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Arno from Cologne wrote ...

Dear guest book readers,
I am writing this entry for the readers because this is supposed to be a review about Jochen Steurenthaler.
My 66 Mustang Convertible has now been moved to its new home. I can only imagine that Jochen must have been waiting for it. I think I was one of his most suspicious customers, maybe the most skeptical. Professionally, I only deal with criminal offenders. This is possibly where my strong skepticism comes from. Especially when it comes to a lot of money.
Nevertheless, I wanted to fulfill my wish to buy a Mustang convertible. After I had to find out that such a vehicle according to my ideas is not available within my budget in Europe (B, NL, F, CRO, SL, L, D, A, SK, DK), I started in the States to see. At the beginning I was offered vehicles with which the dealers added € 10,000 profit. Conversions, technically completely unsuitable, overpriced. After "my" importer wanted to transfer huge sums to the States in advance, I changed it and ended up with Jochen.
The guest book entries read all great. On Dr. There is only one Mustang entry, and only one in the Mustang Inside. All of them can be faked. (Again my skepticism)
Reports in daily newspapers (Baden-online, Lahrer Zeitung) are not falsified. I've checked thousands of things to make sure I won't run into a scammer. There are enough scams, especially when it comes to buying a car abroad. Unfortunately successful.
Everything I have checked is absolutely correct. Almost frighteningly flawless. Extremely solid. So I got involved in this deal with Jochen to import.
I can only confirm that Jochen is always available. Fixed line, cell phone, email, SMS - all no problem. Almost around the clock. And if you can't reach him, he ALWAYS calls back, reacts to every email.
My permanent skepticism should have driven him crazy, but Jochen is not to be disturbed.
Personally, I think his website could look more professional, but I don't really want to tell him that. On the one hand, yes, because I wish him a higher level of awareness and thus more customers from the heart, on the other hand, he may not stay as he is.
His ALWAYS nice, friendly manner, accompanied by an immense, tireless, infinite patience; I've really never seen anything like this before. Service desert Germany? Not with Jochen. I really challenged him in thousands of emails and phone calls. He mastered everything with flying colors.
I only have a BIG thank you to say. It's a shame we didn't see each other in person, but we'll make up for that at the Power Meet.
He brought my dream to Germany for me. Finding the right words to describe how grateful I am to Jochen that he made this a reality is indescribably difficult. However, one thing hits it best. (A little insider)
Thank you very much Jochen.
PS .: That could also be fake. Anyone who would like to inquire with me, Jochen, can give them my cell phone number.
BEST greetings from Cologne
~ Arno