Is it Safe to Drink RO Water?

Osmosis water as a natural remedy

Why pure water is one of the most important and easiest remedies

The American doctor Faridun Batmanghelidj ("batt-man-ge-litsch") sums up his years of research in one thesis: Most diseases of civilization are not the result of a faulty metabolism, but rather thirst signals from the body. It is paradoxical: even though we ingest huge amounts of fluids, our bodies suffer from dehydration. The reason: most of our drinks have devastating side effects.


Why not lose weight with artificially sweetened drinks

Batmanghelidj observed in his practice that it was precisely the patients who gained enormous weight who only enjoyed diet drinks. The reason: over 80% of the amount of beverages consumed in the USA contains caffeine. It is a drug that acts directly on the brain and can produce any sign of addiction. It also stimulates the kidneys and has a dehydrating effect. This is the reason why so much cola is drunk: the water does not stay in the body long enough. At the same time, people misinterpret the signals from their body. Assuming that they have drunk enough, they believe they are hungry - and eat more than their bodies need.

The cause is called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a chemical compound in our brain that ensures that stored energy is released. Caffeine seems to lower the reaction threshold of the ATP storage: the energy reserves of the brain cells are activated, you feel fitter. Sugar-containing cola at least partially satisfies the brain's energy needs and replenishes part of the reserves it has used. Artificially sweetened drinks don't do that. The result: increased feelings of thirst and hunger.


This is how your body gets fooled

Our body knows from experience that it is supplied with energy when it tastes sweet. The liver adjusts itself to the absorption of sugar and throttles the conversion of the body's own protein and starch reserves. If this change is not followed by real sugar, the liver reports to the brain: “Hunger!” In series of tests, it has been proven several times that the feeling of hunger caused by sweeteners can last up to 90 minutes - even if the body has already consumed enough food. Those who forego sugary drinks for dietary reasons eat more than their body needs. As crazy as it sounds: if you want to lose weight, if in doubt, drink the sugar cola. But the best is of course pure water.


Why you shouldn't eat a saltless diet

Many diets ensure rapid weight loss by prescribing a completely salt-free diet. A dangerous trick, because the "success" of the diet is based on a lack of water. However, if the body receives too little salt over the long term, acid is produced in some cells, which can damage the DNA structure and cause cancer An increasingly common bone disease may be osteoporosis.

In the case of asthma and allergies, too, water and salt are crucial. Both throttle the release of the neurotransmitter histamine, which is responsible for most allergic reactions. Generally speaking, salt is considered negative in modern diets, but it is a natural antihistamine and is needed in the lungs to keep the air passages moist and to loosen mucus.


How to drink properly

Rule of thumb: Drink 1 glass of osmosis water (1/4 liter) half an hour before eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and about the same amount 2½ hours after each meal. That is the minimum. So that your body does not miss out, you should drink 2 glasses of water with the most substantial meal and 1 glass before going to bed.


Osmosis water defeats alcohol

You can also calculate your minimum daily dose more precisely: 30 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight (at 66 kilograms, that is 2 liters). Definitely more in sport and in the heat. If you have consumed this dose with pure water, you will not feel any urge to drink more. There will be no more evening excesses with beer or wine.


1, 2, 3, g'suffa!

Place a really large, beautifully designed glass of water at your workplace, preferably a half-liter glass - or a real beer mug. After a short time, you will have a good habit of taking regular sips of water to prevent any cravings for sweets or other sins.

According to Doctor Batmanghelidji, water is the cheapest medicine for a dehydrated (dehydrated) body. Regular adequate water intake prevents the outbreak of many dreaded diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks, stomach and intestinal ulcers and many other diseases of civilization.