How can a relationship blog make money


Time is money. This sentence has accompanied and shaped many people over the decades. Now Canadian researchers have found that there is a "time is money trap". Especially when we measure everything in money. For example, if you know how much you (could) earn per hour, you will be more dissatisfied in your free time. Because that Knowledge about that they earn nothing now power - latu study - unhappy. Unless you don't think in terms of money from the start.

People who think time = money are more willing to give up their free time so that they can earn more money. They are less willing to volunteer and feel more dissatisfied with their lives as they tend to do so Define satisfaction according to economic values.

What does this have to do with relationships? Relationships need communication to survive. Communication brings intimacy & closeness, provided it is an exchange of words that Feelings and needs express. Above all, relationships need one thing that becomes more and more sparse and yet always remains the same: time. Because time is the investment in the relationship. The return on this investment is a happy relationship. The real capital. With time we can show each other how valuable he / she is to me.

Here are a few "time = relationship capital" tips:

1. For anniversaries / wedding days: Give time! It is and remains the most valuable thing we have. Relationship time, human time, lifetime. Whatever we call it. Time together is relationship capital. We should invest that in our relationships.

2. Consciously take time for one another: Clear your calendar and try to spend time together without sources of interference. Turn off your mobile phone. Turn off the TV. Then the quality of time increases automatically with each other.

3. Other "forms" of relationship capital that you can give: You can also do something together that is fun for both of you. How long have you not been to the cinema? When was the last time the two of you had a meal together? Which play did you see together? Or go to the sauna / wellness facility together. Because it's not always about talking 🙂

Have fun trying!

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