What are the best CPM ad networks

CPM, CPC / PPC, CPL - which method is best for monetizing your website?

The opportunity to make money online has grown significantly over the past few years. Whether you sell a product or service or want to advertise on a website - the internet is full of money-making opportunities. You may already know that you want to make money online, but you don't yet know how. We have put together a list of seven methods for you to use your Monetize website can.

CPM, CPC / PPC, CPL: How do I monetize my website?

A good way that you can start generating revenue from your website is by serving ads. Here you don't have to spend a lot of money upfront to create a product or service, nor do you need specific ones Skills for selling a service. As long as you have a website with significant traffic, you can start running ads.

The initial moves in monetizing your website with programmatic advertising can be confusing. To help you with this, we have collected many options for placing advertising on your blog or website. Also, we're going to talk about a few different types of advertisements that you can use.


CPM or Cost-Per-Mille works by paying for it through ads: This is the amount to be paid by advertisers, around 1,000 Get clicks on your website. This number can help you get an idea of ​​how advertisers value their website and the total revenue it generates.

$ 1 per 1,000 clicks might seem like a small amount, but remember that the CPM only applies to views. There is no need for site visitors to click on the advertisement, fill out any form or make a purchase. They are added to the total number of ads by simply showing the ad on your page.

This is what makes the CPM method so interesting: You will paid per visit to your websiteon which an ad will appear, regardless of how the visitor interacts (or not) with the ad.

Real Time Bidding and CPM

You should take into account that the Digital advertising industry rapidly changing and evolving, especially their technologies. The most common way to buy and sell advertising right now is through programmatic advertising - the automated process of Buying and selling of online advertising space.

Programmatic advertising makes it easier for advertisers to engage with Contact publisherswithout the two involved ever having to speak to each other. They connect through a virtual market or trading in advertising. This gives all websites of all sizes the chance to sell their ad space and run ads from large, established brands without direct interaction with them.


We mentioned earlier that visitors don't have to interact with a CPM ad for you to make money from it. It is not always the case. There are many more Types of advertising campaigns

Cost per click and pay per click are two methods often used by advertisers. These are based on a pay-per-click model: you get paid every time a user clicks a banner ad on your website.

This type of compensation can be more profitable than CPM. They are often more than € 1 per 1000 clicks. Nevertheless, the risk is a little higher because it does not guarantee a minimum income. If no one clicks on your ad, you don't earn anything. However, this method is perfect for niche sites that have targeted ads with a likely high click rate or click-through rate.

For example, suppose you have a fishing website that explains the best places to fish and other fishing tips, and that gets you a lot of visitors each month. If you Advertise angel accessories, your CTR will likely be very high. Since the advertising goes well with the content of your website, your visitors will expect them and may even be very happy to see them. Well-targeted CPC advertising can skyrocket your earnings.

Various advertising networks offer PPC compensation. This also includes the market leader among all advertising networks, Google AdSense.


In order for a CPM ad to be worthwhile, advertisements must be shown to the visitor. Around generate income from CPC, the visitor has to click on the advertisement. The next method is cost per lead, or CPL.

CPL goes one step further than CPC campaigns. The visitors don't just have to click on the advertisement, they have to take a certain further step. The publisher gets paid every time a visitor takes this additional step. This can be that the visitor subscribes to a newsletter, downloads a white paper or buys a product.

Just as CPC advertising is worth more than CPM, so CPL is more valuable than CPC. This is because the advertiser is getting more out of the end user. If a visitor sees an advertisement in a CPM campaign, this could result in a certain brand awareness for the advertiser. In a CPC campaign, the advertiser has now brought the visitor to his website. Maybe they'll read an entry or even make a purchase. With a CPL campaign the advertiser generates a leadWith which he now has the opportunity to contact the visitor, which gives this person a significantly higher value for the company.

There is also a significant gap between an advertisement and a lead. Only one in 1000 people clicks on an advertisement. In addition, in today's digital world, email addresses are treated like currency, which makes it all the more difficult to convince a potential customer or client to pass them on. With the Installation of a Facebook pixel or other codewhich tracks ad conversions, advertisers and publishers can see how well your ads are receiving and how well CPL campaigns are paying.

What is affiliation?

Before we dive deeper into this topic, we need to be clear on one thing: There are two forms of affiliation. We'll talk about affiliate advertising first, before we later introduce you to affiliate marketing as a method of monetizing your website.

Affiliate advertising is a system based on links and the exchange of banners. An advertising website (also known as an affiliate) exchanges commercial links with another website, partner or publisher. With every sale on the advertising website, the business partner receives a commission on the generated income.

