatively, you can also drive from Dunkirk to Folkestone, there is not much time. The crossing takes 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the route, and costs approx. € 70 for 2 people with a car. But you can also take the Eurotunnel, which is much faster with 35 minutes - but also twice as expensive with around 150 €. We decided to take the ferry, of course, for reasons of cost, but also because we love the sea and so we could start our vacation right away with a wonderful boat trip.

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Shortly before you arrive in Dover, you'll have one incredible view of the chalk cliffs of England. Once there, we first had to get used to left-hand traffic. But that was much easier than we thought, because the English are really very considerate drivers and it was very quiet on the streets. After about 6 hours of driving, we arrived at our first apartment in Torquay (Devon). Ferry connection here at Direct Ferries *.

Transport on site

Since we came by car *, we of course also used it a lot. But you can also easily get from A to B by bus and train. It takes a little longer, but you don't have any stress and you can let yourself be driven and enjoy the amazing landscape. We also often went hiking somewhere and then took the bus back to our car. That was really not a problem here in southern England, as long as you are not out and about somewhere in the wilderness.

Our route

We didn't have a special route. Before every trip, I always mark everything we want to see on a map and then try to find an accommodation in the middle of all the markings. By that we each 8 days stay in Devon and Cornwall we could almost live into the day and do what we wanted or what the weather sometimes said. Every time it was like a day trip to a different city or country, because every place has something completely different to offer.

Round trip Devon | Highlights

Here in the south west of England is the Devon county with the largest cities Plymouth and Exeter. This region is known above all for the coastal cities but also for the national parks such as Dartmoot and Exmoor. The geological age "Devon" was named after this county.

Salcombe resort

Salcombe is a popular holiday resort in the south west of England, in the South Hams neighborhood of Devon. Caramel-colored beaches, deep blue water and a multitude of pastel-colored houses around the harbor. Salcombe offers you the all-round package with a Caribbean feeling. It is not for nothing that the south coast of England is also called the English Riviera! Here you feel like you're more in Spain on a Mediterranean coast than in England.

Trip to Kingswear

Kingswear is a small one cute place in the south hams in the southern part of Devon. It is located on the east bank of the mouth of the Dart River and has around 1400 inhabitants. Here you can take beautiful walks and discover new and fascinating views of castles, colorful houses or just the lush green.

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Woolacombe dune landscape

On the north coast of Devon lies the beautiful place Woolacombe. This place inspires with a beautiful dune landscape, which is reminiscent of Sylt and an approx. 6 km long sandy beach. This beach has something for everyone: surfing in the rough waves, sunbathing between the dunes, jumping into the sea or just a nice walk on the beach. If you get a chicken, you should definitely visit "The Jube". A cozy pub, somehow typically English.

Round trip Cornwall | Highlights

The is even further south Gradschaft Cornwall on the rough south-west tip of England. Wild moorland, countless beaches, the Cornish Riviera, wonderfully beautiful bays, charming harbor villages, high cliffs and seaside resorts with good conditions for surfing await you here (e.g. Newquay).

Porthcurno Beach

Wow! You must have seen that. The view from the Minack Theater to the Porthcurno Beach is just a dream. The granite rock coast is reminiscent of the Seychelles, the water is crystal clear and invites you to swim (if it weren't for the temperatures. A really beautiful natural beach without snack bars or beach bars.

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Watergate Bay

In the north of Cornwall is the famous one Watergate Bay and the beautiful town Newquay. Up along the steep coast you can go for a wonderful walk with a wonderful view of the sea and at the end go back down a small staircase along the beach. The wind is really noticeable here - so don't forget your windproof jacket!

South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Path is England's longest signposted long distance footpath and national trail. He runs over 1,014 km along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall. Originally the path was laid out for the coast guard to fight against smugglers. That's why the path mostly runs directly along the coast, which doesn't necessarily make it easier, but makes it all the more beautiful if you can look out at the sea all the time. The trail also leads through the small village of Sennen Cove, which is located in the south. The beaches, the bays and the flair are particularly beautiful here.

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We love booking our accommodations through AirBnB. On the one hand, you get to know locals straight away, get insider information and can immerse yourself in everyday English life. In England there are on the one hand beautiful cottages but also many apartments and holiday homes. There's something for everyone. The prices start at approx.50 € per night at. We have chosen one accommodation in Devon (Torquay) and one in Cornwall (Falmouth). Alternatively, I can also recommend the cities of St. Ives, Newquay or Salcombe. Due to their location, these places are great starting points for exploring both parts of the village.

Duration of our round trip

If you also intend to do this round trip, you should take at least 2 weeks (better 3 weeks) to spare. Getting there and back by car alone takes around 3 to 4 days. We had on site 16 days plannedwhat was exactly right. We had enough time to look at everything in peace. So even on a rainy day we weren't sad and didn't have to worry about missing anything.

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3 things for your luggage

You should definitely go on this trip comfortable light hiking shoes have one with you Adapter for the sockets and a Wind and rain jacket. Because we're still in England, where a few drops often fall from the sky and the wind blows around your ears.

Janine comes from Lüdenscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia) and is a passionate hobby photographer and has also enjoyed traveling for around 10 years. She especially liked Mauritius. Next Janine would like to go to Canada, the Rocky Mountains and French Polynesia. You can marvel at many great pictures and travel stories on her blog:
"Somewhere | Sometime"

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