What motivated you to eat healthier

Healthy Eating: 14 Tips To Stay Motivated

Today I want to share with you how I manage to eat healthily in the long term and how you can do it (start and stick with it).

1. Set small, measurable goals to achieve the big goal. For example: I eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, I eat green vegetables at least three times a day, I drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and so on.

2. Food Diary. Sometimes I don't notice how much I've snacked in one day. A few almonds here, half an apple there, two energy balls and so on. A small diary helps me in such phases to stay on track and to see whether my morning snack, for example, does not contain enough protein and therefore I eat more between snack and lunch.

3. Avoid anything that has been processed and replace it with wholesome, fresh things.

4. Close the snack drawer and move on to the refrigerator. Nobody keeps ready-made snacks in the refrigerator because they usually have so many additives that they don't have to. We only have healthy products in the fridge and I prefer to use the low-fat quark with fruit.

5. Try new foods. Even if it looks different on Instagram: I try as often as possible to add variety to our weekly schedule. But sometimes I get the crisis because I can no longer see oatmeal or quark bowl. If you regularly test new recipes, you don't run the risk in the first place.

6. Support from friends and family. If I was a little off track again and then want to really get started again, I tell my husband. He supports me and doesn't buy himself any ice cream and co, because he knows that anything sweet in the house doesn't last long, because if it's there, you have to eat it. Do you know that?

7. Team up with friends and support one another.

8. Eat every 2-3 hours. This keeps the metabolism busy and prevents food cravings.

9. Always have healthy dishes ready. Preparation is the key to clean eating and healthy eating. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein and healthy fats are important. At least I try to prepare our salads and pre-cook quinoa and eggs in larger quantities.

10. Point 6: Unhealthy foods that I know I will eat don't even come into my house. This is how I avoid striking and then regretting it. If I want to have a snack, I consciously buy it that day and then eat it that way.

11. Always have healthy snacks with you. There are always healthy granola bars, bananas, apples or nuts in my bag. You never know how long you'll be out of the house and before the cravings come, I prefer to use one of these snacks.

12. Snacking is allowed. Yes, but in moderation. As mentioned above: I then buy it consciously and enjoy it. Then it's over.

13. When we go out to eat I usually read through the menu in advance online and can then decide in peace what I want to eat and thus choose healthy / healthier options.

14. If things don't go so well, don't worry - just continue healthy the next day and don't get angry. That can happen to anybody.

I hope these ideas and tips are of some help to you. As I said: each of us has bad days, but in the end what counts is what you eat 80% of the time. Tell me your tips on how to stay motivated!