What is Nancy Pelosis IQ

Sober and powerless

Last week, Nancy Pelosi found out how difficult it is to get a fake video out of Facebook. Time for you and other AI to come to the rescue.

Actually, there wasn't much going on in the White House last week. Just one of those meetings in which the US president acted like a seagull: fly in, crawl, shit everything together and then float off again after three minutes. However, Nancy Pelosi, who heads the Democratic Group in Congress and is not entirely unimportant as Leader of Congress, sat in said room. Accordingly, after this ... ehm ... meeting, she stepped in front of the cameras in a friendly manner and attested the 45th POTUS not exactly the greatest possible intellectual height.

And that's exactly where the trouble started.

Shortly afterwards, a slowed-down video of her statement appeared, which, due to technical peculiarities in the tone, now sounded as if the young lady had swept away her anger with a canister of alcohol beforehand. You can do (both), but it's not a good idea. Just falsify life. And that's why at least the modified video shouldn't necessarily reach the public like that.

But it did.

Someone who doesn't really like Madame Pelosi had an ulterior motive and quickly posted the clip on Facebook, where it has been going viral ever since. Facebook, however, did not really quickly get involved in throwing this fake condition off its own servers. Since then, Nancy Pelosi has been artificially slurping around and is the victim of republican malice.

After all, Mark Zuckerberg and his combo soon made a sober comment that the video wasn't really a 1: 1 recording of the press statement on Donald Trump's behavior. But that was all there was initially. The behavior could be described as very subdued. It's not really a good way to counter fake news. But allegedly Facebook is now on the way to get all fake babble films from the network.

Perhaps it would be better to trust something that Amazon is working on in the future. An AI engine that should be able to recognize human emotions. Perhaps that would be a solution for the future and for MEP Pelosi. Finally, it could help to install an upload filter on Facebook that does not care about EU copyright, but about the authenticity of the emotions shown. An AHA from the machine, because the young lady's tone and anger did not match at all: Such a stupid upload would have been avoided.

Presumably the meeting with Donald Trump would not have taken place at all, who is supposed to have shouted around to create an incident and exploit him in the press ... but with the young man, an IQ filter might also have one or the other Prevent upload faux pas.

You don't look into a president like that ... you don't even want to.

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