How do you say institution in German

Institution (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

In | sti | tu | ti | on, Plural: In | sti | tu | ti | o | nen
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ɪnstituˈʦi̯oːn]
Word meaning / definition:
1) generally:Institution, organization, organizational element, authority, institution
2) transferred, metaphorical, blurred:
2a) Law, rule, norm, custom, custom, cultural appearance
2b) General overarching important human, social activities, preferences
2c) persons, organizations and similar who are known and extremely respected in a certain context
3) Sociology: a social reality that is documented with rights of action, obligations to act or normative validity, through which groups and communities act or act in a binding (valid) manner internally and externally
Origin of the term:
Borrowed in the 16th century from the Latin institutio "establishment"
Application examples:
1) “This also changed the numerous new ones Institutions nothing that had been set up in the capital and elsewhere to organize the distribution of food. "
1) “Whether the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation, the Stasi records authority or the Bach Archive in Leipzig - the budget of the Minister of State for Culture becomes well-known institutions, but also smaller and less well-known ones Institutions funded or permanently financed. "
The Birthler authority is an important one for parts of society in Germany Institution.
2a) For some road users, the road traffic regulations are less institution rather than a gray area.
2a + 2b) The Institutions des Gaius are to be understood as both a set of rules of Roman law and a report on its work in jurisprudence.
2b) Football is becoming more and more popular these days Institution.
2c) In Great Britain the Queen is still one Institution.
3) Regular, planned weekly cohabitation is one thing for some people Institution.
Nominative: singular institution; Plural Institutions
Genitive: singular institution; Plural Institutions
Dative: singular institution; Plural Institutions
Accusative: singular institution; Plural Institutions


  • Greek (new): 1) θεσμός (thesmós) (male), ίδρυμα (ídryma) (neuter)
  • Romanian: 1) instituție (Female)
  • Swedish: institution
  • Spanish: institución (Female)

Similar words (German):Institute, institutional, intention, intuition

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

Again the Neue Wall is around one institution poorer.
Mopo, March 12, 2019

The social institution urgently needs a new refrigerated vehicle.
Kölnische Rundschau, November 27, 2018

The Tyrolean Hans Haid was one institution and an original. He fought tourism., February 6, 2019

The General Secretary of the Congolese Bishops' Conference said his institution have the results - unlike the election management.
euronews, January 03, 2019

The Brasspur wind ensemble is one institution in Augsburg concert life - also because the musicians are not afraid of being close to the audience.
Augsburger Allgemeine, January 14, 2019

The Smithsonian institution puts millions of images of its exhibits in the public domain.
heise online, February 26, 2020

For the institution should there be a subsidy. The city will participate in five other companies., August 8, 2020

Why publisher Thomas Ganske Jakits as institution designated., December 03, 2019

Helmut Feitzlmayr follows one institution as crop production director., August 01, 2020

The company is one institution in the city. The company has existed on President Street for exactly 120 years., April 05, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Institution: a publicly owned facility to accommodate a specific group of people; Home; a publicly owned institution for certain services to outsiders; Colloquial, out of date also derogatory: for psychiatric clinic
  • Facility: the act of founding or creating something; (Apartment) furniture and decoration; Place / organization established or built for a specific purpose; Electronics an electronic or technical device; Computer Preparing a computer to work with
  • Institute: Institution with its own constitution (constitution), mostly an institution that serves scientific work, research, education or the like; colloquial: building in which is located; Law Legal structure created by legal provisions
  • Laden (coll., Casually): Commerce Business, i.e. a space in which goods or services are offered for sale; Architecture window lock; colloquial, translated: for cause, matter
  • organization: Physics the orderly, structured interplay of elements and factors as a contrast to indefinite chaos; Politics, economy: (non-profit) organization; a coordinated association of people and resources that serves the purpose of improving the common good in the work area of ​​the organization; Planning and implementation of a project
  • permanent establishment

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Makes: ... 1) Ability to influence others, even against their will 2) Institution, organization or person who has the ability to influence others - even against their will - ...

mole: ... mammal that burrows through the earth 2) transmitted: a spy who sneaks into a company or institution and only becomes active after some time for the purpose of camouflage and ...

Surname: ... special names for cosmic objects, places, bodies of water, mountains, landscapes) an event, an institution, a mental state of affairs (there are special names for ...

center: central establishment of an institution or organization 3) political party with a Catholic focus, German Center Party 4) designation for political forces who defend a middle line 5) game of chess: the fields d4, d5, e4, e5 on a chessboard (see 1)) Abbreviation: 1) centr

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