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Abolish homework

Abolishing Homework: The Pro-Arguments

For many students and parents, homework means stress and arguments above all else. Because only very few students really like to sit down for afternoon work. And those who enjoy doing them are usually already good at school and don't really need to. Poor students tend to "forget" their homework more often or copy it off quickly when sitting next to them. There is no real learning effect as a result, especially with those who could use it.

That homework the Endanger equal opportunities, also find many critics who want to do away with homework. Because in educated middle class families stumbling students receive much more help from parents and tutoring than in non-academic families. Because pupils from non-educated backgrounds are left to their own devices with problems with schoolwork, the educational gap is widening in the long term. Some teachers also want to do away with homework. You find that Controlling homework is a waste of time is and would prefer to use the class time differently. They do allow exercises to be carried out, but would much prefer to integrate them into the classroom instead of letting the students do them at home, where they do not always get optimal help.


Abolish homework or not? There are many indications that homework should actually be abolished in its current form. So that the advantages of exercises are not lost, a middle ground has to be found. Some schools have already implemented this and no longer give their students homework to do at home. Instead there are special school hours in which exercises from all subjects can be done. The lessons are led by teachers who can provide professional help with questions and problems. But it doesn't have to be quiet as a mouse, students are allowed to work together in group work and help each other. The concept allows you to practice free work and consolidate school material. But in the afternoon everyone goes home carefree without the main enemy of leisure.

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