Which companies does Donald Trump own

The Trump Empire: Companies & Assets of the US President


Trump as a brand name: Licensing deals for more capital

Precisely because the real estate mogul can market its ostentatious buildings at the highest prices, countless entrepreneurs buy a license to advertise their buildings with the name Trump. Hundreds of buildings around the world have Trump's logo above the entrance, but they are not part of his property. Trump is well paid for using his name - with licensing deals, he earned the enjoyable sum of 74 million US dollars up to 2013. In a global comparison of licensing companies, the Trump Organization ranks 105th, but is miles behind the licensing king - the Walt Disney Company (40.9 billion). Donald Trump himself estimates the value of his own brand at a good three billion US dollars. Forbes puts Trump's brand value at a maximum of $ 125 million.

Win with Golf Clubs? A questionable record

The Trump Organization also currently operates twelve golf clubs in the US and five other greens in Scotland, Ireland and Dubai. “The Donald” also wants to increase its wealth with these luxury facilities. According to Handelsblatt, Trump is currently generating sales of 306 million US dollars with the sports facilities. It is not known whether the golf clubs actually make a profit. Since 2012 alone, Trump has invested over $ 250 million in renovations. He wasted $ 31.8 million in building his prestigious golf empire in Scotland, according to FEC documents. To get really rich on the green, Trump might have more golf play should. Tiger Woods made over a billion dollars just playing golf.

Trump Productions - Mogul with media presence

Donald Trump also has a hand in the media industry - and very successfully. As the presenter and producer of the TV series The apprentice It reached an audience of millions from 2004 to 2015 and was thus able - by the way - to increase its popularity and brand value. The reality show, in which candidates vie for a managerial post in the Trump empire, now has 15 seasons. Trump's fortune rose by a good $ 213 million just because of the fees from NBCUniversal. Because of the preparation for his presidential candidacy, Trump left the TV format and was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Trump Productions still earns The apprentice further.

Trump Model Management - wealth accumulation thanks to beautiful women

A model agency is also part of the Trump empire's portfolio. Founded in New York in 1999, it now looks after 300 models. Also from Tatjana Patitz, Paris Hilton, Isabella Rossellini and Trump's current wife Melania there are or were set cards. Trump also owned the Miss Universe Organization, which he operated together with NBCUniversal until 2015. The company holds Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA elections every year and thus provided a nice, but not quantified, sideline.

The art of success - Donald Trump as a book author

The new US president's marketing strategy also includes a portfolio of nearly two dozen book titles that have been published under his name. Most of the works are business advisors, but Trump has already put his political views on paper. The billionaire's books sell brilliantly: Trump's first work alone The Art of the Deal According to CBS research, 1.1 million copies were sold over the counter. Also the latest reading Crippled America: How to make America great again, which describes Trump's campaign positions in a determined manner, sold extremely well. However, the author donated the proceeds to charitable organizations.

Furniture, entertainment, speeches - Trump's other sources of income

The Trump Organization also includes a luxury furniture company (Trump Home), a huge Virginia winery (Trump Winery, valued at between five and 25 million dollars) and the famous horse carousel in Central Park. One could live well just from selling the tickets for this ride - it washes $ 589,000 annually in Trump's suit pockets. Even more profitable is his New York ice rink, which is said to have brought in $ 13 million so far. So far, “The Donald” has also paid off well for his speeches. The FEC document alone lists fees of $ 800,000 for this. In the past, Trump also experimented with other earning opportunities and brought steaks, table water, board games, cosmetic products, vodka and his own merchandise collection onto the market. In retrospect, however, many of these attempts turned out to be a flop - as did his involvement in the casino, football and flight industries. However, there is one thing that one cannot blame the bustling billionaire for - a lack of business acumen.

How rich is Trump really?

The complex and opaque corporate structure of the Trump companies makes it impossible even for experts to quantify Trump's wealth with any degree of accuracy. However, he is nowhere near as rich as the 73-year-old himself claims. Since taking up the US presidency, Trump's fortune has even shrunk. Forbes expects a loss of $ 400 billion since his first year as president and is currently estimating his holdings $ 3.1 billion (around 2.5 billion euros). For comparison: Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world and currently has a fortune of $ 113 billion.

In addition to real estate, golf courses and company investments, Trump has also invested a few million dollars in shares (including Apple, IBM, Google and Ford), but this is offset by a not inconsiderable debt burden. Trump Tower alone is burdened with a 50 million dollar mortgage. His companies are in the chalk at various banks with at least $ 650 million. According to media reports, one of the largest Trump creditors is Deutsche Bank, which has already lent the businessman a total of 2.5 billion US dollars.