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The 31 best Airbnb alternatives you should know

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When it comes to booking accommodation for us while traveling, Airbnb is actually always the first port of call. But sometimes it is advisable to look at other alternatives so as not to miss suitable offers. Did you know there are over 30 alternatives to Airbnb? (Neither do I until I looked for it and wrote this guide)

In the following I would like to briefly introduce you to these alternatives so that you can try them out for yourself.

Why can Airbnb alternatives make sense?

Airbnb is great. We really like it and are loyal users. Nevertheless, it can be useful to think outside the box. The following reasons speak in favor of looking at alternatives:

  • Alternatives give you more choice.
  • Airbnb alternatives may not be as well known as Airbnb and are therefore potential sources for bargains.
  • It may happen that you have certain apartments, e.g. B. due to better conditions for landlords, can only be found on other platforms.

These and other reasons speak in favor of taking a look at the Airbnb alternatives. So let's start right away with the alternatives:

Airbnb alternatives at a glance

Airbnb Alternative - Here are the 30+ most popular competitors

1. Fewo-Direkt (or Homeaway)

Homeaway is one of Airbnb's biggest competitors and is also becoming more and more popular in Germany. In Germany, however, Homeaway is offered as Fewo-Direkt.

The Airbnb alternative Homeaway offers more than two million accommodations in more than 190 countries around the world. The platform belongs to the Expedia group (just like VRBO).

When should you try Fewo-Direkt?

You are looking for an Airbnb alternative that offers you a lot of new accommodations and is similar in structure and widespread to Airbnb.

2. Flipkey

Flipkey is another Airbnb alternative and is part of TripdAdvisor Rentals. It was founded in 2007 and offers more than 800,000 accommodations in 190 countries. Whether you are looking for an apartment in the city center or a house on the beach, you will find it here.

When should you try Flipkey?

Homeway and Airbnb did not give you the results you wanted and you are looking for more suitable apartments.

3. Wimdu

Wimdu was founded by Rocket Internet as a German alternative to Airbnb and calls itself one of the leading marketplaces for vacation rentals. The platform offers a wide range of apartments around the world and works similarly to the other alternatives.

When should you try Wimdu?

Since Wimdu comes from Germany, it can make sense to use Wimdu if you want to travel within Germany.

4. Booking.com

Who doesn't know the platform? Airbnb-AlternativeBooking.com is on everyone's lips thanks to its pithy advertising and has blossomed into one of the largest players in the travel industry since it was founded in 1996. On the site you can choose from more than 28 million listed hotels and accommodations from more than 220 countries, whereby it should be clearly stated that hotels are in the foreground. Booking.com itself says that more than 1.5 million room nights are booked on the platform every day. This is an announcement.

When should you try Booking.com?

You are more likely to be looking for a hotel or hostel and do not want to travel too long (<1 month).

5. Wunderflats

Wunderflats is a German website that specializes in renting out furnished apartments for long periods of time. There are over 45,000 apartments on the platform, and the number is rising.

When should you try Wunderflats?

You are looking for a place to stay in Germany for several months.

6. BestFewo

The Airbnb alternative BestFewo is one of the leading portals for holiday apartments in Germany and lists more than 90,000 accommodations in this country (around 350,000 throughout Europe). BestFewo is also the first platform to offer accommodations that have been tested according to the standards of the German Tourism Association.

When should you try BestFewo?

You are looking for a holiday accommodation in Germany.


VRBO looks a lot like Homeaway and that's no coincidence, of course. Both belong to the Expedia group and are very similar in terms of other functionalities.

When should you try VRBO?

If you can't find your desired accommodation on Airbnb and want to try other platforms.

8. TurnKey

TurnKey was founded in 2012 and differs from the other platforms on this list in that TurnKey manages its listed properties itself. As a result, the team behind TurnKey Vacation Rentals can significantly influence the furnishings of the apartments and the overall experience associated with them. TurnKey managed 3,700 properties in the United States in 2017.

