What are application of geology

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The GeolDG applies to data obtained through geological investigations.

Definition of geological survey

A geological investigation comprises all general geological, raw material geological, engineering geological, geophysical, mineralogical, geochemical, pedological, geothermal, hydrogeological and geotechnical measurements and recordings of the earth's surface, the geological subsurface, the soil or the groundwater with the help of prospecting, drilling, field or Borehole measurements and other exploration methods such as remote sensing.

A geological investigation also includes the processing of the data into comparable and assessable data, for example in the form of data and rock collections, layer registers or graphical representations, reports, studies or spatial models of the geological subsurface including reserve calculations.

Exploratory drilling
Data acquisition in the field

Geological data, within the meaning of the law, are evidence data, technical data and evaluation data obtained in geological investigations, as described in more detail below.

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