Silencers affect the accuracy of a weapon

Combination of weapons in the test

Haenel is continuously expanding its Jäger 10 into a family. The alternative to inexpensive US bolt action rifles is aimed at the taste of German hunters. The Compact SD is specially designed for use with a silencer.

It also has a 45 cm suppressor barrel with a 19 mm muzzle diameter. Haenel in Suhl manufactures this barrel itself on modern hammering machines. A muzzle thread is available ex works, an open sight was not used for overbarrel dampers.

What is special about suppressor runs?
Silencers influence the barrel vibrations and thus also the exit angle of the projectile. This usually results in a different point of impact when shooting with or without a shock.

This deviation should minimize suppressor runs. Sounds logical, because short, thick barrels have less muzzle deflection than longer, thinner barrels. But we have tried out whether this also works in practice.

Very handy and light
Bolt, magazine and trigger correspond to the other Jäger 10 models. The Compact SD is factory-fitted with a one-piece 15.5 cm Picatinny rail made of steel.

For other assemblies, it can be removed and the four screw holes on the bridges can be used for any base - for example for swivel assemblies. The Picatinny rail enables a very simple and inexpensive assembly of a rifle scope.

A disadvantage that is often heard is that such assemblies are not very accurate - this is exactly where the new MAK comes in. The barrel of the Compact SD is ilaflonized and thus very well protected against corrosion. A cover cap for the muzzle thread is included.

The test weapon could be repeated very smoothly and quickly, the chamber runs in the system without tilting. The Compact SD is supplied with the simple, black plastic stock with rubber inserts on the fore-end and pistol grip.

There is also a second sling swivel eyelet on the fore-end for easier bipod assembly. With a total length of 99 cm, the Compact SD weighs just 3 kg and is extremely easy to handle.

Merkel silencer HLX
Merkel has the silencer built by the Swiss manufacturer B&T, which has a very good reputation, especially in the government market. Whisper bags for military weapons cannot necessarily be compared with hunting silencers, because they have to be continuously fire-proof.

Hunting silencers, on the other hand, should be allowed to cool down after 8 to 12 shots (depending on the caliber), otherwise they could be damaged. This does not play a major role in the hunt itself, but it can be a nuisance in the shooting theater.

Merkel's HLX, on the other hand, should withstand 30 shots in quick succession before it has to be cooled down to room temperature. Instead of standard inlays or steel wool, the new one works with star screens.

These three-dimensional milled aluminum parts were developed for authorities. With a diameter of 49 mm, the aluminum damper tube is 20 cm long and, when screwed on, extends the barrel by 14.7 cm. The weight is 430 g.

The power should be around 30 dB, depending on the caliber and barrel length. The damper is closed and cannot be dismantled. We did not measure the performance, the bang was not attenuated better or worse than with good models from other manufacturers.

What interested us more was the high resilience that we tested on the shooting range.

Noblex Inception 2 - 12 x 50i
The 50 from the new Inception series costs only € 795 - how can Noblex build a hunting rifle scope with illuminated reticle, parallax compensation and automatic switch-off via a position sensor at this price?

The series was developed in Eisfeld, but the riflescopes are manufactured in Japan - as with other optics manufacturers with low-cost series for a long time. Target optics made in Germany or Austria are very expensive.

In the price range below there is a large market that the Docter successor does not want to leave only to Vixen, Hawke, Nikon or DDoptics.

The structure of the Inception series is tailored to the taste of German hunters - diopter compensation as a quick adjustment at the end of the eyepiece, rotary control for the illuminated reticle as the third tower on the left of the central tube with integrated parallax compensation.

The magnification area is covered over half a turn on the rubberized zoom ring, between 3 and 5 times there is an easily palpable knob. The eyepiece rim is also padded with rubber.

The controller for the light intensity has a scale from 1 - 11, but the regulation is infinitely variable. Behind the rotating ring for the illuminated dot is the parallax compensation from 10 m to infinity, unfortunately there is no tangible detent at 100 m. However, the 100 m distance is specified.

