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Why intelligent people are prone to chaos, staying up late, and cursing

Discipline, order, punctuality and a friendly demeanor are the cornerstones of success in this country. Only those who appear properly, punctually and eloquently are successful in life and therefore automatically intelligent - according to the widespread opinion. Various studies want to have found out that this doesn't have to be the case. Apparently, intelligent people are prone to chaos, staying up late, and cursing.

Chaos wherever the eye looks: intelligence sends its regards

“Order is half the battle” - you have probably heard this saying several times when your parents made you tidy up your room again in your childhood. The University of Minnesota has published a study that should not only shake your parents' worldview. The investigation suggests that Clutter and chaos are a sign of increased intelligence are. If your home or office looks like an exploded landfill in Calcutta, it could simply be because you are paying attention to more important things. Significant thoughts and ideas want to be thought and not get lost in constant cleaning. In addition, clutter on the desk should be the Promote creativitywhat you could explain to your supervisor at the next chaos ruffle.

Why sleep Smart people stay up late

Sure: the brain recovers at night while you sleep so that you can concentrate as desired the next day. You know that and still like to go to bed late at night for your life? At first, this may seem unreasonable and even stupid, after all, many people in this country also go to sleep on working days between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. But the opposite seems to be the case. This is how Psychology Today picks up on research, according to which night owls are more intelligent than larks, so early risers. Churchill, Kafka, Obama and many other famous people prove that night activity does not detract from success, creativity and intelligence. So if you only get into your creative work flow late at night and are absolutely not tired, then let it flow.

Darn it and sewn up: swearing is for intelligent people

Damn it, damn shit, shit like that! You have certainly learned in your childhood that it is best to keep such curses to yourself. But what if, as with the mess, everyone was wrong and your curses are in truth not a sign of rude behavior? According to ScienceDirect, occasional swearing has nothing to do with a lack of self-control or a need to catch up with manners. Instead, swear words are a sign of intelligence: The more of them you reveal within a minute, the more agile you are rhetorically. On intelligence tests, you will likely do better than people who don't curse. If you can believe the research team, it's yours Vocabulary more extensive and you're above average intelligent. And by the way, cursing frees you so that you can concentrate on one thing again afterwards.

Alone, alone: ​​intelligent people tend to be loners

Have you ever asked yourself why, unlike most people in your life, you place so little value on the company of your fellow human beings? Well, that doesn't have to have anything to do with rudeness, and you're not weird either. Rather, the British Journal of Psychology refers to a study in which participants between 18 and 24 years of age were examined over the long term. The result of the psychologists: It can be a sign of above-average intelligence if you only surround yourself with a few people. On the one hand, this ensures that you do not allow yourself to be distracted from your future-oriented goals. This makes happier and more intelligent people realize this. On the other hand, as IQ scores increase, people are less dependent on other individuals, as they can adapt to changes more efficiently. Social relationships are important, but intelligence makes them less necessary.

Who does nothing is stupid? Laziness as a sign of intelligence

Do you have to keep hearing that you are too lazy and that others are doing a lot more? At Florida Gulf Coast University, researchers have found something interesting that you can smear the bread of your friends and family with relish. A study has revealed that simply doing nothing can be a sign of heightened intelligence. But it is important that the lazy ones do not get bored. Who can consciously disengage from the stressful everyday life and this time to think uses, has a lot ahead of active people. They get bored much faster when they are doing nothing. All of this can of course also be wonderfully combined with intelligent people falling asleep late. While others are already slumbering, exhausted, you take your time, relaxed, and ponder.

Reading tip:Hard work no thanks! Lazy people are intelligent, successful, and happy

Turn off the alarm and be happy: Smart people sleep longer

Do you like to sleep a little longer and not let your alarm clock bother you? This could be another indicator of your intelligence. A ScienceDirect study indicates that that ignoring the alarm clock and staying in bed for a long time suits people with above-average intelligence. This goes hand in hand with almost a logical consequence increased feeling of happiness. Because being able to behave the way you want automatically makes you happier. Sure, during the week it is certainly difficult to implement - after all, you want to keep your job. But at the weekend you can be a late riser if the circumstances allow it.

As you can see, there is really no shame if it looks chaotic for you, you curse every now and then and do not take the socially acceptable bedtime very seriously. You could just be smarter than others!

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