The technique of affiliation can be compared to CPC, except that it is based on a real partnership system. Some advertising networks, such as Affilinet, form Links between publishers and advertisersto build partnerships. CPC, on the other hand, has nothing to do with partnerships or relationships - any approved brand can buy a CPC space on a website that sells CPC space.

Just like PPC, Affiliation's program is based on a system of "performance". Therefore it is important to choose your partners and advertisers with caution.

What are advertising formats?

Now that we have the Types of advertising campaigns that you can put on your website, let's take a look at the formats that actually appear on your website.

There are different web formats: classic (IAB standards), high video, mobile etc. The biggest challenge for publishers is to choose the right combination that allows them to to maximize their incomewithout negatively affecting the customer's experience.

Generally speaking, the more obvious the format, the higher your earnings will be. However, if an advertisement is too obvious and the user finds their experience on your website negative, they will associate your page with an unpleasant user experience and may not visit your page again. Each advertising format has unique characteristics. Some ad formats work best in certain situations. For example that works Advertising with texts in videos good on pages with long blocks of text. They help break up the monotony of long texts with something dynamic and interesting.

Your advertising income will depend on the ad format you choose, the number of ads you see, the traffic to your website, and the time of year. Because it is quite possible that you run the same ad in two different months and generate two different amounts from it. It is evident that there will be more advertising campaigns running in the period before Christmas, starting in mid-August. That's why your Change advertising revenue over the year. It is likely that your advertising income will be higher in the fourth quarter of the year than in the other quarters.

Other ways to monetize your website or blog

Now we have been dealing with advertising methods for a long time, as this is our specialty. While our favorite way to monetize a website is using ads, we know there are many others, too Ways to Generate Income gives. We'll share a few of them with you that we like.

Direct advertising campaigns with an advertiser

Direct advertising campaigns are the easiest way to monetize your website. They can mean a lot more work, especially on your part. With a programmatic ad space, you can turn all of the hard work and sales of your ad space to a company like The Moneytizer.

If you are a “premium” publisher (with more than 1 million unique visitors) you might want to Make big brands aware of your website. In this case, you can hire an advertising network to run ads on your website and pay them a commission on your earnings.

If you want to reach out to an individual advertiser, you can try starting a direct advertising campaign. Once you've caught them, you can suggest a variety of direct marketing campaigns.

In the case of a direct advertising campaign, the advertiser and the publisher agree on a number of advertisements based on a specific payment method. This can per view, per click or conversion in exchange for an unspecified amount. You can also target your audience with specific ads for a specific category of users.

This type of campaign can be very profitable, but it can also be very time consuming. It's up to you, Find an advertiser or negotiate the price.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles could almost be classified as a special type of direct advertising campaign. The common ground is that you need to contact a brand, or if your website is well known, a brand may even contact you and you need to do the negotiations.

Writing sponsored articles is a nifty way to make money without running ads directly. The goal is simple: you write an article about the company, mostly one of their products. This article will then be complete integrated into your website. The article will meet the expectations that you and the brand have agreed on, which is a certain number of pictures or videos of their product or a link to purchase the product can be.

Chances are you've seen an item that was labeled "Paid Promotion" before. Maybe it bothered you, maybe not. Users may not immediately notice that you are reading a hidden advertisement, even though it is marked as a “paid advertisement”. According to Article L. 121-1 of the Consumer Code, it is mandatory for websites to mark a paid advertisement as such

This type of promotion can therefore be very profitable, especially if the campaign is important and targeted. It's also a good way to promote yourself if you have one large number of actively following users but don't want to influence the user experience on your website with traditional banners or video advertising. Many users trust the people who follow them online, especially if they have been doing it for a long time. Because of this, they are far more likely to listen to a recommendation than an advertisement for what sponsored articles again makes it significantly more valuable for the advertiser than conventional advertising.

This type of monetization is very profitable, but it always costs continuous work. You should always look for potential partners so that you can at all times Content for sponsored articles if you want to publish one. Also, an advertiser will only be interested in you if you have a good reputation. That means you have a certain amount of time in that Creation of high quality content and growing your audience should invest.

Affiliate marketing

We briefly mentioned affiliate marketing earlier when we explained affiliate advertising. Now let's take a closer look at affiliate marketing to see how the two differ.

Affiliate marketing does not include traditional advertising methods. In one Affiliate Marketing System Brands partner with publishers who are different people (often former customers or customers, but affiliates can also be bloggers or influencers) and try to sell the brand's product. Affiliate marketing is often very popular among brands because you don't pay anything for the affiliate's time or posts until their product is actually purchased. Because of this, they are often much more involved in the process.

