Can we drink soda every day

The slowing down of renal insufficiency by the sodium bicarbonate is also due to the influence on the immune system (M1 decrease, M2 become the predominant macrophages).

* A soda manual for many uses of soda in everyday life can be found here under this link.

Possible areas of application for baking soda: autoimmune diseases

If you gave the soda water to healthy students, you could see the same effect. The distribution of the macrophages kept changing so that the anti-inflammatory ones suddenly multiplied and predominated.

There was also a change in other immune cells, e.g. B. in the regulatory T cells, which also multiplied under the influence of sodium bicarbonate. The regulatory T cells suppress autoimmune processes. So they keep the immune system from attacking the body's own tissue, which could otherwise lead to autoimmune diseases. This effect could be observed in the human test persons for at least four hours after drinking the soda water.

So baking soda basically does not fight anything and does not add anything, but only provides the body with an anti-inflammatory impulse, which in turn helps to regulate and harmonize the immune system. The body is moving away from the harmful inflammatory state, so that baking soda could possibly be a really safe (in the sense of low side effects) way to treat inflammatory diseases, says Dr. O'Connor.

The dosage of baking soda for anti-inflammatory purposes

If you want to use baking soda therapeutically, you generally drink a glass of water (at least 120 ml) with about ½ teaspoon of baking soda powder three times a day - preferably outside of meals if you are not suffering from severe heartburn. Because a neutralization of the stomach acid should be avoided before and during meals, as the stomach acid, among other things. is responsible for proper digestion.

The baking soda is therefore taken one hour before or two hours after a meal, e.g. B. one hour before breakfast, one hour before lunch and two hours after a light and early dinner.

Further uses of baking soda - whether in the household or in the medicine cabinet - can be found here: Home remedies baking soda. In addition, baking soda is a good home remedy for blackheads and an important ingredient in alkaline baths.

* Helpful books on many other uses of baking soda include the following two:
Holistic health with sodium bicarbonate: a natural substance as a remedy by Dr. Natalie Lauer
Soda in the household of Kathrin Schaffreither

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