Our currencies have become fiat currencies

In Liechtenstein you can buy Bitcoin at the post office counter

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In the Crypto Valley, the focus is on scalability

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Cryptocurrencies to go

Cards with credit for mobile phones or iTunes have been available from the Post for a long time. In Austria, customers also buy prepaid cards for cryptocurrencies at the post office counter. Continue reading

German banks and the blockchain: wait and see what comes

A current study by PwC shows that German financial service providers have little desire to play a pioneering role. Most of them wait and watch the competition. Continue reading

Cryptoprofiler: Risk analysis tool for cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrencies: facts, developments and considerations

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Is Switzerland threatened with a Napster moment with Blockchain & Bitcoins?

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Crypto Francs for Switzerland?

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The Bitcoin and the normal temperature

For months, business and public media have been reporting on Bitcoin and trying to explain a phenomenon that cannot (yet) be explained. Continue reading

Bitcoin and ICOs: Ingenious Systems or Toxic Instruments?

Depending on the conversation partner on the topic, heaven beckons or hell threatens. But: the phenomena cannot be dealt with with euphoria or condemnation alone. Continue reading

FINMA is pulling the plug on providers of bogus cryptocurrencies

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) takes systematic action against providers who operate in the wake of real crypto currencies as free riders with unauthorized business models. Continue reading

Is blockchain technology completely changing the financial industry?

Yes, says Philipp Sandner, Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, in an interview with the Handelsblatt. And it becomes even clearer. Continue reading

Opinions on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

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Is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin a bubble?

Publicist and book author Werner Vontobel is convinced - why he sees the bubble burst, he explains in his column. Continue reading