Become an Affiliate can be a great way to monetize the website. If you have taken a course online, see if the designer would be interested in having you as a partner. Or, if your blog posts have a lot of products, consider Amazon as a partner. Just don't forget to include a clause stating that you will make money on this pasted link.

sell products

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to monetize your website is to sell something. One of the best ways to get some inspiration on what to sell to your customers is to listen to them. Users continuously comment on your blogs with the Desire for a specific tool or product?

Have you published high quality blog posts for a very long time? If you have a large collection of entries, you might consider putting all of these articles in one book.

Perhaps you're in the education sector and you keep hearing teachers in your audience complain that you need or want a better way of organizing your content for the next school year. Perhaps, as a retired teacher, you yourself created an organizational system that worked well for you.

Create an e-book

This method is very similar to creating and selling a product as we just explained. For example, if you have a photography blog, you can create an e-book of your best articles.

Maybe you are one Food or recipe bloggers in a certain nichelike in the keto area. Consider an e-book that goes a step beyond being published on your website. Whether this is grocery lists, exclusive recipes, monthly meal plans, or anything else your audience might like, just make sure you are producing something high quality.

Just remember, digital or physical, that creating a book takes a lot of work and your visibility might be low unless you want to Promotion of your e-book devote a lot of time.

Create a course

One create and sell online course is one of the most popular ways to make money online right now. Regardless of what industry you're in, you've probably seen someone share about an online course they took. Whether it's a Marketing course on the use of Facebook ads or a course on how to create a course, there are many different ways to get a course into your niche.

Now it is important to realize that courses are not a way to get rich quick. Not only is there a lot of work creating the courses, but it's also about selling them. Usually, courses are quite expensive and people typically don't make expensive purchases just by visiting someone's website.(Certainly there are exceptions for both parties, and you know your industry better than we do.)

Creating a course also requires a lot of knowledge about what you are teaching. If you've worked in your industry for years and know a lot of information that could help others, you're good to go. If you're a little newer, it might be a good idea to work with people in pairs to understand what your audience is trying to learn.

How to intelligently monetize your website

The worst thing in trying the Monetize your website What can happen, no matter how you do it, is your audience reacts badly and leaves you and your side. Your audience is why your website is valuable to advertisers, brands, and most importantly, you. So if your users leave you, you also lose the ability to monetize them.

Our biggest piece of advice is to think before doing any ads or anything else Change to monetization on your pages make.

  • Raise your users' awareness: some of your users may be reluctant to see your advertisements while browsing your website. Their role is to raise awareness by teaching you that advertising is one way that you can make money and thus continue to blog posts weekly. Also, if you'd like, you can mention that by using an ad blocker you won't get any compensation for all the work you put into the website.
  • Don't overload your website: Too many ads kill advertising. You will be better off choosing non-intrusive advertising formats that integrate into your website without negatively impacting the user experience. Our recommendation is to have a number greater than 3 advertising formats per page not to exceed.
  • At the top: The ad formats that appear at the top of your website are the most profitable as they are highly visible to advertisers. Make sure you think strategically about what advertising space you want at the top of your page want. Learn from your audience and your interactions with the ads you serve them. Start with best practices, but don't be afraid to try other types of ads to see what works best for you.
  • Choose a format based on your target audience: if your target group mainly uses smartphones, you should get one Choose format which is designed for mobile devices has been. Of course, you don't want to give up the other formats at the same time. Most formats are now compatible with mobile devices, so you shouldn't have any problems.
  • Test your advertising formats with the A / B test: While the content your users see is likely to change depending on the user, the ad format usually stays the same. You can find out what type of ads will work best for your usersby performing the A / B test. In this test, you show one half of your audience one advertising format and the other half another format, and then compare the results. Now you can see which ad worked best and either select it or continue testing.

There are many different ways you can monetize your blog or website. You know your website best yourself, so it is your decision, like yours, yours Maximize Revenue can. Depending on your traffic, the device your target audience is using, the amount of time you are already devoting to your website, and the nature of your website, there are many things to consider.

It's also important that you don't pick just one format. You can certainly start To serve CPM or CPC advertisements and also sell an online course. Or, you can become an affiliate marketing partner by offering higher value to other brands' products while writing sponsored articles. Another method like you Become a partner in the affiliate, is the placing of ads on your own website for the product you are selling.

The possibilities and combinations are endless. There is also no “right” choice. It may take a little experimenting with different money-making methods to see what works best for you, your website, and your users. As long as your target audience is responding well to your chosen method, this is a good choice for monetizing your website.

If you want to incorporate ads into your website as part of your monetization strategy, today we can help you get started.

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