How does a person stop addiction

Addiction provides you with in-depth information about tobacco so that you can form your own opinion. With this knowledge and based on your personal attitude towards tobacco consumption, you can consciously decide whether smoking is an option for you or whether you prefer to give up smoking. If you decide to quit smoking, we will explain how you can improve your chances of success.

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Are you ready to encourage a friend on their way to becoming a non-smoker? You are important. We explain how you can help your friend.

Do you want to quit smoking? You can tackle it with the quit smoking program. Your health benefits from this because cigarette smoke is a chemical cocktail full of toxic substances. The environment and people also benefit, because tobacco growing endangers the tropical forest and exploits children. And you also save a lot of money.

The majority of young people do not smoke: what are their reasons? And those who smoke: how many smoke your age and why do they do that? Maybe you only smoke now and then, e.g. on weekends or at parties. Or you relapsed. At least try not to expose other people around you to secondhand smoke. Because that also damages their health.

The cigarette smoke is poisonous: how to sell poison What tricks does the tobacco industry know? These tricks are easy to use, partly because our cantonal tobacco laws are quite loose.

Take part in our tobacco ladder game, because the more you know, the further you will get. With an addiction test you can check how much the cigarette has drawn you under its spell. With the tobacco quiz you will know how well you are familiar with this topic.

We interviewed young people: would you have known the answer to our questions? Young people have also asked questions about tobacco. These were answered by other young people in “Check Out”.

Do you work with young people? offers working tools to develop tobacco prevention topics with young people.

For parents
We interviewed a hundred minors. And they wanted an article for their smoking parents. If you smoke, we recommend reading the article on The article was written by experts together with young people.

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