When should you try TurnKey?

If you are looking for accommodation in the USA that offers both the advantages of a hotel and a vacation rental.

9. Room Key

Granted, Room Key is more geared towards finding hotels. However, the approach that the portal uses is interesting. In contrast to other hotel booking platforms, the Airbnb alternative relies on transparency and a fair booking process (without a lot of manipulation tricks).

When should you try Room Key?

If a hotel could also meet your requirements, you are looking for a more noble accommodation and you are tired of the usual platforms.

10. Third Home

Third Home also takes a slightly different approach. You describe yourself as the first travel club for second home owners who have a mindset for luxury and discovery.

The platform allows you to offer your own (luxurious) apartment for certain periods of time and, in return, to get access to other luxury accommodations.

When should you try Room Key?

If you are tired of your penthouse suite being on the 22nd floor and having to use the elevator every day. 🙂

11. 9flats

The Airbnb alternative 9flats presents itself as an alternative to the hotel and claims to offer more than 6 million accommodations worldwide for booking. The platform allows you to book apartments worldwide and primarily lists accommodations from other platforms such as Booking.com or E-Domizil.

When should you try 9flats?

If you want quick access to the collected accommodations from several Airbnb alternatives.

12. onefinestay

onefinestay offers a wide range of luxury accommodations and focuses clearly on travelers who are willing to spend a little more on an above-average apartment.

When should you try onefinestay?

If you are looking for a bombastic place to stay and money is only secondary.

13. House trip

Like Flipkey, Housetrip is part of the TripAdvisor Rentals family and offers vacation rentals all over the world.

When should you try Housetrip?

You haven't found anything on the other platforms described here.

14. Waytostay

The Airbnb alternative Waytostay offers holiday accommodation in Europe and states that only apartments are listed in which they would like to go on holiday themselves. The focus on the quality of the holiday apartments on offer ensures that you are on the safe side when booking.

When should you try Waytostay?

You are looking for an apartment in a European city and simply cannot find a suitable offer.

15. Couchsurfing

The alternative to Airbnb Couchsurfing is probably not for everyone. You either love it or you hate it. Decide for yourself which group you belong to. It definitely has the advantage that you get the chance to live with cosmopolitan locals and to immerse yourself deeply in the culture and life of the city.

When should you try couch surfing?

It is important to you to get to know the local people and their culture. Convenience and sophisticated equipment do not play a major role for you.

16. Go with Oh

Go with Oh specializes in vacation rentals in Europe and has a selection of over 3,000 vacation rentals in major European cities. The platform only works with hand-picked accommodations and otherwise offers similar features to Airbnb.

When should you try Go with Oh?

If your trip should take you to a European metropolis, but you have not yet found suitable accommodation.

17. Trusted House Sitters

TrustedHousesitters is, as the name suggests, a platform that offers accommodation for house sitters. Homeowners (often with pets) can offer their apartment for manners, house sitters can apply for these apartments. If a match happens, the house sitter can live in the apartment free of charge, but has to take care of pets and "maintenance" of the apartment.

When should you try Go TrustedHousesitters?

You have a small (or no) budget, you have no problem with doing a few household chores and, in the best case, no animal hair allergy.

18. VillasDirect

VillasDirect offers accommodations in the upper price segment: villas. The platform was founded in 1998 and now offers 6,000 hand-picked villas. VillasDirect states that they have access to more than 600,000 properties, but only offer their users the 6,000 villas mentioned based on various factors.

When should you try VillasDirect?

If you are looking for a villa for your trip.

19. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is a marketplace for motorhomes and offers users to book motorhomes from other users for certain periods of time. It is practically an Airbnb alternative for mobile homes.

When should you try Outdoorsy?

If, instead of a static holiday apartment, you can also imagine a mobile caravan as accommodation.

20. Aluguest

Aluguest is a website for accommodation in South America. The platform offers holiday homes in Latin American metropolises such as Bogota or Santiago de Chile, which are offered by locals.

