What is your favorite craps strategy

Playing with strategy - is that even possible?

Anyone who plays in the casino is usually gambling. The classic casino games are roulette, blackjack, craps or, of course, poker in various variants. Punto Banco and various slot machine games are also very popular around the world. In the past two decades or so, online casinos around the world have also attracted a large number of customers. Gambling has a very long history. Even in ancient Rome and ancient China, dice were rolled when soldiers on campaigns were boring. Many a warrior lost all of its prey in the process.

Playing has become that important today

Revenues in land-based casinos in Germany almost doubled between 2002 and 2017. These figures do not even include the sales that are made with online casinos and gambling apps. That means that this industry has made a giant leap in the past twenty years. The upcoming partial legalization of online casinos with the next State Treaty on Gambling will contribute to the fact that even more people will get an account and play.

Why not - after all, a cozy evening game of poker or a round of roulette can be quite relaxing. It is important that you keep a close eye on your wallet and know where the limits are. For this reason, every player should practice good bankroll management - think carefully how much money is available to them and where they want to set their daily limits.

What is the difference between a player with and without a strategy?

Most of the games in the online casino or in the land-based gaming house are pure games of chance. The exception to this is poker. The game is considered a game of skill because the player can have a lot of influence on the outcome of the game with skillful moves and the right poker face. With enough practice, the luck factor in poker can be reduced significantly.

It is different with games such as roulette, blackjack or craps, for example. How the ball falls into the wheel in roulette is unpredictable and cannot be influenced. Nevertheless, there are different strategies in the different variants of gambling, the proponents of which are firmly convinced that they can lead to enormous profits. The question that remains is whether it makes a difference whether you play with a strategy or simply based on your gut feeling.

The strategies are based on this

There are two types of strategies in gambling. First there is the "real" game strategy. A strategy defines what the next move will look like. However, such game strategies can only really be used in comparatively few games. In roulette there are no moves that can be controlled by a game strategy.

The alternative to the "real" game strategies are the betting systems. The next bet is placed according to a fixed system. Anyone who has decided on a betting system can be very lucky that the bottom line is that they make more profits than they make losses. Unfortunately, the exact opposite can always happen.

The origin is the same for all of these strategies and systems. You come from the field of mathematics. The history of gambling organized in the casino begins as early as the 13th century AD. The gambling houses of that time were of course reserved for the rich and wealthy. So it is not surprising that all kinds of mathematical and scientific approaches have been tried over the centuries. This is how the most diverse probability calculations came about. All gambling strategies are based on probabilities. How likely is it that a particular bet will win? Or that after a certain number on the map there is still a chance of victory? Those who internalize these probabilities have a good chance of winning in almost any game of chance.

Different strategies in a nutshell

There are different strategies and approaches to gambling. As an example, the roulette game was the first to be singled out here. There are different roulette systems that experienced players can sometimes combine with each other. However, these are usually betting systems because, as mentioned, the player himself has no real influence on the game.

Betting systems in roulette

One of the most popular betting systems related to roulette is the Martingale system. The aim of this system is to recover all previous losses at the end of the day with a profit, if possible. To do this, a simple chance is chosen, which is then bet on. The stake is initially one unit - for example 5 euros. If the player has bet on red and black has fallen, the choice remains with red and 10 euros are now wagered.

If the player loses again, the stake is doubled again. Even if the first five games were lost, the player would have bet 155 euros (5 + 10 + 20 + 40 + 80 euros). The next bet would be 160 euros - doubling 80 euros. If the player now makes a profit, the payout is 320 euros. With this the player has got his entire stake paid out again and made a small profit on top of that.

Achieve success with the Paroli strategy

Another betting strategy is the Paroli system. In this one, which can be wagered in most games of chance, the bank’s stakes are used for the most part. The player makes a bet. If this wins, the original stake and the profit remain on the table and are immediately wagered again - usually with the same result. If the player wins again, the stake is increased again by the profit made. After the third win in a row, the game is canceled and the winnings are cashed in. Then the player starts again with a low bet.

With a corresponding lucky streak, the winnings here can be huge. An example:

A player bets 5 euros in the first game. With the win there are now 10 euros on the table. He puts the 10 euros again. After the next victorious game, 20 euros are on the table. The player also sets these again. If you win, 40 euros are already on the table. The player collects this and starts again with a stake of 5 euros. The example is deliberately chosen with an odds of 1: 1 - in some games the odds are also significantly better, which can lead to even higher profits.


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