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Mystery series, horror films or the horror cabinet - none of them is as shocking as you are. In this text you will learn ten facts about your own body that are withheld from you in bio lessons.

But be careful: you will see your reflection with completely different eyes afterwards.

Disgusting Fact 1: Dandruff

So that your body can constantly renew itself, it throws away old cells - and not too scarcely! You leave 600,000 skin particles behind you every hour. That makes one kilogram of skin per year, which you distribute in the form of scales in your surroundings!

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Disgust 2: mites

Your eyebrows and eyelashes are a mite zoo! The cute little animals called Demodex folliculorum are usually not dangerous. If the immune system is weak, however, it can happen that the mites multiply strongly. If the skin around your eye turns red and starts to itch, it's time to see a doctor!

Disgust 3: sweat

You are spiderman. When you are stressed, your body produces sweat on your hands and feet, which is particularly sticky. For cavemen, this provided the necessary grip - and prevented your ancestors from dropping their clubs out of sheer shock!

Disgust 4: saliva and snot

Your most reliable drinks supplier is yourself. You swallow a liter of saliva and nasal puff a day. Bottom up!

Disgust 5: Foreskin

The male foreskin is usually only the size of a postage stamp. But if you stretch it for a few weeks, it can be as big as three basketball courts - without tearing! But be careful, don't try this yourself. Doctors stretch donated foreskins to provide more material for skin grafts.

Disgust 6: cells

You don't need genetic engineering to clone a human. In the course of your life you will clone yourself! All of your body cells are gradually being replaced over and over again. Only a few cells of the original remain in your eye, in the heart and in the cerebrum, in the course of your life.

Disgust 7: bacteria

Do you feel lonely every now and then? There is no reason for that. Ten million bacteria live on your body. That's 10,000 pieces per square centimeter. Time for a huge party!

Disgust 8: pregnancy

You had magical healing powers! When your mother was pregnant, you regularly pumped stem cells from your body into hers. That kept your mom healthy - and made sure that she got through the pregnancy better.

Disgust 9: sweat glands

There are 500,000 sweat glands in your feet. Together, they secrete half a liter of sweat every day, which is initially odorless, but can stink terribly in contact with bacteria.

Disgust 10: eyes

Not only cat and insect eyes, but also the human eye can perceive UV light. Unfortunately, this never reaches the retina because it is filtered out by the lens beforehand. If this lens were missing, a flower bed would be a psychedelic disco for you - but unfortunately only half as hot.

Michael Metzger

Michael Metzger lives as a freelance journalist in Berlin. There he also organizes science slams, lecture competitions in which scientists present their research on a stage in such a way that everyone can understand it.

Do you know any other gross facts about your body? Write us a comment under the post.

Cover picture: © Carlos Caetano / shutterstock.com

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