When should you try Aluguest?

If you are inclined to travel to cities like Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro, but would like to have a local contact person on site.

21. RentAVilla

RentAVilla's interface looks a bit old-fashioned, but it serves its purpose. The site lists selected villas in the upper price range around the world. You won't find big bargains here, but you will find a great selection of beautiful accommodations.

When should you try RentAVilla?

If you are looking for a spacious villa as accommodation for your trip.

22. Quest Apartments

Quest Apartments lists properties in Australia, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands. They manage all of the 170 listed objects themselves and make sure that it is a terrific stay.

When should you try Quest Apartments?

If you are looking for a hotel rather than a vacation rental in Australia, New Zealand or the Fiji Islands.

23. PerfectPlaces

At first glance, PerfectPlaces looks a bit old-fashioned and can also "only" offer 75,000 holiday properties around the world. Nevertheless, the platform, which has been active since 1996, offers travelers a great advantage: it does not charge any service fees for booking accommodation.

When should you try PerfectPlaces?

If you are still looking for suitable accommodation for a certain period of time in a certain larger city.

24. Interhome

The Interhome website offers a selection of over 40,000 holiday homes in more than 30 countries. The peculiarity of the platform lies in its close contact with the providers of apartments and holiday homes. This enables Interhome to ensure that only sensible objects find their way onto the platform.

When should you try Interhome?

If you are looking for a holiday home or holiday accommodation for your next vacation.

25. Owner Direct

Owner Direct is an English-speaking platform that was founded in 1994 to privately rent large ski lodges. You can now find thousands of vacation rentals and resorts around the world to choose from on the website.

When should you try Owner Direct?

If you are looking for accommodation abroad and haven't found anything yet.

26. Luxury Retreats

Honestly, Luxury Retreats is not a real Airbnb alternative as it is owned by Airbnb. It lists particularly luxurious accommodations (~ from $ 1,000 per night) and has (what a wonder) the same functionalities as Airbnb.

When should you try Luxury Retreats?

If you want easy access to Airbnb luxury accommodations.

27. e-domizil.de

e-domizil was founded in 2000 and lists more than 350,000 bookable holiday homes in more than 80 countries. The booking process is similar to Airbnb and lets you easily book suitable accommodation for your vacation.

When should you try e-domizil?

You are looking for a suitable holiday home, primarily in Germany.


The alternative to AirbnbCASAMUNDO is a German booking platform for vacation rentals that lists more than 700,000 properties. The reliability of the website can also be derived from the TÜV Saarland seal of approval, which was awarded the top grade “very good”.

When should you try CASAMUNDO?

You are looking for a private holiday accommodation and have not yet found it.

29. Ecobnb.de

Ecobnb will help you find sustainable accommodation for your vacation. Now, if you're wondering what that means exactly, here is the company's statement:

“Ecobnb offers a way to change the way we travel. This is done by building a network that promotes a type of tourism that respects nature, the economy and the local community. "

When should you try Ecobnb?

You attach great importance to environmentally friendly travel and sustainable accommodation.

30. misterb & b

misterb & b has set itself the goal of strengthening and connecting the gay travel community. The platform offers suitable accommodation from gays for gays. More than 300,000 accommodations are now listed in more than 135 countries.

When should you try misterb & b?

If you are looking for a gay friendly booking platform.

31. Handiscover.com

Handiscover.com is the first community-based accommodation booking platform that focuses on suitable domiciles for people with special needs or disabilities. The website offers more than 23,000 accessible accommodations in more than 52 countries, with most of them in the UK, Spain, France and Croatia.

When should you try Handiscover.com?

If you are looking for handicapped accessible vacation rentals.


It doesn't always have to be Airbnb. Even if the travel giant is clearly in the lead, travelers can definitely benefit from inspecting other platforms. Sometimes a better offer can be found for the desired period. Have you already used other platforms or do you even regularly prefer Airbnb? I look forward to your opinions in the comments!

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