Have you ever walked to work barefoot

This is how you can tell you've been in Australia too long Symptoms of an overdose Down Under

Been to Australia too long? Extremely tanned skin and the extremely casual handling of everyday problems are characteristics for this.

You have just postponed your return flight for the third time, come back from the east coast and are now an expert on visa issues. The change to a genuine Australian is gradual. Outwardly recognizable by the darkening of the skin tone, there are clear symptoms that clearly indicate an overdose Australia:

Your fellow men are yours "Mates". From bed neighbors to bus drivers, whether male or female, you are everyone's mate and wonder if it was ever any different.

You distinguish with spiders only between deadly and disgustingscreams no longer with the delight of every koala and knows that a bad-tempered kangaroo can easily slit a person.

Abbreviations like “brekkie” (breakfast), “barbie” (barbeque), “footy” (football), “cuppa” (cup of tea), or “arvo” (afternoon) are not only familiar to you, but you use them every day.

Your Australian friends let you as a grill master to the Holy BBQ Grail and you wonder how you could live without BBQ sauce for so long.

You find it completely normal to put up the Christmas tree again in July. Down under, in addition to the traditional festival in December, the Australian winter version “Christmas in July” is also celebrated. And at an average of 20 instead of 35 degrees even tastes "mulled wine" (Mulled wine).

If the Cult song "This is Australia" runs, you sing along loudly and patriotically touched. Even the name of the band is now fluffy on your lips: Gang Gajang.

You know that tight-fitting, skimpy swimming trunks "budgie smugglers" are called and were even invented here.

Without waves you don't see any reason to go into the sea, when you hear a shark alarm, you shuffle leisurely out of the water and you know exactly where Wolverine Hugh Jackman likes to swim laps.

You have all inhibitions about barefoot are lost: Public toilets, McDonalds or in the subway - no floor is too contaminated for you.

In the winter you complain at 15 degrees about the freezing cold and you seriously wonder how that I went to tie my shoes again.

When you are Thought "yeah mate" inside ten times you should seriously ask yourself whether you will ever take your flight back to Germany. Australia already has you stuck in his tanned hand. But it's not too late, you can still make the jump.

However, if you experience the following three symptoms, you should familiarize yourself with the legal requirements for a permanent residence permit.

  • You have Vegemite in the closet and spent money on it.
  • You meanwhile explain to other people in the stadium the rules of cricket. God forbid you have a fan scarf.
  • You get upset by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's remarks and paints bedsheets for a "No Fracking in Tasmania" demonstration.

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