Should I trust my feelings

Have more faith in your feelings than in your thoughts

Last update: 05 March, 2017

“At the core of each and every one of us lies an instinctive and sincere consciousness - our intuition. If we allow it, she gives us the safest instructions. ”

Prince Charles

Sometimes we have a sixth sense that other people might hurt us at certain moments.We tend to underestimate this intuition as it is not based on rational parameters, so there is a possibility that we could be wrong.
Nevertheless, our intuitive voice is very useful and important to get by in the world. In fact, our brain works with a large amount of information that we are not aware of.
That means that when we hear this quiet voice, it has something to say.Our minds work without telling us what it is doing. He talks to us, but doesn't give us any explanations. Reality is not structured to be guided by intuitions, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to pay some attention to it.

Intuition is the clarity that the heart recognizes and the mind ignores

It is said that our minds are always right, but our intuition is never wrong. While this is not entirely true, it can still be said that the mind often overestimates its control capacities.

As we mentioned at the beginning,it can sometimes happen that we don't like something and we don't know why.So we misjudge the information our sixth sense has given us, and we don't stop to analyze it.

In fact, we can get a picture of a person in these moments, even six seconds are enough for this. This should be learned because it is very important to the security of our integrity to quickly expose someone who may be conflicted and toxic.

Emotional intuition: empathy

The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from all pain until the end of your days.

In addition, intuition with regard to emotional terminology is very important.This is where empathy comes into play, which is a kind of intuition. In other words, what certainty do we have that the emotions we feel are really real?

Over time, the handling with these hints turns into an automatic action that helps us to further develop our intuitive dexterity.In love, for example, this is particularly relevant.Even if we don't know exactly what it is that makes us think that someone loves us, most of the time we are not mistaken.

Another thing is whether or not we allow ourselves to pay attention to our sixth sense. But one could say that the heart has reasons for being guided by intuition. In this way, thanks to her, we are saved from much pain.

The intuition is transformed into the recognition of certain situations, people and consequences that exist in our environment. Nonetheless, blind trust in our sixth sense can be just as detrimental to us, so we must be careful here too.

In this regard, there seems to be a basis for thatWomen have the ability to better differentiate between other people's emotions and to be able to read them more quickly. They can better tell if they are being faked and lying or if the partner really loves them.

The dangers of intuition

Being able to make judgments quickly and effortlessly can lead to error and, most importantly, it can cause us to lose much of the beauty of life and the people we spend it with.

Because of this, we need to hold back and try to mentally work out hypothetical situations where our prejudices might be wrong. This means,when we notice that we are acting on the basis of our assumptions or reflected feelings,who have no foundation, we must also be able to stop these thoughts.

There are no secrets, what matters is how we behave when we become aware of it. So it is importantthat the feelings do not dominate us, that we monitor them and compensate for them as we act.

It is unthinkable not to give our intuition the space it needs. We have to in the same way take into account how we must confront them with reality, maintaining a balance that allows us to overcome all the rules of life.