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Regardless of whether it is a compilation of poems or short stories, you can publish any genre at tredition Verlag! With more than 30,000 published books, tredition has become a very large publisher.

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Especially nowadays, the quiet and gentle moments in life are rather rare for many people. Writing poetry can be a way to organize your thoughts, find an outlet for negative and positive feelings, and possibly even make money from it.

How you publish poetry at tredition

If you want to publish your poems or want to publish your own text, one thing above all should be correct: the spelling and formatting of your texts. Before publication, we check the text against quality criteria. If you want to publish your own text professionally, but are unsure of the spelling, you can look for help in our literature network

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Many copywriters want to publish their own text, but only a few find a publisher who publishes poems. Every genre is very welcome at tredition.

What to keep in mind when writing poetry

Basically, there are no set rules when writing poetry. If you want to publish your poems, there will always be readers with their own preferences. Therefore, you can write poems that contain rhymes as well as poems that do without rhymes. However, a common thread should always run through your texts so that readers can easily follow. The length also plays an important role in the quality of the reading flow. So sometimes fewer words are more. The minimum number of pages for a publication on tredition is 52 pages. You are also welcome to combine the poems into a volume of poems.

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