How is cardiovascular disease diagnosed

Cardiovascular diseases

Important advances have been made in cardiovascular research in recent years. Many causes of these diseases have been deciphered, numerous diagnosis and treatment options have been found. For example, heart attack mortality has fallen by almost half over the past ten years. Nevertheless, the need for research is still great. Because to this day, diseases of the heart and circulation are at the top of the causes of illness and death. This makes diseases of the cardiovascular system one of the most important widespread diseases. Often, however, those affected only become aware of the disease when the damage is already irreparable.

The Federal Ministry of Research promotes research into cardiovascular diseases. The German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK), which was initiated by the ministry in 2011, is a central component of the current funding strategy. At the DZHK, more than 140 scientists from different disciplines work together in 28 institutions at seven locations. In order to be able to fight cardiovascular diseases more effectively in the future, they are developing new possibilities for prevention, diagnosis and therapy. As one of six German Centers for Health Research, the aim of the DZHK is to make new research results available to patients faster than before.

The focus of the DZHK is on researching three main topics that are particularly important for patients and for the health system:

  • Prevention and therapy of myocardial infarction
  • Prevention and individualized therapy for heart failure
  • Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention.

Especially with cardiovascular diseases, our way of life - diet, exercise, smoking - is an important factor for the individual risk of disease. It is therefore an important concern of the Federal Ministry of Research to strengthen prevention, health promotion and education.

International cooperation

Diseases know no borders. Researchers around the world are looking for causes and better treatment methods. This also applies to cardiovascular diseases. The European Network for Cardiovascular Diseases (“ERA-NET Cardiovascular Diseases”, ERA-CVD for short) bundles and coordinates European research. It is supported in this by the European Commission. The BMBF coordinates the network. In the previous joint funding measures, a total of 38 consortia with around 140 research groups, 33 of them from Germany, are being financed with a total of 34 million euros.