Hanukkah is an important Jewish holiday

Jewish life in Germany


Sabbath / Shabbat

The highest weekly holiday is the Sabbath. It is the seventh day of the Jewish week on which G "d (the holy word God must not be written out according to Jewish tradition because man is not allowed to make an image of G" d) after six days of creation. Pious Jews are not allowed to work on Saturdays. Cooking and making a fire meant work in biblical times, so on the Sabbath and on religious holidays the believers are not allowed to cook, turn on the lights, use electrical devices or drive a car. Even getting around by buses, trains, ships or airplanes is prohibited. Anyone who drives through a religious district on the Sabbath or on a major holiday in Israel must expect insults. Occasionally devout believers throw stones at passing cars. The use of elevators also violates the Sabbath and holiday rest. This is why so-called Sabbath lifts operate in Israeli hotels on these days and stop automatically on each floor. The pious are allowed to ride, but not to press the buttons that set something in motion.

According to old tradition, in Jewish households on Fridays there is pre-cooking for the Sabbath. This is how numerous specialties were created, especially in the Jewish shtetls of Eastern Europe, which are kept warm for many hours. Other typical holiday dishes are eaten cold.