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spread information

When we watch TV, listen to the radio, borrow a book from the library, or read the newspaper, we use media. When we surf the Internet, we are connected to other computers in the world and use electronic media. News and information, including pictures and films, are distributed via the media. You can educate yourself through the media, get information, exchange ideas or simply chat. And because so many people do this while watching TV or reading the newspaper, such media are also called "mass media".

Use different media

It is a hallmark of democratic states that people have access to different media. One speaks of "media diversity". Those who own such media, such as a television station or a publishing house, reach a large number of people through their media. You can influence their opinion in this way. If you want to form your own opinion, if you want to get to know different points of view in a discussion, you should use different media. This makes it possible to familiarize yourself with different topics, arguments and assessments and to develop your own views.

Explanation of terms

The word "media" comes from the Latin "medium" and means something like "mediator".

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