Why is divinity not spirituality

Dieter Lange 1/3: Discover the divine in your life!

Dieter Lange is one of the crème de la crème of the top German speakers. Anyone who deals with personal growth has not been able to ignore it for many decades. And those whose heart beats for self-realization can learn a lot from Dieter Lange. But there is one topic that the trainer and success coach has rarely addressed: spirituality.

Although he describes himself as a very spiritual person, Dieter Lange reveals: “Many people consider spirituality to be esoteric weirdo stuff. It means nothing else than looking inward. It's a different way of seeing the world. Most of us, however, are outwardly oriented and for these people spirituality is still a long way off. ”That is why the expert addresses the topic regularly, but does not make it the focus of his coaching.

"I find that believing in God is intelligent."

But what does it actually mean to lead a spiritual life? Dieter Lange explains in an interview: “The spiritual world consists of becoming one with God. That means that you feel guided. We believe that we can let everything arise out of ourselves - but these are pure ego trips. "

Since many people can no longer use the term 'God', the expert refers to the words of Pascal’s bet. They say: 'I bet there is God - because then I can gain a lot and lose nothing. If I bet God doesn't exist, I could lose a lot but have nothing to gain. ' Dieter Lange explains: “For this reason I personally find it simply intelligent to believe in God. Whereby believing does not mean knowing. That is why it is always important to collect as many experiences as possible in which one experiences the divine. "

What's the meaning of life?

Dieter Lange does not define 'God' as an overpowering father, but as a state of consciousness and as a powerful overcoming of polarity. Accordingly, every person can discover the divine in his life. The expert explains: "That is the meaning of life - to feel the intense feeling of physical or mental fusion." He also quotes a saying that reads:

Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away.

So it's about the moments when we catch our breath. Dieter Lange: “No inhalation, no exhalation. It's about the moments when we pause for a moment. These are the moments when we have access to the spiritual world. And each of us has already experienced it. Incidentally, the great events of our lives were not planned beforehand. Every person who looks into his life will notice this in retrospect. Life can only be understood in retrospect, but must be lived forward. "

Go to bed with a dream ...

Even if Dieter Lange has so far avoided the term “spirituality” in his coaching sessions and keynotes, his content goes very deep. He works for large corporations, works with professional athletes and many successful personalities from business, sport and the public. And although many people still react very distantly to the term "spirituality", Dieter Lange notices, thanks to his work, that spiritual views are gradually gaining more support and are being accepted by society.

In an interview he explains: “If you want performance today, you have to offer meaning. That is why my credo is: Go to bed with a dream, wake up with a purpose. But this great dream that many no longer dream. And that's why they don't get up in the morning with a purpose. Most people cannot tell you what their purpose in life is. They know their goals, but not the overarching vision. "

What is life actually about?

Dieter Lange knows that many people don't know what they want. He reveals: “They always want what they already know. But if you ask them what their life is actually about, they cannot answer that question. ”And so it happens that they never live to their full potential. Dieter Lange: “That's why we discuss exactly these topics in my seminars. I combine eastern wisdom with western knowledge. In this way I can lead people to find this meaning in themselves and for themselves. "