What is sales coaching based on

Training and coaching increase order value and sales


The effectiveness of further training measures is questioned again and again. A study has found that training and coaching have a positive effect on sales success.

In addition to the skills of the sales force, the resources and support that the company provides have a direct positive impact on the customer experience - and thus on the company's performance. And these support measures include training and coaching.

This is the result of the Productivity in Sales survey: A global study that the consulting firm AchiveGlobal carried out among 1,000 sales experts around the world shows what really matters.

Quality-oriented training and coaching as a success factor

Klaus Steven, Senior Consultant and Managing Director of AchieveGlobal, draws the conclusion from the results: "Companies and training institutes need to put more energy into practice transfer and professionalize sales training."

The reason: Companies that support sales with quality-oriented training and coaching achieve better results than the competition. By placing emphasis on sales activities that have the greatest impact on sales success, they gain competitive advantages. Because, according to Steven: "Trained salespeople ensure higher order values ​​and increase sales above average."

Many salespeople are stuck in their development

Springer author Karl Herndl recognized the need for further training measures in sales, especially after the economic crisis of 2008, as he describes in his book Sales Coaching by Benedict in the chapter The initial situation (p. 15-33): “When the economy went into a tailspin The sales structures are also in a spin. Suddenly there was a need for action! Production stagnated and profits shrank. Now it was time to act. ”In any case, something is moving in sales, as Herndl states. "This current situation offers companies a great opportunity to reposition themselves and to establish structures in management and sales processes."

Herndl has observed that many salespeople are stuck in their development. What worked in the past no longer works today. For example, before the crisis it was easier to get appointments with customers and thus increase the chances of getting enough deals. Increasing indecision as well as a tendency to objections and hesitation on the part of customers, however, hit salespeople willing to sign a deal after the crisis. Now it is important to acquire new concepts and strategies in order to get back on the road to success.

Top industry knowledge instead of networking

The AchieveGlobal study found, for example, that strategies such as networking and storytelling are of little use in practice - these are the hardly successful recipes of the more average sales person. Successful salespeople, on the other hand, know their products and services very well, have top industry knowledge and meticulously keep promises. And today's customers also appreciate salespeople who cannot be shaken off so quickly.

Integrity and ethics in focus

The personal characteristics of the seller and behavior also play an important role in the company's performance. The focus is on integrity, honest and direct dealings with customers, respect and compliance with high ethical standards. This is where targeted coaching measures can start.