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E-commerce trends for 2021 - 18 things online retailers shouldn't miss out on!

Ecommerce Product Trends 2021: Which Products Will Sell Best In 2021?

YoursE-commerce strategy Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a look at the best selling products for 2021. Below we have fourProduct trends put together for you, with which we expect you can achieve a particularly high turnover in 2021.

1. Sports and leisurewear

Who hasn't exchanged their work clothes for comfortable leisure or sportswear in the home office in 2020? From training pants and leggings to sweatshirts - sport and leisurewear as an everyday outfit is a trend that will continue to grow in 2021.

Many consumers have become accustomed to the comfort of sportswear and casual wear and will continue to wear them in 2021 even as lockdown measures decrease.

Demographic target group for sportswear and leisurewear? Younger target groups such as B. Millennials and Gen Z. It's best to address these target groups where they are most often online: on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

2. Art and craft supplies

Art and craft supplies is an e-commerce product category that has been in a downtrend for a long time. But that has changed. Consumers rediscovered manual work during the lockdown. From embroidery templates to watercolors - the demand for art and craft supplies in e-commerce has increased since the lockdown and will continue to increase.

Although there is great competition from stationary retail in this area, there is according toBurstInteresting niche markets for online shops in arts and crafts. The art supplies are dominated by large retailers. However, the sector for art and handicraft supplies is so large and varied that niche markets in this area are particularly attractive and easy to develop for online shops.

For example, you can sell entire product lines in your online shop or select a very specific branch of the arts and crafts market as your target market: sell products that are tailored to a specific type of artist (sculptor, painter, digital artist, costume designer, etc.) or to one target specific target group such as children or seniors.

3. Skin care products and devices

Typically, the cosmetics industry is one of the few industries that can withstand any economic downturn. Many women like to afford a little luxury like a new lipstick if they are already doing without major expenses.

However, as consumers traded their desks and social hangouts for their living rooms over the past year, makeup sales declined in 2020. In contrast, skin care products are on the rise in e-commerce: During the lockdown, consumers indulge in self-care products such as beauty masks and moisturizers.

COVID-19 is likely to continue to create stress and uncertainty in 2021, which will keep the demand for personal and skin care products in online stores high.

Skin care devices in particular will become an e-commerce trend in 2021. So has about NuFace, which tightens the face with gentle electric current, has recorded three-digit sales increases in online shops since the beginning of the pandemic. Take advantage of this growing e-commerce trend in 2021 and start thinking about selling skin care products and devices in your online store.

4. Smart speakers

Smart speakers are another e-commerce product trend in 2021 that could be worth investing in. The demand for smart speakers has increased steadily in recent years. By 2025 it will be around75% of all households have at least one smart speaker. Smart speakers are a real product trend in e-commerce in 2021.