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Students tell

What are the advantages of studying mathematics at ETH? In the following portraits, students tell why they decided to study mathematics, what their everyday life at university looks like and how they could imagine their professional future.

Mathematics is also useful in everyday life

«Like most of my fellow students, I have been interested in mathematics not only since my studies. Much more, my enthusiasm for logical and abstract thinking has increased continuously, so that the decision to study mathematics was an easy one for me. I notice how defining this structured way of thinking is in everyday life when I can grasp complex relationships more quickly and reduce them to the essentials. ETH Zurich places high demands on its students and, in return, offers a really excellent environment. And in the end it is challenges that lead to exploiting one's own potential. "

Made the right choice spontaneously

«I decided to study mathematics rather spontaneously when a current fellow student asked me" I'm starting a mathematics degree at ETH, will you be there? ". Studying at ETH, especially mathematics, is incredibly varied and exciting, you never get bored. Everyday student life often consists of seemingly unsolvable problems and concepts - getting to the bottom of these is what makes studying so attractive. Fortunately, if you get stuck, there are many sports, cultural and entertainment options at ETH that offer a welcome balance to your studies. In any case, I have never regretted my choice of studies. "

Enjoy elegant solutions

“When I got through the first few weeks of my first semester, I was amazed at how much time I spent studying compared to school. I am often busy with assignments or reading a script until late at night. But this almost never really seems like working hours to me. Sometimes it is so much fun to work on a problem that you quickly forget the time about it. And once you've finally found an elegant solution, it's a very satisfying feeling. "

Mathematics studies - sports and parties included

“At the beginning of their studies, ETH Zurich appears to many to be a large and somewhat impersonal institution. But you can quickly find your way around and soon discover the many facets of student life. In addition to teaching and research, student support, many sports and of course also party opportunities are offered here. This mix makes it! Studying mathematics itself always manages to raise relatively simple concepts to frighteningly complicated levels. But when you get involved and have extracted what is really elementary from the impenetrable notations and formulations, that's a great feeling! "