The reticle 4 with illuminated dot is adjusted by one centimeter per click and can be zeroed when the central screw is loosened. The total adjustment range is 140 cm each (height / side).

The interpupillary distance is sufficient at 86 mm, with the 1 - 6 x 24 it is even 95 mm. When the weapon is not in use and when it is put down, the integrated position sensor automatically switches off the illuminated dot - vertically at an angle greater than + 45 ° and -75 ° and horizontally greater than ± 45 °.

It is also switched off after three hours. The reticle is in the second image plane.

With a length of 355 mm and a weight of 650 g, the Inception is compact and not too heavy - a modern and elegant riflescope at an extremely interesting price. In return, you have to accept compromises in terms of transmission - the measured light transmission was 85.1 percent during the day and 81.5 percent at night.

The conventional illuminated reticle (etched onto a glass plate) costs transmission, but is completely normal in this price range.

MAKuick 3 assembly
Picatinny or Weaver-type assemblies are widespread around the world, and are usually designed as permanent assemblies, they are robust and bulletproof. The weak point is their repeatability when they are put down and put on.

They are therefore not the first choice for weapons that are used with multiple optics depending on the situation. Assembly specialist MAK wants to solve this problem with the MAKuick 3.

The quick release assembly is available in one or two parts (under test). The self-locking locking levers are locked and opened at right angles to the direction of fire. This is done with the push of a thumb and the riflescope can be removed in a flash.

The lever travel is only 80 degrees. The MAKuick 3 has half rings, the complete lower part with one half is milled from one piece of aluminum. The functional parts are made of tempered steel, hardened and coated.

The special feature is the possibility of adjusting the clamping force of the levers without tools using clicks in 0.05 mm steps. If you pull out the spring-loaded button opposite the lever, you can fine-tune it.

This allows you to adapt the quick release assembly exactly to the respective rail.

All the news on the shooting range
We have extensively tested the new rifle including silencer, assembly and target optics on the shooting range. The ammunition was the RWS short rifle load with the 160 grs HIT and Hornadys Superformance (180 grs GMX).

The RWS shot with 28 mm in five shots at 100 m significantly better than the GMX with 37 mm. The point of impact without the damper shifted 4 cm downwards with no lateral deviation.

That is minimal and speaks in favor of the suppressor run. If you shoot the rifle at 100 m with a 4 cm high shot, it has a spot shot without a damper - practical.

We loaded the silencer with 30 shots, which apparently didn't bother it. It was scorching hot, but after a cooling-off break, no change was noticeable. You can't look inside.

However, you could only shoot precisely at 100 m with the first 15 shots, then the hot damper caused such strong flickering in the target image that the magnification had to be reduced to twice in order to see anything at all.

In the shooting cinema with a small magnification, longer series are probably no problem.

The Inception has a very clearly delimited illuminated dot for a riflescope in this price range and the fine reticle allows very precise sighting. We tested the assembly by removing the rifle scope after each shot on a series of 5 and never putting it on.

The scattering circle was now 31 mm and the shots were all at the original meeting point.

Haenels Jäger 10 Compact SD is an extremely handy, precise and at € 1,251 also inexpensive repeater, which is optimally designed for use with a silencer. With the test rifle, the difference in the point of impact with and without the damper was minimal.

Merkel's compact HLX silencer not only performs well, but also allows series of up to 30 rounds - not advisable with conventional hunting models. At € 380, it is not more than the price of comparable models.

The Noblex Inception riflescope 2 - 12 x 50 i offers very good performance for 795 €, transmission losses are analogous to other mid-range optics.

With the MAKuick 3 for 185 €, lovers of Picatinny rails can combine target optics with a quick-release mounting that is really accurate and allows very quick changes.

For the weapon, silencer, assembly and optics, that's a total of € 2,611 (RRP) - if you are looking for something, it can be even cheaper.