Is black nationalism racist

Black Troops in World War I: Between Racism, Colonialism and Nationalism

The beginning of the first major catastrophe of the 20th century, which hit large parts of the world and left many stretches of land completely devastated, is celebrating its 100th anniversary these days - an opportunity to review and grapple with the First World War. Although the wave of public commemorations and scientific publications on the First World War has not yet subsided, many facets and areas of this conflict continue to go completely unnoticed or are at least overshadowed by certain events and master stories.
Such a blind spot in the public perception of the war in Germany is the fate of the approximately 2 million colonial soldiers who fought on the side of the Entente. Apart from their specific contribution to the war, the particular explosive nature of the issue lies in the extent to which the deployment such troops of civilized peoples against their own kind is lawful and legitimate. At first glance, this legal and political question provides a deep insight into European societies during the Fin de Si├Ęcle (1880-1914).

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