Which games are only based on luck

Systematic luck: this is how slot machines work

They are colorful and offer a lot of variety: slot machines are probably the most entertaining form of gambling. It is now also possible to dare to play a game from the comfort of your home computer over the Internet. The different game variants can also be tried out for small stakes.

The largest and most popular slot machines are Novomatic Slots. They come from the pen of the Austrian games company Novomatic, which has its headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria. From there, Novomatic operates in around 80 countries around the world. The game systems and game ideas are developed in-house and made available to physical or virtual casinos for a license and rental fee.

These are the safest and most popular online casinos

Especially in online casinos, slot machines are one of the absolute best sellers. One reason for this is possibly the simple and uncomplicated entry that this game variant offers. In most cases, a simple registration is enough to get into the game. The disclosure of personal information is reduced to a minimum for data protection reasons. However, age-related legitimation is absolutely necessary, as games of chance are only permitted on the Internet when you reach the age of 18. Incidentally, gaming licenses, which are now also granted for gaming on the Internet under EU law, ensure legal gaming enjoyment outside the German national borders and in the virtual space (see http://www.etc-lowtax.net/wett license).

With the variety of online casinos in existence, players are often spoiled for choice. Seriousness and security should above all be important here. Even with small stakes, players should always make sure that they can play their games legally and safely at all times. For this, the following conditions should be met by the provider:

  1. Legal play through a valid gambling license under EU law
  2. A company headquarters within the EU. If this is not the case, the player may experience difficulties in the event of a legal dispute.
  3. Strict privacy policy to protect players' personal information
  4. Secure payment methods, for example via PayPal, Skrill, Sofort├╝berweisung Neteller, credit card or Giropay
  5. High payout percentages in the event of a win
  6. A transparent and fair game system for all game variants
  7. A cooperation with renowned player protection organizations. These include above all the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), GameCare and UN Global Compact

Online casinos are rated according to these criteria and recommended to interested users. So, for example, has Online computer magazine chip issued a recommendation of the three best and most popular online casinos:

One of the newer online casinos on the market is Quasar Gaming, operated by Quasar Ltd. operated from Malta. Since the provider has only been available online since 2011, it is not yet on the absolute best lists, but meets all the criteria that users should value for legal and safe gaming fun. The software on which the game systems are based comes from the data forges at Greentube / Novomatic.

The secret of slot machines: Luck needs this much system

If you like to try your luck on the reels from time to time or are simply fascinated by the mechanisms behind the game, you will ask yourself whether it is really just chance or whether there is something to the myth that slot machines work according to a certain system that can be seen through to increase your own chances of winning.

One thing first: There is no such thing as the perfect system to be successful at slot machines. The gaming systems on which the machines are built are far too different for that. Depending on the brand and game variant, the mechanisms that decide the weal and woe of the player can be very differentiated.

Nevertheless, it can be very exciting to take a look behind the scenes of modern slot machines and learn how slot machines work at all, how the winning systems of slot machines work and of course how this background knowledge can be used to increase the chances of winning and to have a lot of fun at the slot machine.

The system behind the profit

Even if the game variants can be very different, slot machines are initially based on a very simple and uniform system: There is a fixed number of reels on which a fixed number of different symbols are distributed. With each new spin of the reels there is a combination of symbols that determines whether you win or lose.

The random thing

Basically, the principle of chance strikes when playing on slot machines. This is about mathematical probabilities and the question of when which symbol appears in the individual slots on the reel. However, players should know that their chances of winning are not entirely arbitrary. If you assume that each reel is started individually at the beginning of each game and stopped again at random, you will in most cases make a mistake. However, this assumption would be necessary in order to actually be able to start from classical mathematical probabilities when determining the chances of winning.

In fact, most slot machines are based on a system that precisely defines the frequency of winning combinations and the associated winnings as a percentage. This is done using a probability algorithm, which can be very different in every slot machine and, above all, from brand to brand. At the beginning of a game, the programming of the reels means that it is already clear which combination will come out at the end. So much for real randomness.

The determination of the frequency and the amount of winnings

Basically, it can be said that all slot machines work according to a certain principle:

The larger the profit to be paid out, the lower the probability that the necessary combination will appear.

This is how the operators of the slot machines ensure that they make long-term profit. Each slot machine is programmed in such a way that it only pays out a certain percentage of the amounts deposited by the player. This percentage is called the payout quotient and is between 60 and 98 percent, depending on the gaming system and provider. The legislature also has a great deal of influence on the determination of the payout quotient in the context of gaming licenses. The decisive factor for the payout quotient is, among other things, the location or availability of the slot machine. This usually means for the payout quotient:

  • Slot machines in amusement arcades: 60 percent
  • Slot machines in casinos and gaming houses: 90 percent
  • Slot machines in online casinos: 98 percent

So if you want to win large sums, you must first invest large sums. Only small and medium profit margins are possible even with a small stake.
This does not end the influencing of the outcome of the game. In every slot machine there is a probability system that determines from how many games a user has the opportunity to take advantage of the full chance of winning. Here the basic rule already mentioned comes into play again:

The larger the profit to be paid out, the lower the probability that the necessary combination will appear.

For a visit to the arcade or the online casino, this means very practically: If a slot machine often pays out winnings, these are usually rather modest. Machines with a high payout percentage rarely show the coveted jackpot symbols. If you still want to try your luck on the colorful rollers, you should do so. Slot machines are an interesting change and can also provide one or two extra euros, as long as the game is not taken too seriously and does not devour a financial budget that is otherwise needed.