What fruits can shih tzu eat

Feeding shitzu: puppies and adult dog nutrition

Shih Tzu - the breed is tender enough, and even refined. This applies to the diet, which must correspond to the physical characteristics of the organism of this breed.


Owners who prefer natural pet feeding should carefully choose products for the dog. Shih Tzu is not recommended for many of the foods people eat.

What foods should be excluded from Shih Tzu eating?

So the dog of this breed should not give products made from pork and river fish, pearl barley, potatoes and pasta, as well as beans (lentils, peas, beans).

Categorically contraindicated for Shih Tzu sweets and smoked products. In the form of encouragement, the dog can only receive special dog treats.

Recommended products with natural Shih Tzu feeding

  • Of meat products, raw meat is the best: beef, veal, turkey, chicken, rabbit.
  • In the diet, beef by-products can be added: lungs, liver, heart, scar, tongue. In this case, the liver can only be given in boiled form.
  • Only salmon fillets or other marine non-fatty forms of fish are possible in the diet.
  • One of the ways to eat shih-tzu can be porridge made from rice or buckwheat with finely chopped meat, but not scrolled in a meat grinder. However, in dogs that are light in color from buckwheat, wool can turn pink. If such a shade is not in your plans, then all you need to do is feed the dog rice.
  • The shih-tzu menu should also include dairy products: kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese. Milk is better not to give.
  • You need to add a diet of vegetables (zucchini, carrots, any cabbage) and fruits in the form of raw grated salads.

Some Shih Tzu breeders recommend separate foods for this breed. That is, in the morning you can offer the dog cottage cheese, for dinner, rice with vegetables and vegetable oil, and for dinner - meat.

Feeding Shih Ttsu with dry food

When choosing dry food for Shih Tzu, one should remember that this breed's pride and joy is their wool. And its beauty and well-being largely depend on the quality of the feed. In this case, some foods can cause an upset stomach or allergy in the dog. And to enter with great caution any new food you need.

For Shih Tzu it is better to choose a SuperPremium class of dog food, low in fat and protein, designed for decorative rocks. For example, similar feed lines produce Proplan, Royal Canin, Ekanuba and others.

Dry food for dogs of this breed can be given in dry form. This is useful for the teeth of young animals. The granules can also be soaked in water. This is especially important for puppies and aging dogs.

When feeding dry food, it is important to always monitor the presence of clean water in the bowl and its accessibility for the animal. Dry dog ​​food causes a slight thirst.

Feeding Shih Tzu puppies

Puppies up to three months old give well-cooked milk porridges, mostly oats and cottage cheese.

Diversify the diet of Shih Tzu puppies with chicken boiled meat, cheese, apple, grated carrots with sunflower oil, boiled sea fish.

After three months, the oatmeal can not be boiled, but steamed with boiling water, ordinary buckwheat porridge can be cooked with a small amount of butter. Every day a cheese with a drop of sour cream and honey is needed. You can enter raw meat, raw vegetables and fruits.

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