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Indonesia - realm of 1000 myths

Mystical temples in the middle of a mysterious volcanic landscape make Indonesia a wonderful adventure for backpackers and everyone who wants to get to know something new and exciting. The deep jungle, wild animals and seething peaks are just waiting to be finally discovered.

Geography - Largest state in Southeast Asia

According to the satellite census, the archipelago includes Indonesia over 17,500 islands and is thus the largest island nation in the world. The chain of islands is at the height of the Equator and includes the Great and Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccas and the Western half of New Guinea. About 6000 islands are inhabited, most of the people live on the main islands Java, Borneo, Sumatra and Sulawesi. To the north of Indonesia are Singapore, Palau and the Philippines, to the east are Papua New Guinea and East Timor, and to the south is Australia. The country is in 34 provinces divided, five of which have a special status. There is an even pattern always humid tropical climate at 25 ° C to 27 ° C on average. The humidity is over 95 percent and it's very humid. The Monsoon winds bring a dry climate from June to September and a lot of rain in the period from December to March.

Nature - a tropical paradise of superlatives

The vast island archipelago offers a whole range of diverse landscapes. About two thirds are from dense jungle overgrown and become of deep Mangrove swamps streaked. There are extensive ones Mountain and lowland rainforests and still untouched virgin forests. Indonesia is currently still home to the largest rainforest area on earth. Orangutans and Macaques are at home here. But also the largest lizard in the world, the Komodo dragon, feels right at home in the damp areas. This primeval-looking creature is up to three meters long and weighs an impressive 30 kilograms. It is joined by the one that is up to nine meters long Reticulated python, also a record holder. Indonesia is considered a biodiversity hotspot. over 3000 species of fish, Rays, sharks, Dolphins and turtles enjoy the beautiful blue waters off the islands' beaches. Yet Indonesia is also a Volcanic land. There are still a number of active volcanoes here, which keep the residents in suspense. The volcano Merapi is one of the most active specimens on earth. The tallest of them, however, is that Kerinchi with an impressive 3,805 meters on the island of Sumatra. In general, the islands are very hilly, they are surrounded by a 1800 kilometers long mountain range streaked. The highest mountain is the 4884 meter high Puncak Jaya. Where agriculture is possible, there is extensive Terraced rice cultivated. Crater lakes, Sandalwood forests, white Dream beaches, rugged cliffs and picturesque water falls complete the island image of Indonesia.

Natural sights - realm of 1000 islands

Indonesia has several natural sites that have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. in the National Park on Komodo visitors can go for a wonderful hike and let the landscape work its magic on them. Also the Lorentz National Park and the Ujung Kulon National Park with the notorious Anak Krakatao volcano are worth the trip. However, one of the most beautiful volcanoes is that Gunung Batur in Bali. Especially the one turquoise crater lake Batur amazes the viewer. As "Bali's little sister" becomes the island Lombok designated. It is not that crowded yet and impresses with the wonderful sandy beaches and the fire mountain Rinjani (3726 m). The fascinating mountain Gunung Agung Advanced climbers and mountain hikers should take care of themselves, a mountain guide is also recommended in this wild but wonderfully beautiful area. Divers should definitely do the Raja Ampat Island visit. In front of the beaches they can go over 450 colorful coral species admire. In general, it is very worthwhile to explore the archipelago by boat or cruise ship. It is not for nothing that Indonesia is also called the "Empire of 1000 Islands", which is a clear understatement with over 17,000 islands counted.

Culture - preserving the old, adding the new

The island of Java is that political and economic center of the country. Over 58 percent, so 140 million people, live here. In general, Indonesia is one of the most densely populated countries on earth with a colorful mix of Cultures, Worldviews and over 250 different languages ​​spoken. In addition, the modern age and the old customs go hand in hand to a large extent. While in the big cities like Jakarta there are powerful building complexes and skyscraper will arise just a few streets away in the Temples but also in the more rural regions spirituality well maintained. Contacting nature spirits is just as natural as studying the current stock exchange prices. Another peculiarity of the country is that last remaining sultanate of Yogyakarta. Especially the gilded one Sultan's palace and the proximity to the Hindu Sanctuary of Prambanan make the area very interesting for tourists too. In addition, it can be observed to this day that many of the islands have developed and preserved their very own culture and tradition.

Cultural sights - island of 1000 temples

Bali is the main destination for most tourists and rightly so. The attractive island is not for nothing "Island of 1000 Temples" called, again a gross understatement, because according to estimates there are no less than in Bali 200,000 temples. One of the most beautiful is that Tanah Lot Temple on a smaller, offshore island, which can also be reached on foot at low tide. The most famous temples are, on the one hand, the huge temple complex Prambanan near Yogyakarta on the island of Java and on the other hand the temple built in the 8th and 9th centuries Borobudur. Both are deservedly included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Of course, the Capital Jakarta not to be forgotten. Over ten million inhabitants make this metropolis so colorful and lively. The Business and shopping district is called Blok M and invites you to extensive Shopping tour a. In the evening the gigantic one rises Jakarta Tower shining in the sky.

Experience - culinary delicacies from the Far East

The Indonesian cuisine largely resembles Chinese culinary art. Of course he plays here too rice plays an important role as a staple food. But Indonesia has also produced its very own, delicious creations, which are also very digestible for the travel stomach. Fresh catch fish is available on every island and is prepared individually depending on the island tradition. Vacationers should also like the deliciously fresh exotic fruits Mango, papaya and rambutan try. One of the most famous dishes is Nasi goreng, Fried rice with vegetables. It is also very tasty Sate, Meat skewers (usually chicken) with a spicy peanut sauce. Tourists can go shopping especially in the big cities. There are tons of them in Jakarta's Blok M district Stores for strolling. The classic handicrafts of Indonesia are of course also found on the smaller islands. Among the most popular Souvenirs count the Handicrafts of the Sasak indigenous people or the colorful shirts and scarves with the typical Tie-dye pattern. The nightlife takes place in both the Beach bars directly by the sea as well as in the big city. The evenings in the are delicious and traditional Jimbaran's beach restaurants in Bali, it gets wild and exciting in the Capital and the place Seminyak in Bali has its very own Party scene spawned.

Activities - land of 1000 possibilities

Long Sandy beaches on Java, dreamlike Bays in Bali and splendid Sand dunes to the Gilli Islands attract numerous every year Sun-seekers and bathing mermaids in the archipelago. Bali is also one of the most popular Surfing areas, this also applies to the west coast of Sumatra. Divers will find innumerable here excellent offers to the most beautiful reefs on the islands. Another highlight for divers is the Bunaken Underwater National Park. Of course, the country also has a lot to offer. Jungle trekking in Sumatra, several days Volcano climbs and Wildwater Rafting on the Alas River or the Yeh Ayung make the adventurer's heart beat faster. It's more relaxed during one Ride in the horse-drawn carriage across the Gilli Islands too.


The most interesting destinations for tourists are still Bali, Jaca, Sumatra and Komodo. These are so far also on best developed for tourism and expanded. Most vacationers come in between April and Octoberwhen it doesn't rain that much. Especially in the August there are very many visitors to Indonesia. When planning your trip, you should definitely take a look at the Vaccination certificate be included.

Backpacker and Adventurous discovered the wonderful archipelago for themselves decades ago. In the meantime there is also more and more pulling Those interested in culture and Active vacationers to the mysterious island world of Indonesia.