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10 reasons why New Zealand won't let me go

Vacation in New Zealand | 27 comments Last updated on 07/07/2020

Within the last two years, a small country at the end of the world has become my absolute favorite - New Zealand!

Seven unforgettable months shaped me so much that I still rave about this extraordinary country every week. I keep comparing New Zealand with the country we are currently traveling to. But why? Why not with my homeland, with Germany? After all, I spent a lot more time there. What makes New Zealand so special?

Maybe it's because it my first big trip was halfway around the world? Because I seven months all alone explored the country on your own? If I had gone to Australia, Canada or China, would I rave about it as well now?

There are so many questions buzzing through my head that I still haven't been able to answer all of them. What is the country doing now so especially? In my memories, I flew back to New Zealand for you and found these ten main reasons:

1. The breathtaking and diverse nature

I just have to mention this point first. New Zealand is a country in which the landscape of all continents has been packed into two small islands. Here I have almost found everything I could imagine: Lonely dream beaches; snow-capped mountains with gigantic glaciers, directly adjoining dark rainforests; crystal clear lakes, with reflections almost too good to be true; Sand dunes like in a desert and gigantic volcanic landscapes with the most wonderful colors, as if someone had dropped their pots of paint here.

In New Zealand you can ski and surf in the same day without having to travel long distances. Besides, you are never more than three hours from the sea. You can end the day with a hot bath on the beach under the starry sky. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? It is! Through hot springs, you simply dig your own hot tub on the beach with a shovel.

2. The crazy little wildlife

New Zealand not only has spectacular landscapes to offer, but just as muchextraordinary animals. Of course you won't find lions and zebras like in Africa or leopards like in Sri Lanka, let alone some of the poisonous animals from neighboring Australia. Actually, apart from the 35 million fluffy sheep, there is not a great variety of animals (at least on land). But that is one reason why a little bird that I especially love has been able to survive to this day - the kiwi! This little flightless bird is so cuddly and clumsy that you can only love it!

3. The carefree atmosphere

I was particularly enthusiastic about the Openness and friendliness of the kiwis - that's what the people of New Zealand call themselves.
Actually, I find it difficult to approach new people, but it was different in New Zealand. I have never found it so easy to meet new people. No matter where you are, everyone has time to talk. If we were to ask at the checkout in a supermarket in Germany: "Hi how are you? How was your day?" we would just be looked at and annoying moans would come from the queue.

I was also surprised when I was strolling through Auckland in the evening and suddenly passed a long line of people waiting. When the bus came, everyone got on one after the other without pushing or pushing. Germany can definitely learn a thing or two from this!

4. New Zealand's good infrastructure

Traveling by bus or traveling in general is really easy in New Zealand. You can get there through the well-developed transport network good from A to B. New Zealand is not very big, so it is quite easy to put together a suitable route.
You can easily find a nice place to stay in any place and if you run out of money, there are even jobs that are specially designed for backpackers.

5. A safe country

During my seven-month trip, I was often asked if I was not afraid to travel so far from home alone. In all honesty, I never thought about it before. New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world and that's exactly how I felt there. As already mentioned, there are no poisonous spiders, snakes or other dangerous animals on either island. So what should I be afraid of? Whenever I got lost or something else happened, I always found someone to help me immediately.

Still, I have to say that I also learned not to get reckless. For example, I would advise women traveling alone against hitchhiking in particular. Although most Kiwis are super helpful and friendly, you never know who you will get in the car with and whether you will really get to the right destination.
My advice: Look for a travel partner or at least take a picture of the license plate and send it to friends before boarding. The New Zealanders fully understand this and if not, then it is better to wait for the next car.

6. Pure adrenaline

In New Zealand I could really let off steam! It was amazing when we jumped out of the plane from a height of almost 5,000 meters above Lake Taupo, the air flowed past us and we finally sank slowly to the ground. The island even looks gigantic from above!

Whether parachuting or bungee jumping, paragliding, helicopter flights, mountain biking, jet boat rides, white water rafting, trekking, swimming with dolphins, caving, and and and ... you will find the right thing for you in New Zealand. And if you are not sure whether you really dare, then I can only advise you: Do it, you will not regret it!

7. Impressive art, culture and tradition

Kia ora! You will not be able to avoid this greeting of the indigenous people. New Zealand's Maori culture is an important part of the life of the kiwifruit. Many traditional Maori handicrafts such as carving, weaving and tattooing are very common and popular on both islands. Cultural performances like the traditional chants, dances and the famous haka (old war dance) were for me a unique experienceto get to know and appreciate the culture even better.

8. Pleasant climate

Unlike most other countries, New Zealand is there no temperature extremes. It's never too hot or too cold. And best of all: Although New Zealand is known as the land of the long white cloud, there is a lot of sun here. Most places have over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, that's at least five hours a day! Just perfect for traveling, don't you think?

9. The calm and fresh air

Imagine: you grab a bike, drive to the sea and share the deserted beach with penguins or sea lions. No booming traffic, no hectic people, just you and nature. Sounds awesome? In New Zealand I was able to do just that! The country is full of pristine, lonely places. Just start running! No matter which direction you choose, you will never be disappointed and you will always discover a stunning place.

10. At the other end of the world

Sitting lonely on a summit, gazing into the distance and simply blocking out all thoughts ... New Zealand is perfect to get away from it all. You are totally off the beaten path, but still have the standard of living you are used to. For me that was the most decisive point why I sat on the plane for 29 hours at the end of 2013. After graduation, I wanted to leave to clear my head and start over. I wanted to discover the unknown at the other end of the world. A very long journey for which every single second was worth it!

During our world tour I have thought a lot in the last few months and wondered if my love for New Zealand will change in the future. The more I get lost in my thoughts, the more scared I get. What if I go back to New Zealand and it's not as beautiful as I remembered it? What if I then see it from a whole new perspective? Will i be disappointed?

One thing is definitely certain: even if the second visit is different, I'll be back! Maybe it will work out on our current trip.

What is your favorite country? Have you found a place that just won't let you go?