Can we go into the 5th dimension

A portal to the 5th dimension? Scientists could have found it

Scientists publish study: won't the 5th dimension just be science fiction in the future?

Does the fifth dimension exist? In the past, series like “Dark”, “Stranger Things” or “His Dark Materials” have shown us alternative realities. Worlds parallel to ours, which are mysteriously separated from each other and which can be connected to each other with the right elements. It is about those worlds that allow us to switch between them. That sounds crazy and resembles something that only exists in science fiction - but now it sounds more and more possible. (Also read: Science fiction: This should be the year 2021 - how wrong are the films and series?)

In 2019, The Independent reported that a research team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee was emulating the Russian scientists in Stranger Things and trying to open a previously hidden door to a parallel universe. The physicist behind the project, Leah Broussard, is certain that such a portal exists and that her research team will solve the physical mystery.

Study shows: Perhaps a small particle opens the portal to the 5th dimension?

This year another team has been formed that is doing more or less the same thing. 2020 was already crazy, 2021 will probably be even crazier: So it shouldn't surprise us that this may be the year when experts open a new portal - the gateway to the fifth dimension. (Also: These are the 25 Best Sci-Fi Movies According to Critics)

According to a new study, a group of dark matter scientists have found a particle that could act as a portal to the fifth dimension - although it's just a theory they're developing and exploring at the moment. (Also read: "Dark" Season 3 on Netflix: This is what awaits us at the end of the series)

This hypothesis, published in a new study in The European Physical Journal C, suggests that the particle might provide a coherent explanation for dark matter, which has never really been explored, but which is believed to be most of it of the universe. The researchers believe that these particles can travel all over the universe, including the fifth dimension.

5th dimension: But not just science fiction?

For years scientists have spoken of four dimensions: three of space (up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards - AKA 3D) and one of time. Could recent research refute this theory by producing a 5D equation that, according to VICE, "expresses the implications that an extra dimension would have on the universe and reality itself"?

In an interview with VICE, the authors of that extensive study Adrian Carmona, Javier Castellano Ruiz and Matthias Neubert stated that their original intention was to "explain the possible origin of fermion (particle) masses in theories with a distorted extra dimension." During their research, the scientists developed a new scalar (a physical quantity) associated with the fermion, which they claim is similar to the Higgs field and the Higgs boson particle.

"We discovered that the new scalar field has an interesting and non-trivial behavior along the extra dimension," the researchers told VICE. "If this heavy particle existed, it would necessarily combine the visible matter that we know and have studied in detail with the constituents of dark matter - provided that dark matter is made up of fundamental fermions that live in the extra dimension." The experts mentioned that this particle could be a "messenger for the dark sector". (Also interesting: Dacre Montgomery on "Stranger Things" and what keeps him on the ground)

Now it is up to the experts to prove this theory and find out whether the particle really works that way. As soon as they are explained, it becomes clear that "this new particle could play an important role in the cosmological history of the universe and could generate gravitational waves that can be searched for with future gravitational wave detectors."

Of course, that doesn't mean (for a long time) that people can travel between dimensions. The fifth dimension will probably remain what it has always been for a long time: science fiction.

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