What do some indie games have to play

08 How indie games hold their own in the game market

Manufacturers publish several thousand new computer games every month through various distribution platforms, the most influential of which is Steam. Most of these games are indie games, the independent games. The current boom in this scene is comparable to the heyday of independent film productions in the 1970s.
Steam allows manufacturers to publish games without a publisher. In addition, games can be bought online on all modern consoles and the software and hardware have now become cheap or free. However, the independent games are struggling to survive due to market oversaturation. In addition, Steam sets the prices for the sale and prefers the big game makers.
In contrast to the blockbuster productions, the indie games are mostly developed with little money, which is why they are also called low-budget games. Ingenuity is required when it comes to financing. From non-profit institutions to crowdfunding, government funding and funding from the big game companies Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, everything is conceivable. Sometimes the big companies work with indie developers. You then contribute to the development costs, do marketing and advertising.
As with the blockbuster productions, there are all kinds of games in the indie games, even boring ones without any claim. However, some are characterized by an imaginative graphic style, novel playful elements and a variety of topics. Some of them deal with complex topics such as resistance to National Socialism, environmental pollution, the situation of Native Americans, displacement, science fiction, poetry and much more. Some of the content is extremely well researched and in-depth.
The development team is often a small group of people or individuals. Some start doing it during their studies, sometimes out of conviction, because they want to make a difference in society. The indie developer scene is colorful and diverse, coming from all walks of life and many different ethnic groups. They present their games at game festivals such as AMAZE in Berlin.


Crowdfunding: is a method of fundraising that calls upon large numbers of people over the Internet to fund a project.