What drug makes people permanently impotent?

What are the sequelae of long-term cocaine use?

Continuous and regular use of cocaine results in serious physical and psychological damage and social problems in the medium and long term. In detail these are:

physical consequential damage


  • Weakened immune system
  • severe weight loss
  • Damage to the blood vessels
  • Damage to the liver, heart and kidneys
  • Smoking cocaine damages the lungs (crack lung)
  • Sniffing damages the lining of the nose and sinuses.
  • The result is: chronic nosebleeds, reduction in the sense of smell and taste
  • Injections can cause local infections. If you use syringes together, there is a risk of infection with hepatitis and HIV.
  • During pregnancy, cocaine leads to premature births and stillbirths as well as massive maturation disorders, which among other things result in the malformation of the brain and other organs.


psychological consequential damage


  • a rapidly developing psychological addiction
  • dysphoric (lousy, aggressive-irritable) mood, inner restlessness
  • sexual dysfunction (impotence)
  • sleep disorders
  • depressions
  • Impulse and concentration disorders
  • Fear, confusion
  • Personality changes: antisocial and narcissistic behavior
  • Cocaine psychosis, with paranoid delusions and hallucinations.
  • The dermatozoal delusion is characteristic, in which the consumer is convinced that insects crawl over or under his skin. The psychoses can become chronic.


consequential social damage


  • criminal and financial problems
  • Contact disorders, tendency to self-isolation