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Crossword puzzle are not only a popular pastime, but also intensive training for the brain. There is hardly anyone who has never had to deal with a crossword puzzle in their life. This is hardly possible either - because crossword puzzles can be found in almost every magazine. While puzzling and searching, the mind encounters challenges that have to be overcome, that broaden knowledge and horizons and pave the way for new trains of thought.

In addition, crossword puzzles - if you indulge in these pleasures daily - promote memory, increase vocabulary and train thinking. A good protection against Alzheimer's or dementia in old age? It is entirely possible. It is only important that you solve crossword puzzles regularly, preferably every day.


Crossword puzzle - what is it actually?


Crossword puzzles are actually nothing more than puzzles in which letters are to be entered in small boxes. These boxes are arranged in lines and can therefore run horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The idea behind the crossword puzzle is that words should be entered in the lines as answers to the task. After all the answers have been entered, isolated letters together form the particular word term you are looking for.


Crossword - types


Simple crossword puzzle


The classic crossword puzzle, also known as the German crossword puzzle, includes a list of numbered questions that are displayed next to the boxes. Within a puzzle, the corresponding numbers are then built into the first boxes for the respective words. As an alternative, the numbers are printed on so-called blind boxes and indicate the respective word with an arrow. The words can be entered on different levels. The blind boxes are usually not used and it is possible to separate words within a line with hyphens. If you are looking for examples of this, you will find it in the major daily newspapers of the Federal Republic.


Sweden puzzle


In contrast to the above-mentioned German crossword puzzle, the Swedish puzzle contains the question in a blind box which, with the help of an arrow, points to the term to be solved. Due to the lack of space in the blind boxes, the questions are usually kept short. Individual circled letters give the answer. In addition, colored boxes are marked for the solution in the puzzle.


A modification for this type of crossword puzzle is what is called:


Shake Sweden puzzle


This is based on the fact that, instead of questions, individual letters are given for the term sought. If the letters are correctly combined, the words you are looking for will result.


American crossword


This crossword puzzle works without blind boxes and only has horizontal lines. However, the sum of the blind boxes is sometimes mentioned anyway. For this reason, both the solution terms and the placement of the blind boxes must be found out. With this different model of the crossword puzzle, the words can also be put in the wrong order - that is, they must then be put back in the correct order.


Cross lattice


In this form of the crossword puzzle, there are no digits in the fields. Here you have to figure out which word has to be entered where.


However, it is the case that already existing letters make the whole thing clearer and make things easier.


Syllable puzzles


Here the syllables of the words are contained in the individual boxes, which are structured by the generally applicable grammatical rules for the separation.


Number puzzle


For this form of the crossword puzzle, numbers from 1 to 26 are entered in all boxes. The goal is to decipher which number belongs to which letter. As a rule, a starting term is given for the beginning. The correct words can be found by cleverly combining, moving or putting the letters together.


An extension of this puzzle is the Janus puzzle, which has two puzzle areas. On the second surface, the words are written in reverse spelling - from bottom to top or from left to right.


Do crossword puzzles yourself


The number of letters and the alphabetical order of the solution words are already given here. Blind boxes are sometimes entered in advance. The task is then to enter these words in the empty lines so that a completed crossword puzzle results.


If you want to find out more about this, you will find a considerable number of sites and services on the Internet that offer the corresponding generators for crossword puzzles online. Using generators like this, a crossword puzzle can be created quickly and easily.


Crossword puzzle - content


In most crossword puzzles, words from the fields of biology, geography, politics, history, society or word games predominate as search terms. You could also put it this way: In the common crossword puzzles, what is commonly referred to as “general knowledge” is “asked”. But there are also many crossword puzzles that contain more difficult questions and topics and require a stronger cognitive ability. If you are looking for such crossword puzzles, you will find them in magazines such as Stern, Zeit or Hörzu.

Do you feel like doing crossword puzzles? Then what are you waiting for. Here we go!