Why am I screwing up everything

Translation of "Messeln alles" in English

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American NATO troops screw everything up in Afghanistan and the European Union must then act as saviors in need and take matters into their own hands.
American NATO troops make a mess in Afghanistan and the European Union then has to step in as guardian angel and take the initiative on the issue.

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They are all in the team Helena and screw up me everything.
You can rely on me screw everything up.
I don't know what you're up to, but Holzkopf will screw everything up.
Now listen Skinny, no matter what this job is or how sweet the payoff, no way am I working with him.
Not screw everything upjust because of a love affair.
I can't believe how you screw everything up could.
But you could end up back on earth ... and screw everything up.
Or worse, you could screw everything up.
But tomorrow you have to come and all alone screw everything up.
But tomorrow you're going to have to come in here and fail all by yourself.
You once said we should listen to our hearts because our brains screw up always everything.
You told me to listen to our hearts, because our brains only screw us up.
Or it for us all to screw up.
It turned out that the Hastings don't need an A to everything to screw up.
If Ari finds out we're here, it will screw everything up.
And the criminals on the show screw up somehow always everything.
There's Alles sorts of ways the bad guys on the show mess up, right?
It wouldn't screw everything upif she carried Sean's child instead of Eric's.
Wouldn't it gum up the works if she were carrying Sean's child rather than Eric's.
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