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With love: great Mother's Day gifts

With love: great Mother's Day gifts

Would you like to give your mother a special joy for Mother's Day this year with a lot of love? Then you are at the right place at Monsterzeug.de! What should I give for Mother's Day? Here you will find the answer: We do not have any obligatory bouquets of flowers and classic boxes of chocolates! After all, it's boring to always give the same thing. With us you will only find interesting gifts for Mother's Day that make every mother's heart beat faster. But the best mom will be happy! Because with your imaginative present you can beautify her Mother's Day. Grandma and mother-in-law are sure to be happy about original ones too Mothers day gifts from Monsterzeug.de!

Mother's Day gifts: say thank you and celebrate together!

Everything is new in May? Not quite, because the holiday in honor of the mother has been taking place on the second Sunday in May for almost 100 years (starting in the USA). And that's a good thing, because there are many reasons to thank your mom unreservedly and to celebrate with her: From the most delicious Sunday roast in the world to support with household issues or support with training. Mothers often know intuitively what we need and what we have - even if it is sometimes too much - they usually have the best advice ready for our problem. And that's why we should thank her not only on Mother's Day, but also more often and, very importantly, plan enough time for meetings. Because experience shows that visits are less common when we have moved to another city or have families ourselves. So why not go to the parents spontaneously and make them happy? If you still need a little souvenir or are looking for special gifts for Mother's Day, you've come to the right place at Monsterzeug. Here in the online shop, our team, together with our creative mascot Marty McMonster, has collected numerous gift ideas that will help you find a personal present. Have a look around! And also benefit from our service offers such as fast shipping, different payment options and various personalization options.

Do it yourself: make Mother's Day gifts

Your mother neither likes pralines nor chocolate, she prefers to choose books herself and she already has enough flowers? Time to think about special presents. If you want to give your present a personal touch in no time at all, we recommend personalized presents: For example, a champagne glass with an engraving, or even a Wooden heart with individual lettering. And if you can invest some time and attention to detail, you can also make your own Mother's Day gifts. Are you a DIY guy and what do you do best?
  • Cooking baking: Pamper your mother with a self-cooked menu - and optimize the whole thing with a lovingly laid table and personal place cards. You're not the master chef? Give yourself a jerk anyway and try your hand at simple biscuits or a marble cake. Succeeds sure and makes for surprised faces!
  • Tinker together: The souvenir album - Mom, tell me! offers plenty of space to remember different stations - a nice idea if you both want to get creative, spend time together and learn more about past stages in life.
  • Photos, cardboard and paper: Photos arouse emotions - and are therefore particularly popular on Mother's Day. Create a collage with the most beautiful family photos or impressions of your last vacation. Tip: Masking tape ensures a wonderfully creative look and also fixes your pictures. An alternative to this is the Love wooden picture frame, which offers space for up to 37 pictures and is a stylish decorative element.
  • Sew: Admittedly, this is something for advanced users: But something self-sewn shows effort and imagination, and thus conveys appreciation and gratitude. DIY beginners try their hand at simple pillowcases, professionals tailor mom her new favorite bag.

Gifts for Mother's Day - personal and individual for the best mom in the world

Regardless of whether you cook, sew, glue or do handicrafts - or get a nice present: Pretty packaging and a greeting card that you have written yourself make personal Mother's Day gifts complete. So remember to get a card and wrapping paper in good time and maybe even decorate the whole thing with small flowers (such as lilies of the valley as fragrant heralds of spring). And if you don't just want to give material things, then you can combine your present with a joint venture. Tip: It is best to write down a few dates directly in the greeting card so that you are not exposed to lengthy coordination processes later. And then off to the cinema, the theater or a concert by your mother's favorite artists. Alternatively, you can organize a relaxing wellness evening or invite your mom to a restaurant of her choice. By the way: Joint activities do not always have to cost money, even a nice, long evening walk or joint sports units (jogging? Tennis? Walking?) Ensure togetherness and will please your mother.

What can you give for Mother's Day? - Find the most original Mother's Day gifts

Original ideas that really surprise your mom on Mother's Day are hard to find. A beautiful classic bouquet for Mother's Day is a must, isn't it? How about a single, beautiful rose? But a rose is nothing original, you think to yourself now. Yes, in this case it is. It is about the everlasting rose that stays fresh and fragrant for a long time thanks to a special preservation! Your mom has definitely not seen that before. If you need even more inspiration, then take a look at our Original Mother's Day Gifts category, because here you will find even more great gift ideas for Mother's Day!

Gift ideas for Mother's Day - our top sellers

Have you already taken a look at our top sellers? These are items that are particularly popular here in the online shop. These include numerous gift ideas for Mother's Day - these are our two favorites:
  • Immortal rose - the special gift: flowers - the classics for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, they have one disadvantage: They fade again after a few days. But you want to say thank you to your mother in the long term, and you can do that with the everlasting rose that smells and stays fresh for years. And can also be given a personal dedication directly.
  • Winner statue - cup: your mom is the best? Then take the opportunity and show her and the whole world what she means to you. This is achieved symbolically with the winner's statue, the cup, which is provided with an individual lettering and thus conveys the desired message. A great eye-catcher that will make you smile!

Now find the best Mother's Day gifts at Monsterzeug, because with us you will find the answer to the question: What should you give for Mother's Day?

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